Monster Within

This fan fiction will contain lots of blood, violence, gore, and language (so don't read it if your not into that stuff). This is an original idea using the Bleach characters and cast. I claim no rights or anything associated with the Bleach series and its characters. Some of the attacks that I am using are of my own creation as I went online to find English to Japanese translations others are from the series its self. Here is the very last chapter to this story as I want to thank everyone whom read, reviewed, and faved this story. I had a lot of fun working on this story and incorperating ideas given to me by you guys but as we all know good things must come to an end. Please don't forget to check out some of my other works as I will continue to write fan fiction stories whenever a good idea pops into my head. If you have any ideas for any story that you like to see let me know as this story came to me through an idea that raee gave me as I ran with it. Thanks again for everything!

Special symbols: some of these keys will be used together

"regular human speech"

(author notes)

Italic - mental thoughts/telepathy

Bold - demonic speech

CAPS - attacks

twenty - union

Ichigo went through the proper channels to speak with the world leaders as none of them bothered to tell Ichigo to get lost especially when he went through great lengths in saving the world from his own kind. A large confrence was scheduled as he told his allies to be there seeing how the Shinma had a lot of explaining to do. By taking along Grimmjow, Tōshirō, Byakuya, and Yoruichi, he wasn't the only one whom could explain things. Both Ichigo and Darichi went over the ideas for new rules in the mindscape. Ichigo was surprised to see Darichi back to his original form, the form tht he had first met Darichi in. It was thanks to his mother and Heaven that Darichi was able to revert back to this form.

Be assured that when we do transform, it will be the fullest form that we have achieved. According to Heaven we are the very first of our kind. We are what they now call a Vastro Shinma, a Shinma whom has the powers and a form similar to that of a Daemon Lourde. If we do have children with Orihime, she shall bear more of our kind into this world as they shall up hold the traditions of protecting the world. But this doesn't mean that I still won't exhibit the other form if I loose control over my emotions. stated Darichi.

"I know that Orihime is my mate but I would like to get married to her officially." stated Ichigo.

I understand that Ichigo just know that Orihime will be able to sense, see, and hear me much like the Daemons do. She will be the only human whom can do this because she is our mate. added Darichi. Ichigo nodded his head that he understood as both he and his dark half came to an agreement on the rules. Isshin had to come up with a valid excuse of why Ichigo had missed so much school. Nobody could know that Ichigo was the Shinma as only those whom knew of his secret knew the truth.

The following day Ichigo stood outside of Karakura High School feeling a bit strange to be back after all that had happened.

Are you certain that you want to go through with this? asked Darichi.

I am certain, I have missed so much all ready because of what I am. Besides I have to talk to Orihime before the weekend seeing how we are going to be busy. I am surprised that dad kept mom's ring and is allowing me to use it to propose to Orihime with officially. replied Ichigo.

Lets just hope that nobody truly notices the slight difference in your appearance. replied Darichi. Ichigo took a long deep breath letting it out slowly before he had entered the school. He first dropped off the note to the principal before he went to his locker. A smile appreared on his face when he saw his best friend Renji and the ice dragon Tōshirō talking. Tōshirō was the first one to sense Ichigo's presence.

"Welcome back Ichigo." replied Tōshirō.

"Its nice to be back. Have any of you two seen Orihime?" asked Ichigo.

"I think that she was heading towards Physics class." replied Renji.

"Thanks." stated Ichigo as he took off to find Orihime. Ichigo caught up with her before she entered the class. Ichigo tapped Orihime on the shoulder as the girl turned around quickly, Ichigo planted a long aggressive kiss onto Orihime's lips. Orihime seemed to melt into Ichigo's kisses. Ichigo broke the kiss allowing the girl to breathe again. "I guess that you missed me. Come with me, I need to speak to you in private." stated Ichigo as Orihime nodded her head.

Once they were away from the school, Orihime proceeded to hug Ichigo crying.

"...When did you...?" she asked.

"A couple of days ago, I am sorry that I worried you." replied Ichigo. Orihime pulled away wiping away her tears, her eyes widened considerably when she saw Darichi standing right behind Ichigo even though he was slightly transparent.

"Whose that Ichigo, is he whom I think he is?" asked Orihime as Ichigo nodded his head yes. He had always been able to see Darichi standing besides him ever since he had learned about his darker half.

"That would be Darichi, my other half, my darker half. Others of my kind can hear and sense him but you are the only one besides me whom can truly see him." stated Ichigo as Darichi nodded his head. "Orihime, I have a very important question to ask you. I want to propose to you officially to become my mate. Orihime Inoue...will you marry us?" asked Ichigo as he got down onto one knee pulling out a ring that he had in his pocket.

"Of course Ichigo Kurosaki." Orihime replied with a slight blush as Ichigo slipped the ring onto her finger. "Now what?"

"Now we have a confrence to attend to in order for the true peace to begin. Then I can go forth and marry you." replied Ichigo as Orihime blushed even brighter.

Over the weekend Ichigo met with the confrence leaders in full form as Darichi did most of the talking seeing how he knew the most about the Daemon race. Rules were set up to allow Daemons to interact with humans as long as they don't attack, harm, or hurt humans in any way, shape, or form then the Shinma wouldn't have to hunt them down. With the arrangements made and agreements made, Grimmjow proceeded to give them information that Urahara had taken and what he had done to some humans. The information that Urahara had collected may prove useful to doctors so they would know how to treat and care for any Daemon that would come to them for help.

Please know that I am the first one of my kind as I shall continue protecting this world until my lineage can take over my duties. Not all Daemons are immortal creatures as we live and die just like you humans. It is time that we all live in peace both Daemons and humans as we both live in this world. I have many names as I am now a Vastro Shinma, you may call me Shinma or my name Darichi. I will not say whom I truly am because even I am entitled to my secrets. replied Darichi before he left the confrence, he and Ichigo had a lot of planning to do.

Several years have past since the day that Ichigo and Darichi had saved the world. Daemons hardly cause a threat knowing that the Vastro Shinma was watching them carefully. Peace among the humans and the Daemons had been fully realized. Both Ichigo and Orihime got married right after they completed High School as Orihime was now expecting Ichigo's child, a child that would be like him in every way. Ichigo's and Darichi's blood hunger was easily sustained by feeding on their mate Orihime. Only his life mate could satisfy his darker needs and wants. Ichigo was quite happy with living a double life, one as Ichigo Kurosaki and the other as the Vastro Shinma. Darichi never complained much about it as he knew that it was needed as his human half needed to lead a close enough to a human life as possible. Until their child was old enough to continue in the duty that was called for a Vastro Shinma to do, all Ichigo could do was to raise the child and teach it how to hone its skills, abilities, and powers. Ichigo's and Darichi's journey was far from over as they continued to keep the peace as the Vastro Shinma, protector of the human race!

The End!