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Stay- Sugarland

She had been hoping that Jennifer wouldn't call. Why did she think that for once he might stay with her? Every time Jennifer called it meant Kendall was going to leave and go to her instead. She would beg him not to go and to just stay, but he never did and she was left to cry alone, wondering why she had to be in love with a man she had to share.

She watched as he moved to leave and somehow this time felt different. She couldn't take it anymore. She was tired of feeling lonely even when he was here, knowing he would be going back to Jennifer all too soon. And finally she spoke up just as he was heading out the door. "Why don't you stay," she said softly, meeting those piercing green eyes of his.

He looked at her almost sadly, sighing as he ran his fingers through his hair…the look of a man who had been over the same thing a million times. "You know I can't stay here. I have to…"

"I meant with her…" she said, cutting him off. "Go to Jennifer and stay with her. I've had enough. Don't bother coming back this time…just stay."

Tomorrow- Chris Young

Kendall knew that they were no good for each other. They couldn't seem to go two minutes without fighting about something and they couldn't work together to save their lives. But had never wanted to be with someone so badly in his whole life. She was simply amazing and the truth was that they loved each other deeply, but there was just too much bad to make it work.

So many times Kendall had promised himself that he wasn't going to see her any more. So many times he had promised himself that he was going to pass by her room and he wouldn't knock on her door. So many times he promised himself he would listen to his friends when they told him they weren't good together…

And as he knocked on her door, he promised himself that tomorrow he really was going to let her go like he'd always said. But tonight he'd given in…just one last time.

Love the Way You Lie- Eminem/Rhianna (I had already written this a while back. That's why its longer…)

Kendall sat on the edge of the bed, watching her sleep. All the rage from earlier had now faded and he felt sick looking at the bruises and cuts that covered her prefect skin, knowing he was the one who gave them to her. The fight earlier hadn't been the worst, but it left a hole in their relationship just like they always did. It was all because his couldn't learn to keep his temper in check.

"Who the hell was he?" Kendall screamed, roughly grabbing her arm and jerking her around to face him. Fear shone in her big beautiful eyes, but he was beyond being moved by that at this point.

"No one! I swear I don't even know his name," she tried to assure him, flinching as his grip on her arm became painfully tight.

Her words only made him angrier. "Don't you dare lie to me! You're mine, you got that," he roared, suddenly letting go and backhanding her across the face, sending her crashing into a nearby wall. The realization of what he'd just done hit him hard. How could have done that again? He'd promised her he would restrain himself and he'd just gone back on his word in a split second.

She looked up at him in disbelief for a moment before she suddenly got up, heading towards the door. "Where are you going," he asked, already knowing the answer deep down.

"I'm leaving you!" she shouted, tears in her eyes. She opened the door but he was there right behind her, shutting it again before she had a chance to ever step outside.

"No, you're not," he said firmly. "Look, I've done so much worse than this and we've gotten through it. We'll get through this too. I-I'm sorry...please, don't go..." He looked up at her with pleading eyes, hoping she would see the sincerity of his words.

"You always say that...but it never gets any better," she said, defeat in her voice...they both knew she was staying.

Kendall pulled her into his arms, pinning her against the now closed front door. He kissed her lips fervently, running his fingers through her hair, smiling slightly when she responded to him. His lips moved to her neck and he nuzzled the sensitive skin sweetly. "This is different...I promise..." he whispered before claiming her lips once more.

Kendall knew he was a liar. He couldn't promise that things were going to be different because he wasn't sure they could be. He loved her too much to just let her walk away and if she ever tried to leave again, he'd go crazy and there was no telling what would happen...he would probably end up tying her to the bed and set the whole house on fire. He'd do anything to keep her with him...except change.

Smile- Lonestar

She had told him the night they met that she loved his smile. She said she loved the way his dimples stood out and how it lit up his whole face. Truthfully he tried his best to smile around her knowing she liked it when he did.

But ever since she had broken up with him, Kendall found it hard to smile. He was grateful that she hadn't led him on but things had ended just too soon. But he wanted her to be happy…so every time he saw her, he smiled and laughed, acting like everything was just fine.

Every so often he would see her smile to herself, obvious thinking he was okay…and her smile made it worth it.

White Horse- Taylor Swift

She had been so foolish to ever believe that Kendall could ever really love her. Now here he stood, practically begging for her to take him back…but he'd hurt her one too many times. This time she wouldn't give in.

"Please…I made a mistake. I want you…not her," he pleaded.

She looked down at him, shaking her head. "There were so many times I would have given anything to hear that…for you to come and sweep me off my feet like some fairy tale…" she murmured softly. "But it's too late, Kendall. I've finally realized I'm not some princess and I'm ready to find someone who will actually treat me well. I'm so sorry…goodbye."

She closed the door, sinking back against it as tears streamed down her face.