Here's the last chapter/snippet/epilogue. It's not very long, so I'm sorry about that but I rewrote this a million times and this seemed to be the best way to wrap it up.

Beckett nearly moaned as he leafed through yet another medical journal, having finished all the paperwork he could that day, and with no patients the doctor was understandably bored.

He only had three nurses on duty, with a few more on call, sat nearby tinkering and cleaning the medical equipment in order to fill their own time.

The last week had been a slow one, leaving Carson wishing for a wee bit of excitement, a problem to focus on. However, the Scot found that with each of these thoughts his mind was drawn back to his most recent patient, a one Lt. Col. John Sheppard, the bane of the good doctor's existence.

It had been almost twenty-four since the pilot had last been in the infirmary, a routine check-up this time to see how John was faring after the complicated surgery he had undergone only a week ago. His breathing had greatly improved even by day after the procedure but the holes in his lungs tissue was going to take a good deal of time to fully heal, leaving the Colonel out of breath even during the simplest of activities. Because of this, Carson, having given into Sheppard's constant moaning, released him from the ward but confined him to a wheelchair, one that he was not to vacate for any reason. With a few well stated threats given to Sheppard, Teyla had reported him to have been a very cooperative patient for once but Carson knew it had more to do with the man's depleted energy than his willingness to obey. The lad had always been a free spirit.

Beckett groaned once more as he looked at the clock. Sheppard was now almost thirty minutes late to have his stitches removed. He hadn't done it yesterday, wishing to give the skin one more day to heal, considering the trauma it alone had under gone only recently.

The doctor was just about to try and contact John through his comm link when he remembered the comms were down, Rodney saying something about rewiring something-or-other, to be honest, he hadn't really been listeing. Standing up from his seat, Carson decided to find his wayward patient, informing the nurses to page him if anything were to change.

It dd not take long for him to run into Ronon and Teyla, who was holding Torren.

"Have either of you seen the Colonel?" He asked them.

Both shook their heads but it was Teyla who spoke. "We were on our way to meet him after his appointment for lunch. Did he not show up?"

"No, lass, he didn't. I suppose I should go and find him."

Ronon was about to offer to help when Major Lorne ran up to the group.

"Doc, Colonel Sheppard needs you."

"What's wrong?" Beckett asked, a little worried as multiple situations popped into his mind.

Lorne slowly grinned. "Well, apparently, the Colonel was tired of pushing himself around so he MacGyvered a way for Grover to pull him. That mutt really likes to run. He got going too fast through the halls, crashed into the Gate Room and bowled over a few scientists." Evan shrugged before continuing. "Finally stopped when the wheelchair tipped. Sheppard claims he's fine but Elizabeth won't let him move until you check him out."

Carson gave out a good tempered groan, looking over to Teyla who was grinning and to Ronon who was trying to withhold his laughter.

"I'll go grab my kit." He stated, knowing from the Major's tone that this was nothing serious. With a small medical bag in hand, the Scot made his way to the Gate Room, wishing everyday could be like today with only minor scrapes and bruises but he knew that for as long as Lt. Col. John Sheppard was on Atlantis things would never be boring.

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