Nothing you recognize is mine. Ari definitely is my original creation though.


"Where is this nexus Cas?" I asked the angel as I finished packing up my car.

"A small town called Charming in California. None of the angels will bother you, it's neutral ground and if you don't wish to hunt you will not be dragged into anything." He stood beside me as Dad came out of the house with a package in his hands.

"Cas, can I talk to my daughter alone please?" Dad asked and Cas nodded before walking a bit away.

"Dad, it was his last request, do you want me to ignore his last request?" I could hear the desperation in my voice and looked away.

"No Ari, I want you to go, get the hell out of this life. I just wanted to give you this before you left." He handed me the bag and I smelled a familiar smell.

"What is this Daddy?" I felt tears come to my eyes as I clutched the bag.

"It's just some of Sam's clothes and some of his weapons. I knew you'd want something to remember him by." I nodded and Dad pulled me into his arms. "I love you so you better drive safe and let me know when you get to your new home."

"I will Dad, promise me you'll be safe. I already lost one man in my life, for good this time, and I can't lose you." I moved my arms and held him tight.

"Ariel, it would be a good time for you to move on." Castiel's voice reminded me that time was of the essence if I wanted to get out of South Dakota unscathed.

"Fine ya idjit. I love you, don't forget your old man." He gave me a smile and an extra squeeze as the angel got impatient.

"Bobby, I know she is your daughter but time is of the essence." His voice got through to Dad who released me and ran a hand over my face.

"You get goin' girl and this isn't a goodbye, it's a see-you-later." He walked me to my car and watched as I drove away, away from everything that I knew.

Down the road I made a call I promised myself I wouldn't but I had to see how he was doing. He had lost a brother and I had lost a lover. We shared pain and we shared a promise.

"Dean here." He sounded as miserable as I felt and tears welled in my eyes again.

"Hey Dean." I heard a sound of relief from his end.

"Ari, how are you?" He asked with an almost desperation in his voice.

"I'd say good but you know I'd be lying. I'm moving to a new town honey, taking care of my promise." I saw the turn off to the Interstate and took it. It would take me a couple of days to get to Charming but as long as I didn't stay in one place too long I'd be fine.

"Please tell me it's in Wisconsin. Lisa and I could put you up if you came here."I felt bad about disappointing him but I had too.

"I can't, Cas found me a place where my Messenger status won't matter. I'm going to be completely cut off from the life; it's exactly what Sam wanted. I'm also going to distance myself from you babe. It's the only way we can keep our promises to Sam." I held my tears in check so I could still see the road

"I see what you mean, distance me all you want, just don't cut me out." I could hear his voice thicken and it broke my heart even more than it was.

"Never, I'm on the Interstate now so I need to pay attention to the road. I'll call every once in a while to tell you how I am. I love you Dean, you'll always be my best friend, my brother." This time I couldn't stop the tears from escaping.

"I love you too." He hung up, Dean was never one for displays of emotion.

I pulled off on the next on ramp and found a rest stop. I couldn't handle the road anymore. My life had always been about goodbyes and this last month had been a doozy.