Hi everyone, this is the Hgirl13 and this is my high school fanfic. Yes, I have done a college one and now it is time for high school. Ichigo is new to the high school and takes an interest in the nicest(or even the only nice) cheerleader Rukia Kuchiki. Ichigo is unpopular at first but works his way to the top to get closer to Rukia. There is romance, humor, hate, friendship, and secrets that are uncovered. Just your regular high school.


Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach


"We're here," Dad and Karin squealed and hurried out of the car and looked at our new house/clinic. Dad was a doctor and we just moved from the big city to a new place called Karakura Town.

"So, is all our stuff in there?" I asked.

Dad nodded then had that stupid grin on his face. He was about to punch me until I heard someone clear their throat. We both looked and saw two men with glasses. One of them had raven hair and blue eyes. The other one has silver hair and brown eyes. The one with silver hair seemed to be the father while the younger one was the son.

"Hello, I am Ryuken Ishida. Your neighbors, this is my son Uryu. Say hello Uryu," the man said then glared at his son to say something.

Uryu pushed up his glasses and didn't even smile.

"Pleasure to meet your acquaintance," he said stiffly then held out his hand. I gave him a firm shake.

"I'm Isshin Kurosaki, these are my children-Yuzu! Karin! Come over here!" Dad yelled. Yuzu ran over while Karin took her time. "This is Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu."

The girls gave polite smiles.

"Why don't we have coffee some time Isshin?" Ryuken asked, Isshin nodded and they started talking. The girls went inside and it was just me and Uryu.


"Listen, I don't want to be friends okay?" Uryu said, my scowl deepened.

"Huh? Well fine, I don't need you any way. I can make friends on my own," I said.

Uryu just pushed up his glasses and started going back to his house. I huffed and crossed my arms. Just who the hell does that guy thinks he is? I didn't do shit to the guy and he blows me off. I saw dad shake hands with Ryuken and he went inside.

"Come on son, we should unpack since school starts tomorrow," Dad said.

I groaned and followed him inside. The first day of high school, always the worst plus being new makes it extra bad. I hope I meet some nice, decent people to hangout with.

Sorry there wasn't that much but it's just an intro. I'm sure that tonight that I'll update or tomorrow.