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Zoey leapt off Alter, brushing off her clothing. "We're in Twinleaf town, right?"

Fin nodded, "Yeah. So, where do you think Pearl, Platina, and Dia are?"

Coincidentally, Platina, Pearl, and Diamond came walking over. They could hear an argument brewing:

"DIA! Put that eclair down!"


"Pearl, Diamond. Do not argue over a petty eclair."

"Aw, c'mon, Platina. He took the eclair from the buffet we were at, along with 500 other deserts, and they chased us out!"

"Pah. We escaped, and as long as Dia shares the deserts, I believe you will live."

Zoey grabbed Fin's wrist and said, "Look, dude. I know we were arguing about who's crazier, but could you please act like you always do?"

"...Okay, fine. We're crazy in different ways!" Fin laughed hysterically.

Zoey slapped her on her back. "You're back!"

"Let's go chase 'em!"

They began to run as fast as they could, which wasn't necessary. So, they banged into the three dex-holders.

"Agghhh!" Platina cried. "My two rings! They fell off! Where are they?"

"Right here!" Zoey said gleefully. She held up the pearl ring on her right hand, and the diamond one on her left.

Platina quickly snatched at Zoey's right hand, then grabbed the ring in the left.

Pearl stepped in front of Platina. "Hey! Those are very expensive. Why did you bang into us, anyway?"

Dia also got in front of Platina, chewing on the somewhat dusty eclair.

"We're here-" Fin paused for drama, "-to make you...CONFESS! :D"

"...about whu?" Dia managed to say in between inhaling the deliciously scrumptious chocolate eclair.

"L-O-V-E!" Zoey said, glitter in her eyes. Then, since glitter hurts, she cried out, "AGH SOMETHING'S IN MY EYES!"

Pearl and Platina were not quite as...munchlax-y as Dia, and so they were not calmly eating the pastries Dia had -cough-stolen-cough.

"...Love?" Dia asked. "Hm*munch*. Crushes, *chew* you mean?"

"...N-O! IT'S L-O-V-E~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" Zoey panted, her left eye twitching so much it could have had a teensy, weensy brain inside
of it.

Fin sighed, then added sarcastically, "We've been hired by 1800-SINNOH-SHIPS, geniuses."

Dia sputtered, "L-Like-!"


"-like the Majestic Sea Gliders company? The boat company that owns the Royalette, the boat we were just on?"

Fin face-palmed and Zoey quickly took 2 cheesecake slices from Dia's wagon. Platina glanced around, calm, but then noticed Pearl was missing.

"Where is Pearl?" she asked worriedly. "Where is he?"

Fin cackled, and Zoey laughed into her cheesecake, making the tiny little food molecules spray everywhere. As a result, tiny little particles promptly screamed, "CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" as they were being shot out of Zoey's not-so-dentist-approved mouth.

Platina wrinkled her nose, her elegance and regality returning. "Hmf, you mustn't do that."

"Anyway," Fin said, "About Pearl? He was magically transported to our SUPER SECRET RENTAL LAIR via LUGIA TRANSPORT!"

Zoey mumbled under her breath, "If that damn Lugia wasn't Fin-io's, I'd kill him with my wooden hair brush..."

Platina gasped. "Oh my Arceus! How dare you! We'll find your super secret-did you just say rental?"

Fin shrugged. "We aint rich, missy."

"And we don't live in the Sinnoh," gasped Zoey, who was being suffocated as millions of tiny particles began to clog up her throat.

Dia laughed, "Hee hee. Missy knows exactly which buildings are rented out!"

Fin cursed, "Crap. We'd better scram from that empty Pokemon center..."

"Ah! I know that one! It's in Veilstone city!" Platina said, triumphantly punched the air.

"Fin!" Zoey screamed when she finally got some air, "We should get the hell outta here and back there!"

With a mere snap of their fingers, Lugia and Alter appeared before the escaped-asylum girls and whisked them away.

In the Secret Lair of Fin and Zoey ($5 a day)

"What the Darkrai are you freakin' doing?" Pearl demanded as he struggled against the super deluxe edition rope. He was dangling over a pot of lava *cough*tomato sauce*cough* (Fin: Hey! It's all we could afford in the bulk!) Despite the culinary delicacy of this sauce, it was boiling hot and bubbling; not something you'd want to leap into and slurp up.

"We're doin' somethin' called blackmail," Fin replied as she handed Zoey a cup of water. "It's a simple sport I use often on Zoey."

"Just 'cause I refuse to back down doesn't mean you have to resort to something so...so...so wrong!" Zoey shrieked, and Pearl instantly shut up.

"Good, he's stopped," Fin said. "Now we can just sit back, relax, and wait for those two to show up."

Then, an explosion that shook Arceus's repulsive throne in dung heaven blasted an enormous hole-the size of Arceus's equally repulsive buttocks-in the pokemon center's wall. Zoey shrieked again in surprise, not because of the hole but the strange smell that went with it. She quickly got over it and grabbed the Bieber Branch, gracefully twirling onto Alter. Platina, who was watching from outside of the bottom hole,pursed her lips and muttered, "Show off..." Alter flew next to where Pearl was hanging.

Fin jumped onto Lugia and efficiently appeared beside Pearl and Zoey. She patted the smart-assed pokemon's head and not-really-whispered to him, "Chomp
the rope if they struggle..."

"Must I?" he complained, waving his overly nerdy fat a** around. "Ropes don't taste very good. Also, I do not have teeth."

Zoey glared at Lugia while yelling, "ARGGH!" However, an even more intimidating glare from the legendary made her flinch and shiver.

Fin ignored Lugia's fat butted and undeniably smart answer. "If you don't confess, Pearl'll go into this lava!"

Dia inspected the pit from afar and determined, "It's tomato sauce! With parsley and cilantro!"

Fin face-palmed while Platina gasped. "Oh! His remains...I could not bear to look at them if you do so..." Tears began to form on the edge of her silvery eyes. "Oh...Pearl...I hadn't imagined it would be in such circumstances...but..."

Pearl spoke, "I love you, Platina!"

"I-I-" she gulped, "I do, too, Pearl!"

Dia nodded slowly and yawned, "Good job."

Pearl was magically (psychically) lifted down to safety with Platina and Dia. The rope disappeared, and he put his arms around Platina's waist. She put her hands on Pearl's shoulders, and they shared a gentle, but emotional, kiss.

"Oh, oh, oh, it's magic!" Zoey sang, "You know! Never believe it's not so~~~~"

Dia just began to eat another éclair; this time a creamish taste. "Hm...I wonder when I'll get a girlfriend," he tried to say, but with the pastry in his mouth, it sounded like, "Hmf...I wponder wren I'llb gpetb ah gollfwiend."

Zoey and Fin grinned, then dropped some devices on the ground. One a shiny clear, but was opaque; another a slinky, silky white; and finally, a pale silver that was almost white. They waved and flew away, ready to crash someone else's peace.


ScotSniper 'ere! Lets make things interesting…

Elsewhere in the Pokemon world…


Willow, a boy with dark brown hair exited a crashed plan seemingly unscathed. He was followed by a confused and badly injured Silver and a blonde haired boy
screaming. "LETS DO THAT AGAIN!"

Willow glanced at the blonde haired boy a few moments. "I'll consider it Jean… I'll consider it…"

"So…" Jean started, "Why did we fly to Sinnoh?"

"Simple." Willow replied. "To get rid of Zoey and Fin."

'Oh NOES!' Rylte the Riolu shrieked as he burst from his pokeball. 'My master has becomeeeed evil! Call the fire brigade! I hear they do good seaweed with

"Umm no Rylte I'm not going to hurt them…" Willow explained. "I'm going to ask them politely to leave."

"THAT'S YOUR PLAN ! ?" Silver screamed. "You dragged me out of Johto, put me on a hellish flight with… with…" Silver viciously pointed at Jean. "I'm not even going to class you as a pilot!"

"Silver-" Willow tried to reason but was cut off.


Silver turned to glare at Willow once again only to realise he was wearing earmuffs that had blocked off his entire rant.

"Are you done?" Willow raised an eyebrow. "As I was saying, we will ask them politely to leave… if they don't…" Willow produced a Pokeball.

"Umm Willow… What's in that Pokeball?" Jean asked throwing himself into the conversation.

Willow grinned. "What better way to remove interdimensional travellers when you have the Pokemon that controls dimensions… Giratina…"

Silver was aghast. "YOU caught Giratina? !"

"No." Willow replied bluntly as if Silver had asked something stupid. "Crystal did, I borrowed it so I could get rid of Zoey and Fin before they do any more damage to our dimension."

"That's all well and good!" Jean smirked. "But… how are we going to find them?"

At that moment the crashed plane exploded and the steering wheel fell from the sky and struck Silver in the face.

"And we have no transport!" Finished Jean.

Willow facepalmed. "I Am the Tracker, one of Professor Oak's chosen trainers. You'd think I'd know what to do? !"

'Do you?' Rylte asked. 'Seriously I can't tell the difference between cheddar and syrup.'

"There's a pattern to how they operate…" Willow tried to explain.

Suddenly Emerald parachuted down from the sky and landed beside them all.

"Emerald? What the hell was that?" Willow stared at the new comer wide-eyed.

"Zoey and Fin made Ruby and Sapphire fight again!" Emerald complained. "Now they are making me pick sides! They where pulling my arms off!"

"What relevance has that got to do with anything?" Willow frowned in confusion.

"Simple! Zoey and Fin are disrupting the peace I once had with Ruby and Sapph! I must have revenge!"

Silver groaned rubbing his face. "Now allies are falling from the sky, super."

'Angry single men! Unite!' Rylte squawked.

Willow grimaced and turned back to Silver, Jean and Emerald. All of them had their heads down and were shuffling their feet uncomfortably.

"So!" Willow yelled to rally his allies. "We locate Zoey and Fin and ask them to leave. If they don't we get Giratina to forcefully remove them from our dimension and restore peace."

'Yeppers! Let's dooooooooo this!'