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Chapter 1: Obeying Authority

To say I was excited that the new school term was beginning would be a hilarious exaggeration. Albeit being the top student and newest President of the Student Council, school held little interest to me. There was nothing exciting that made me eagerly await the next school day. The only good thing about school was that I was finally a senior and in a year this would all be over.

"Yuki-nii!" I heard my sister call at my door and groaned in reply, reality sinking in that today was the start of the new school year.

"What?" I muttered harshly.

"It's time to get up! Do you know how it would look if the Student Council President were late for school? Not good, so I suggest you get your ass out of bed and come down to eat breakfast." I heard her stomp away, muttering about "insufferable older brothers" whilst I swung my legs to the side of my bed leaning over with my elbows on my knees, grounding my palms into my eyes to get them to start working.

Getting Mimi angry in the morning was the last thing anyone ever wanted to do. You could try her patience until finally she'd just snap and go ballistic.

I got dressed as fast as I could given how exhausted I was, I was never a morning person, and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

A few minutes later I walked downstairs and groggily sat at my usual seat at the table, murmuring a "good morning" to everyone already there, hearing a "Finally" from Mimi.

"Ah Yuki! My lovely brother! How are you this morning?" That was my older brother, Ayame. He was an out-there flamboyant fashion designer who really didn't care about what other people thought of him.

I sighed, already used to his cheerfulness. "I'm fine."

Ayame smiled and seemed to be waiting for something else. I, however, didn't know what that was so I merely kept quiet. Unfortunately that didn't seem to be what Ayame wanted so he promptly banged both of his hands on the table.

"Aya-nii! Behave yourself at the breakfast table! Gosh, after all the work I put into this meal."

"Mimi, it's Yuki's fault!" Ayame whined.

"What's my fault?" I asked Ayame with little feeling, looking up at him for the first time that morning.

"You didn't ask me how I am this morning, Yuki? Have you forgotten your manners? I'm sure I taught you differently!"

I sighed and then promptly asked him how he was. "I'm great! And do you know why?"

"Why?" I asked, monotonously. Already tired of the whole situation.

"Because my little brother is starting his first day as President of the Student Council! Taking after his older brother! I'm so proud!" he practically sang as he smiled from ear to ear.

My lips twitched into a smile of amusement at my brother's over-excitement. My brother, although he could annoy me at any given moment, always had this infectious personality.

Before I could reply, the door to my brother's room opened. "Ayame, you are definitely way too cheerful this morning." As if he isn't cheerful every other day. His personality should be illegal.

My brother's eyes lit up with glee as Hatori made his way to the table. "Ha'ri! Well, I have reason to be, Yuki's starting his first day as Student Council President today!" Ayame squealed in response.

Hatori looked at me and smiled. "How nervous are you?"

I scoffed, "Not nervous at all." Lies. Okay, so I was a bit nervous but not in the least bit worried. I had been prepared for this position and I was going to do my damn best to make sure I would be the best president Kaibara High School had ever seen so far.

Hatori stared at me knowingly before gladly accepting the bowl of rice Mimi passed to him and started eating.

Hatori was Ayame's boyfriend. Had been for the past 10 years. This was our family. Although it wasn't the most conventional one, it was the one we were grateful to have.

Our parents died in a plane crash 3 years ago and ever since, Hatori's been living with us. Being 15 at the time I didn't really understand how the death of both our parents could've affected our lives. I guess we were one of the lucky ones.

My parents, or well my father at least, was the owner of a very successful company. If it hadn't been for all the money they had saved up for us over the years we would never have been able to continue living in such luxury.

Hatori and Ayame had met 10 years ago when Ayame was visiting my father at his office one day.

Hatori had been accepted into university on a sport scholarship, even though he had been wanting to study business, but had gotten injured 5 months prior to the end of high school and the scholarship had been withdrawn. Although his injury had been taken care of, he had been told that he could no longer perform as well as he had before and that excessive training may cause more damage to his legs in the future.

Hatori's family hadn't been able to afford the tertiary education fees and recently after Hatori finished high school he begged my father to let him work for Sohma Industries. My father had agreed but had told him that he would need to work his way to the top.

Ayame had met Hatori 2 days after he started working for my father and 3 months later they were dating. At first my parents weren't very accepting and after lots of non-stop arguing my father had threatened to let Hatori go but Ayame had said that not only would my father be losing an employee with amazing potential, he'd be losing a son too.

My father, although strict, had always been a family man and, not wanting to lose Ayame, begrudgingly accepted Hatori and Ayame's relationship. From then on, my parents had begun to be more accepting to their relationship and ultimately our family grew more close.

By the age of 23, Hatori had worked himself into one of the top positions of the company. He was well-respected and he'd almost become a part of the family. Hatori was like my father's right hand man. Whenever there was a problem in the company, my father would rely on Hatori to fix it.

Ayame had no desire to carry on in my father's legacy and neither did I, that's why it came as no shock to us when Hatori was labelled as the heir to the company and as a part-guardian, along with Ayame, to myself and Mimi.

"Do you guys need a lift to school?" Hatori asked, breaking the silence.

"It's cool. The guys are picking us up." On queue the doorbell rang and Mimi got up to answer the door.

"Hey guys, come on in, we're just finishing up breakfast."

The guys made their way to the table and Sou immediately took a seat next to me. "Woah, Mimi-chan really out did herself this morning," he said as he grabbed my bowl of rice and started eating it, "lucky me."

I snatched the bowl out of Sou's hand and sent him a glare, "Don't eat my food, idiot. If you want, get your own bowl."

I smiled as Seiji took the seat next to Hatori and opposite Sou whilst Aki sat at the head of the table.

"How's Mom and Dad?" Hatori asked as he passed Seiji a plate. Hatori was Seiji's older brother. Both looked almost exactly alike except for the eyes.

Whilst Hatori had green eyes, Seiji had one green and one blue. Hatori's hair hung over his left eye while Seiji's hung over his right. Long story short Seiji got bullied when he was younger for having two different colour eyes, one attack went a bit too far but fortunately Hatori was there to save the day, unfortunately he got slashed over his left eye and the eye was left almost completely blind.

I tuned out again while Hatori and Seiji continued their conversation.

Shortly after my parents passed, Seiji, Sou, Aki and I formed the band Perdi. They had wanted to do something that would take my mind off the whole situation so we hadn't really gone into it with much thought to fame but we had become quite popular over time. We never did anything huge, just small parties for friends or the like.

Seiji was the leader of some sort, cool-headed and stoic, always keeping us all in check, Sou was the loud out-going one and Aki was the shy and quiet one. How we all came to be friends has become unknown to even us, we're all completely different but I guess that's what just makes us all the more special.

"-ki-nii. Yuki-nii! YUKI-NII!" I was abruptly pulled out of my musings and was faced with an irate-looking Mimi.

"What's up with you today? You've been out of it the entire morning?" Mimi placed her hand against my forehead, "Do you have a fever?"

I took her hand off my forehead, stood and ruffled her hair, "Don't worry. It's nothing."

She immediately set to make her hair right and sighed, "Fine, whatever you say. Let's just go already."

I stared up at the huge sign outside the building reading Kaibara High School before walking through the very large glass doors. Well this is nothing special.

I looked around, catching sight of the reception desk and making my way to it.

"Morning, I'm Sohma Kyo. I'm starting here today."

The elderly lady looked up at me and smiled. "Oh yes, I've been told to send you over to the principal's office."

She got up from her seat and walked around the desk. "Follow me, Sohma-san."

I followed her around the corner and was led to a door reading Principal's Office. And I couldn't walk myself because I'm what? 2 years old? Come on!

She opened the door and motioned for me to enter. I entered without hesitation and I heard her close the door behind me.

Immediately after the door shut, I was brought into a strong hug. "Kyo-kun! Look how big you've gotten!"

I struggled to get out of his embrace. "Gure.. I c-can't... breathe.." He suddenly realised me from his hold and I bent over taking in quick but deep breaths.

"Sorry! I got carried away!" He said as he tried to rub my back.

I hit his hand away and glared at him, "You stupid mutt! You could've killed me!"

"Now you're just exaggerating Kyo-chan!"

"Don't call me Kyo-chan!"

"Phew, nii-san never mentioned you'd grown into such a hot-head."

"Leave my father out of this, this is all your fault!"

"My fault? What did I do?"

"You're the one who persuaded him to let me move here while he went away for his training! I would've been fine by myself!"

"Now now Kyo-kun, calm down. Wouldn't you have gotten lonely without anyone there? I'm the only family you've got besides your dad, the least you could do is rely on your uncle while he's gone."

I didn't stop glaring at him, "This year would've allowed me to gain more independence! Now you've taken that away too, you idiot!"

Shigure merely laughed, which made me more annoyed, and sat down at his desk.

"That's why you won't be living with me."

I stared at him with confusion. "What's that supposed to mean? You're not giving me a place to stay even though this was your idea?"

Shigure shook his head, "I'm allowing you to stay in the dorms!"


"Since Kazuma-niisan said you'd probably like your freedom while you were here, we decided that you'd be fine living in the dorm rooms. We've taken care of all the costs, and nii-san has given me money to give you every month as an allowance."

"Dad... he did that all for me?"

"Well of course he did. You're his one and only son, why wouldn't he?"

I was taken aback. I never knew my dad paid that much attention to me, I've never once spoken to him about wanting to live alone.

"Thanks then... I guess."

Shigure beamed at me from his desk and handed me a piece of paper.

"What's this?" I questioned and took the page hesitantly.

"Your class schedule of course."

Just at that moment there was a knock on the door, my uncle's grin never leaving his face as he shouted, "Come in!"

We got to school in record time. Sou and his driving skills.

After quickly finding out which class we were in, Seiji and Aki headed to their class while Sou and I headed to ours, Mimi having left us the moment we walked through the gates to meet up with her friends.

Reaching our classes we quickly took up our usual seats. I sat in the last seat and Sou sat in front of me. Ever since we started high school we always sat at the back next to the window.

Just as we were about to get into a conversation about practice that afternoon we heard the intercom go off.

"This is an announcement for Sohma Yuki. Would you please head to the principal's office immediately? I repeat, would Sohma Yuki please head to the principal's office immediately, thank you."

I sighed and dropped my head to my desk, "First thing in the morning? You gotta be kidding me." Sou laughed in response, "You've got to be the most unenthusiastic Student Council President I've ever known."


"Gosh, to think everyone likes you so much when you're so morbid all the time, you little emo. It's got to be that all-mighty attitude you put on in front of all the teachers."

"Fuck you, how can I be rude to my elders? It's called obeying authority, maybe you should learn to do it sometimes."

"I don't think anyone else could pull it off with as much charm as you do, Prince Yuki." Sou baited as he battered his eyelashes mockingly.

I flipped him off as I got out of my seat and made a start to the principal's office. Wonder what the hell he could want?

As I made it to the reception area, I smiled automatically. "Morning, Taira-san. Aren't you looking stunning on the first day of school."

The elderly lady blushed and smiled a little, "Ah, Yuki-san, you're just flattering me."

"I'm an honest person, Taira-san, you should know that by now. Can I just head on in?"

"Certainly, Yuki-san. The principal's expecting you."

I gave her one last smile and turned around the corner, my smile slowly dropping from my face. Just another day, now that I'm the Student Council President I have to act as an example to everyone... That's gonna be tiring.

As I got to the door I knocked firmly, hearing a gleeful "Come in!" as a response, I opened the door and closed it behind me, making eye-contact with the principal immediately.

"Yes sir, you called?"

"Yuki-kun! Dashing as always I see." The principal seemed to have this permanent grin on his face. It was slightly annoying.

"Thank you, Sir. As I said before, you called, was there something you needed? If not, you should probably know that shortly I've got to make sure everything runs smoothly for the Opening Ceremony this morning and I was going to use the remaining time to get settled in my homeroom classroom."

"That's mean, Yuki-kun." The Principal said as he pouted. "Are you saying you don't have time for your dear old principal?" Sudden movement of a head made me aware of another presence in the room as a second later an insult was thrown at the principal.

"Language, Kyo-kun. Language."

I'm sure I never managed to keep the shock off my face because a second later the principal started laughing.

"See Kyo-kun! You've scared him off already!"

"What the hell? I don't even know the guy!"

"Well get to know him because he'll be your guide for the next week."

The stranger and I spoke simultaneously.

"What? But Sir, with all the upcoming admin, how am I going to be his guide?"


We both stopped speaking and looked at each other. The stranger moved his glare from Principal Hayato to me. I stared back at him defiantly, not willing to lose eye contact first.

"Okay boys, enough with the staring contest, let me explain."

Reluctantly we turned our heads to the principal.

"Yuki-kun, this here is my nephew Kyo-kun. He got here this morning, and he'll be living at the dorms. I just wanted to make sure he got started okay and I thought you'd be the perfect person to do that."

"I mean no disrespect Sir but isn't it possible to get someone else to do it? I'm in no position to baby-sit."

"What the fuck! I'll kick your ass right here, right now, fucker!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Kyo-kun, Yuki-kun's got a black-belt in Karate.. and Judo.. and Kendo now that I think about it."

"Whatever, I could still kick his ass with an arm behind my back."

Pissed off by this guy's attitude. I swiftly made my way forward and before he knew it I had his left arm pinned behind his back. "I'd like to see you try."

Kyo struggled to release his left arm before attempting to strike me in the stomach.

"Okay, that's enough. Let him go Yuki-kun. I don't want my office to be destroyed."

"My apologies Sir." I stepped away from the seething Kyo and stood up straight with my hands behind my back.

"Kyo-kun, it's not like you have to follow him around or something, if you need help or you get lost on your way to class just ask Yuki-kun and he'll help you."

Kyo glared one last time at his uncle and headed straight for the door, "I told you I don't need a damn baby-sitter!" promptly shutting the office door with a loud bang.

I heard the principal sigh behind his desk.

"Excuse him, Yuki-kun. He's new here and although he's adamant about not wanting any help could you keep an eye on him please? He's my precious nephew. I just want to make his stay here a bit better and a bit easier."

I looked thoughtfully at the principal for just a moment before replying, "Sure thing, Sir. I'll make sure he stays out of trouble."

Once again that idiotic smile made its way back onto the principal's face. "That's what I like to hear. Off you go now, wouldn't want to be late for your duties, now would you?"

I turned and walked to the door, my hand stopping on the handle when I heard the principal speak again. "Get to know him Yuki-kun and you'll see you have more in common than you think."

I spared the principal one last look before making my way to the classroom again.

I seriously doubt I'd have anything in common with that idiot.

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