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Chapter 23: Tears

"Umm... you're Sano Souichirou-senpai, right?"

Sou and I turned at the admittedly feminine sounding male voice. We'd just entered the school building, Mimi having met her friends along the way, many of whom had given me shy glances before carrying on with their conversation and walking away.

"Depends who's looking." Sou said, his voice laced with humour.

The boy's face lit up and he laughed a little before responding.

"I'm Mamahara Momiji. I'm a 2nd year. I just wanted to congratulate you on your performance yesterday. That song you wrote was amazing. Very catchy." He said hurriedly, his fingers fidgeting around the handle of his bag.

Sou nodded, "Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"It's my pleasure!" The boy said, brightening up once again, before retreating into himself, "I'm going to go now."

Sou laughed lightly, "Okay. Enjoy your day."

The boy, Momiji, nodded silently and bowed before practically skipping toward the stairs.

A smile came to my face as I turned to a still-smiling Sou, "Wow, Sou, are you staring?"

"What? No. I'm just... he is wearing a girl's uniform, right? Otherwise my mind's starting to do some really funky stuff."

I hummed in agreement, "Mamahara Momiji. I remember hearing about him when he started at the school. Mid-year last year his case was brought to the Student Council's attention. It's not everyday that you see a guy wearing a girl's uniform, of course. Someone had wanted to take a case up with the board but there wasn't a very strong case since nothing in the school's rules and regulations said anything explicit about wearing the opposite sex's uniform. In the end, his father was brought into the school and then the matter just disappeared. They amended the handbook but Mamahara-san was given a free pass."

"Is their any reason he wears it?"

"I'm not sure but from what I've heard, it's not that he identifies as a girl, he just wears it for fun. Supposedly he doesn't wear any girl clothing out of school either so it really is mind-boggling."


A smirk played at my lips as I realised Sou was still staring in the direction Mamahara-san had left. "Looks like you have an admirer, Sou."

Sou shook his head, bringing himself out of his stupor, before snorting, "Yeah, right. You heard what he said, he came to thank me for being awesome."

"Ya, no, you and I heard very different things."

Sou pushed me playfully and we continued making our way to our classroom. We just managed to get to the door when my name was called.

"Well, we sure are popular today." Sou muttered, turning around to see who'd called my name.

At the sight of the principal, Sou took my bag from me, patted me on the shoulder and whispered a, "Stay strong!" before closing the classroom's door just as the principal slung his arm around my shoulders.

"Yuki-kun! Just the man I was looking for. Let's head to my office, shall we?"

I stiffened as I was lead to Principal Hayato's office, cursing my teenage libido for the fact that I'd failed to question Kyo about his uncle's reaction the day before.

"YUKI! Are you okay?" I screamed as I practically kicked my uncle's office door in.

I'd come in this morning only to find out from Sou that Yuki'd been spotted by my uncle and had been in his office for the past thirty minutes.

"Ah, Kyo! I knew you'd come eventually. How did you sleep?"

Caught off-guard by my uncle's question and the fact that Yuki was having tea in my uncle's office I answered confusedly, "Okay, I guess... wait! What the fuck is going on here?"

"Language, Kyo-kun. Language."

Ignoring my uncle I made a bee-line for Yuki and crouched on one knee at his feet, grabbing his face with my hands and looking into his eyes, "He didn't drug you, did he?" I asked softly, looking over the rest of his body for anything out of place.

Yuki blushed a bit at the attention and cleared his throat, swatting at my hands to stop touching him.

"I'm fine," He said, softly. "Your uncle's just been telling me what you spoke about yesterday, since I told him we hadn't spoken about it yet."

"What did you tell him?" I asked accusingly. I'd said a lot of embarrassing things to my uncle yesterday. Basically letting him in on the entire story since I knew he'd twist the story in his head until he got all the proper details.


I choked back my outrage as I looked to Yuki briefly who was blushing quite prominently now.


"Go on now. Is class not starting soon? How would it look if my only nephew and my Student Council president were late for class, hmm?"

Yuki stood up silently, locking eyes with me for a brief moment before making his way to the door. I noticed him holding the door open slightly, waiting for me to join him. I leaned down, my hands on my uncle's desk as I made eye-contact with him.

"If you made anything I said sound perverted I'm going to kill you, Gure."

My uncle smiled at the threat and patted one of my hands. "I'm sure you would, Kyo-kun."

Giving him one last glare I made my way over to Yuki, closing the door behind us just as Yuki whispered a faint 'thank you'. Something I'm sure my uncle would've heard.

We'd gotten to the third-year corridor before Yuki pulled me into the bathroom, checking around hastily before pushing me against the wall and kissing me, his hands gripping the sides of my shirt desperately.

Confused but not willing to pass up an opportunity to touch Yuki, I kissed back as enthusiastically, my arms winding around his waist and pulling him closer against me.

When Yuki pulled away he rested his forehead on my shoulder, breathing in deeply. I felt his grip release my shirt and his hands returned to smooth out the wrinkles.

"He made it sound perverted didn't he?"

Yuki laughed breathlessly and I felt him shake his head against my chest.

"He didn't tell me a thing. Well, we spoke but he didn't say anything about what you'd said yesterday."

I frowned in confusion, "Then what did he say?"

Yuki finally pulled back and looked right at me, his amethyst eyes shining brightly, "That he gave us his blessing and would be behind us all of the way, no matter what the school or anyone threw at us. He gave me the speech about not breaking your heart but also said that he equally hoped that you wouldn't break mine either. And lastly, that you'd said a lot of embarrassing things yesterday, none of which I should hear from anyone but you."

I blushed at the memory of my childish behaviour back in Gure's office and reminded myself to thank him, but not too much since his head was already too big.

"He's right. I came to a realisation yesterday in that blasted office. I'm glad that I'll still be the one to tell you it."

Yuki smiled and rested his body more firmly on mine, brushing his lips lightly across mine.

"What have you realised?" Yuki said playfully, one of his hands finding mine and intertwining our fingers.

I huffed in amusement at his antics and rested my other hand on his cheek, stroking the soft flesh beneath it with my thumb.

"That I love you."

I felt Yuki freeze against my body, his fingers going limp between mine. I watched as Yuki stepped back, his eyes as wide as saucers, only to turn his back to me.

The rejection sunk in, making me feel bitter to the core. Was I wrong? Had I misjudged his feelings for me?

"I, er-" I stopped as I watched Yuki's body shake and heard the unmistakable sound of a sob make it's way through the bathroom.

"Yuki?" I asked, my voice filled with concern. I walked the few steps to him, forcing his body around when he protested.

My eyes widened and I raised my hand to pull away one of his that were hiding his face from my view, "Are you crying?"

"I-I'm sorry."

I stiffened again, not wanting to face rejection twice but my concern for Yuki outweighed my fear.

"Why?" I asked, unable to keep my fears completely out of my voice.

Yuki shook his head, "I'm so happy."

I watched as his body shook one more time before sighing in relief and enveloping him in my arms.

"Please never do that again."

"I can hardly help it, Kyo! I didn't will these tears to come!" Yuki tried to yell but his tears and sniffing were making it hard to say anything above normal volume.

I laughed and kissed the top of his head.

"You have no idea how terrified I was that you were rejecting me."

At my confession Yuki lifted his head, his eyes wide similarly to how they were before but this time with unshed tears, rubbing at his newly-wet cheeks, "What? Why?" Yuki said, shaking his head vigorously, "I love you. Why would I reject you?"

I grinned brightly at Yuki's confession and pulled him up for a fierce but short kiss before pulling away, his eyes still swimming with questions and the remnants of his tears.

"I'm not even sure you know what you've just said." I said with a laugh.

"What did I say?"

I smiled down at him, "That you love me."

"I'm sure you're well aware of that." Yuki stated, turning his head side only to catch a look at his face in the bathroom's mirror.

"How can I go to class now? My cheeks and eyes are all puffy and my eyes are becoming red."

"I'm sure we can come up with something." I murmured, rubbing my thumbs through the streaks of tears on his cheeks.

By the time we'd returned to the classroom, our first period was almost half-way through.

"Sohma-san, Sohma-san, nice of you to join us. I trust you two weren't in trouble with the principal."

"No, no, we weren't." I said hastily. She merely quirked her eyebrow in acceptance and motioned for us to take our seats before we missed even more of her lesson.

Once the class was settled in once again, Sou leaned forward and asked, in hushed tones, what had taken us so long.

I shook my head at his curiosity while Yuki answered that the principal just got carried away and that generally it all went well.

"So what did he say about you two dating?"

"Just that he's supporting us."

Sou rested a hand on Yuki's back before whispering, "I'm really happy for you, Yuki. You too, Kyo."

"Thanks" We both said at the same time, smiling at each other before turning back to the front of the class to listen to what was left of our lesson.

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