In the Midst of the war

A pure but yet unfortunate souls

Had fallen in love with each other

But ended in a tragic way.

One is the Iris

One is the Rose.

The sword that is hope

And the shield that is peace.

Both of them will meet in an unusual way,

Both of them will oppose their fate,

Just to see each other

To love and be loved

When the time is right

Their fight will begin

With only knowledge

Valor and their hearts

As their weapon.

When the tree of life has wilted

Their love will be the key,

Though many has oppose

But they have already decided.

To save the ones that they most value

Both of them gave their lives.

The Iris gave her life

The Rose gave his blood

And in the end

Both of them died

Hand in hand

With no regrets and

Smiles etched on their faces.

A green haired man was standing in front of two people. His forest green eyes were full of sadness as he kneeled down and brushed the bangs of a red haired girl. There were tears staining her face while clutching a blue haired boy. He never did saw a love so pure in the midst of war but it ended tragically by earning both of them death. They both love each other deeply that they died for the people of Neo Verona and giving their love to save its people. As the guardian of the city he witnesses every betrayal, more hatred and every pain, sorrow or suffering for the lost of the one you loves the most but he knew that their new journey will begin.

He stood up as he raised his hands. His green hair was being blown by the wind when a woman with brown hair and deep cerulean eyes appeared beside him. She brushed her fingertips on his cheek while she wrapped his arms around her waist. Their white robes with gold linings were swaying or more likely dancing by the winds.

"They are the ones on the prophecy" She said on a matter-of-fact tone of a voice. Her voice sounds like soft chiming bells on his ears.

He looked at her and nodded. They both turned towards the couple. The brown haired woman kneeled down and touched each of their foreheads. A green light glowed from her touch. Both of their eyes slowly opened their eyes. At first, they both blink and after a long stare at each other the boy slowly pulled the girl towards him. The girl allowed him but she heard him grunt making her pull out of his arms and gave an apology.

"I'm sorry" She said as the boy shook his head and smiled at her.

The smile she gave back was unlike her counterparts', for it was solemn and apologetic. They both heard a chuckle as they turned around and saw a man and a woman. The woman smiled warmly, her eyes were also warm while the man only stared at them, his eyes were calculating. The boy quickly pulled the girl behind her.

"Who are you?" He asked.

The woman stepped forward. "My name is Maylene Victoriane Escariane and this is my husband" gesturing the man beside her. "Drew Escariane"

"Where are we?" The boy asked again. His stance didn't waver.

The man stepped forward. "Please be at ease my boy, let my wife treat you." But the boy didn't attempt to change his position. Drew looked onto the lass. Their eyes met. She senses something familiar on those eyes. Her eyes widened as she touched the boy's tense shoulder.

The boy turned to her. Her bangs were hiding her eyes as she stepped forwards. "Romeo" She spoke quietly. The boy named Romeo stared at her. His sea green eyes were shining with worry. "Let Maylene treat your wound."

"But Juliet-" he was cut off by the forced smile he saw on his lover's face. "All right." He said while surrendering as he approached the brown haired woman. She smiled and put her hands on top of his wounds. A green glow of light emitted from it. Romeo felt the pain slowly subdued.

"You're Escalus Am I right?" Juliet asked making Romeo look at the man.

Drew smiled as he held his arm. Maylene slowly stood up. "You are correct." She said as she fleetingly approach the man and latch herself on his arm. She smiled knowingly at Juliet. "We're both the Escalus, My dear."

"What?" Both Juliet and Romeo asked at the same time.

"Then we're dead, right?" Juliet asked as both of them shook their heads.

Drew smiled. "You're not dead my girl." He said. "You save us from dyeing because of the bond and pure love both of you possess for each other."

"We lived because of your sacrifice, selflessness and will to save the land." Maylene added. "And because of that we decided to return the favor, that we should let you two live."

Romeo was confused and so was Juliet. " But I thought that you needed Capulet's blood to live?" Romeo asked.

"Yes we had but because of both your pure hearts and love our will was once again resolved. The only thing that our will wants is the pure love and golden heart of both Capulet and Montague." Maylene replied while smiling brightly. "And both of you had given it us and in exchange we will continue to live within a millennia. "

"Then you mean were alive?" Romeo said as they both nodded. Romeo and Juliet faced and hugged each other tightly.

"But there's a catch you must not comeback as a Capulet and Montague, You must carry the name Escalus and no one must know that you two were alive except for those you truly trust in the depths of your heart." Drew said as both of them nodded in agreement but Juliet stopped short and looked at Drew and Maylene.

"Why Escalus?" She asked. "Why not Escariane?"

Maylene smiled. "You may use also Escariane but be careful once your back."

Juliet curtsied while Romeo bowed. "Thank you for your kindness." They both said . "It's a pity that Ophelia had been blinded by Leonti's emotions." Maylene commented.

Drew sighed and thought about the girl. She was carefree and innocent and because of Leontis she became more violent and also aggressive it's no wonder that she died without concerning their will on the girl. She totally forgot about the other will. He then looked at the teens. He raised his hands. "It's time for both of you to go back to your own time." He said as his hands glowed.

Maylene smiled. Juliet and Romeo saw the green light beneath them and before they knew it darkness suddenly met them. Seeing that both of them have left. Maylene turned Drew. Her smile was totally washed off from her face and a frown was etched. "Are you sure that we did the right thing?" She asked her voice was worried. Drew nodded in agreement as he heard her whisper something for their safety. His eyes tightened and he knew that he made the right decision and he deeply wished them luck.

Within the peace and prosperity

Though many had though it was the end

But when the clock strummed

And the bell has rung

The hidden darkness

Will rise from the shadows

With greed and hated

Bore on their mind.

The phoenix that was the sun

Will lead the darkness

Towards the peaceful and tranquility

Of the nation which the Rose and the Iris had made

When the end is nearly near,

The Iris and the Rose

Will once again

Arise from their slumber.

The Iris will take her Sword

The Rose will be her shield

Both will lead the nation

Into another battle

Knowledge, Valor and their love

Will be their only guide

To defeat the near doom

And create another peaceful nation.