Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight. I just love playing around with the story line.

So, this is my first crack at fanfiction. I read them all the time and I love fem Harry stories, so I thought I'd try out my own. I think the name "Harriet" has been used too many times for these, so I thought I'd try something different and name her "Jenna" instead! Anyway, here's the prologue.

Enough was enough. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to get out of this place. England was my home, but it didn't feel like it anymore. After the war, I'd thought I would be able to live a normal life – finally – and maybe become an Auror at the Ministry. That hadn't happened. Instead, I became even more famous than I was before. Everywhere I went, pictures were taken of me, and people screamed and pestered me with questions, forcing pieces of parchment on me to sign. It had only been six months since Voldemort's defeat, and already I was going insane with the publicity.

I was living in a quaint little house with Hermione, but we were over at the Weasley's house almost every day. Hermione and Ron had finally accepted that they loved each other during the war. I was happy for them, but it also made me feel a little bit sad. It had always been us three together; but now that they were dating, I constantly felt like I was imposing on them. The third wheel, if you will. I had had many bad relationships in the past, and had basically given up on dating altogether. In my opinion, relationships were overrated.

So that was why I was headed to America. I needed to get as far away from England as I could. I could deal with the Ron and Hermione awkwardness in itself, but combined with the publicity, it was just too much. I'd looked up some of the smaller towns in America, and one came up that looked appealing to me. Forks, Washington. It looked just right. As far as I could tell, no magical people inhabited it, and it was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lush forest. I was going there for a year or two, just long enough for the wizarding world to calm down. I figured if I laid low and enrolled myself in Muggle school, I could go back to my normal world soon enough. Well, normal for me, anyway.

Hermione had been the one to register me in high school. I was completely against it, but she said it would be very suspicious if I started living there by myself without a job or an enrollment in education. So we came up with a plan. I would use some tricky little spells to confound everyone into believing I was living with relatives, and I would be enrolled in high school to avoid awkward questions. Plus, in going to school I could avoid the complete and utter boredom.

I had thought about this over and over, convincing myself that it was the right thing to do. Of course it was. There were other reasons for my leave…one was that I felt guilty to those around me. The Weasley's and Hermione said they didn't care about all the reporters bugging them, but I could tell it was wearing thin on their patience. It was because of me that they got all the unwanted attention, even though they didn't blame me. I didn't want to put them through more trouble than they had already endured…what with the death of Fred…Fred. It was too painful to think of. I pushed the thought out of my mind, trying to force back the tears. I couldn't dwell on the past. I was here to make a new beginning. That's what I told myself, anyway. America, here I come!

So I honestly have no idea what to do with this. A few things have been floating around my head, but we'll just have to see where it goes!