Author's note. I was going to write this story in Spanish, as it's my native language, but decided to try it in English. This is based on the Coppola movie of 92 but I have taken a few liberties. Only the character Lucy doesn't look like she does in Coppola's movie. I loved the Lucy from "curse of Dracula" .com/albums/q217/Taliesin_ttlg/dracula%202002/dracula_

In my story Mina has not been married to Jonathan

The last notes of Wilhelmina Murray's diary.

September 30, 1897 Carpathian Mountains


It was five months ago but I remember very clearly our last conversation, as he stood in front of me while the other hunters were behind him. My new "Family" was at the entrance of the castle watching us

"So this is what you want?" he asked, his voice without any emotion, but I knew better than that

"Yes, I answered sadly" I did not want to hurt him, but I knew my words had hurt him deeply.

He stared at me one last time and said "Very well…I only wish for you to be happy"

With that he turned and said to Van Helsing "I know now that we can't win this war….Our job is done here"

Van Helsing hesitated for a moment but then I saw resignation on his face.

"We will leave this cursed land and never return" He said to the count in anger

I wanted to say something to Jonathan but I couldn't. I felt the blood tears run down my face as I watched him go, no looking back at me, not shedding a tear. He was the perfect image of the stoic English gentleman that kept his emotions at bay.

As the hunters left, the prince said approaching from behind "Welcome to your new life Mina".

I entered the castle and I saw a familiar figure waiting for us "Lucy" I exclaimed surprised. I see now that the count was not lying about her. A stake can't kill us

Lucy came to me and hugged me, happiness on her face "Now we will be sisters forever" she said.

I stared at her with confusion and asked "B..but why the deception? Why make them believe that you were killed?"

Lucy smiled sadly and answered "Mina.. I love Arthur with all my heart, and I know him well enough to know that he would have followed me to this….life. I needed to make sure that he would continue to live his life normally, without any regrets"

She stared at me in silence and continued "My mother, before she passed away, was the only person who knew what I am about to tell you. A year ago I was diagnosed with a disease. The doctors said it was at an advanced stage and I could not be cured"

I was speechless by this revelation and she continued "They said that I had six or seven months left and that there was nothing that could be done"

She stared at Dracula and said "I had lost all hope, until one night a mysterious foreigner gave me a choice…I did not believe him at first, but I was proven wrong"

We continued our conversation until our dark prince joined us

"Come" he commanded "There is still much you must learn"

Now, five months after those events, I'm writing my last lines on this diary before we go to the long sleep that waits us…. Van Helsing was wrong about us. We are not demons without human emotions.

I am the same as when I was alive. I can feel love, regret, pity, just like the others. I have tasted human blood, but I have not taken a human life

I don't know how long we will sleep. Dracula and his three older companions have explained to Lucy and me

"There are laws that govern the magic of our kind" explained the count "The time has come for me and my children to take a rest of the world"

I knew of the existence of others of our kind "Will the others also rest?" I asked

Dracula laughed softly before he answered

"No. only I, the first of our kind, and those who have been converted by me, are tied to these laws"

He looked at his three older companions and said "I never intended that this...condition would be passed onto others, but my first children have been careless in the past"

Austrian Countess Anastasia Dolingen of grazt, the second oldest of the three, touched her long black hair and answered "I did that only once" she replied and looked down, as if ashamed "I just couldn't bear the thought of losing my older brother"

The Hungarian countess Erzsébet Batory, the oldest of the three, added "I..I was young and naïve…Now I know that I shouldn't have given the dark gift to others"

Dracula Approached her and put comforting hand on her shoulder "I know your intentions were noble" for a moment he seemed to be lost in thought, as if remembering a distant memory

"I know all you wanted was to save them" he added and then stared at Lucy and me "But we all must remember that not everyone can't receive our gift…I chose all of you very carefully"

The youngest bride, Laura Karnstein of Styria, laughed softly and said "Well, in my case it was Erzsébet, and not you, who brought me to the castle"

Dracula smiled "Perhaps, but it was I, and not her, who turned you".

We kept talking until the time came for the ceremony to be performed. A few of Dracula's servants, men loyal to the death, came to the room. Dracula left a few instructions to them, giving documents to their chief.

"I trust you, and your descendants, will take good care of the castle and my lands while we are gone"

The man bowed his head and said "We will my lord" then he, and the other men left the room.

Now diary, it's time to say goodbye as our dark prince is about to start the ceremony…

I wonder how much will the world change while we sleep