Author's notes: the planet's name is Naboo

The night was still young when the young aliens left Lissi's house. They stopped on one of the boys home to pick up a blue skinned girl that was staying in his home as part of a cultural exchange program.

Her home planet, Pandora was as advanced as Naboo, but the inhabitants, the Na'vi, still possessed a deep connection to the natural world and unlike most other races, they had a strong spirituality.

They chatted animatedly during the journey, but as the ship flew closer to Alisha's home, Alyara, the Na'vi girl, began to feel something strange.

"What is wrong?" the blond haired boy asked as he noticed the expression on her face.

"Uhmm, nothing, nothing" she replied.

Lissi, who was flying the ship, said

"Well that is weird"

The others noticed that a storm was coming this way from the mountains ahead. Although not an unknown event, it was still very rare that type of weather on the planet.

The ship landed inside Alisha's home and she wanted to introduce some of the humans to her friends, but one of the androids told them that all of them were already sleeping, so she decided to go outside and show them the mansion

"How strange, mist on this time of the year" She thought as she noticed a dense mist that seemed to come from the nearby woods.

As she stepped out of the house, The Na'vi girl couldn't help but feel something eerie on the atmosphere; the mist, the storm that was slowly approaching and the cold wind had that effect, but she didn't give it much thought as curiosity filled her when they approached the strange building

For a brief moment the dark silhouette of the Mansion was illuminated by lightning; the rumble of thunder could be heard rolling through the mountains as foreboding dark clouds overhead obscuring the already dark sky.

"It's so…"

The blond haired boy didn't have the words to describe the strange structure, so different from anything he had ever seen on Naboo or any other planet. It was dark and imposing.

The five teens stood in front of the mansion in silence, watching the details of the dark yet beautiful structure.

"It is a beautiful night, isn't it?"

The deep voice startled all of them. They turned and Alisha recognized lord Talbot immediately, although his clothes were strange.

"Sorry" she said as she activated the universal translator, and motioned her friends to do so.

Talbot smiled and said again.

"That technology is marvellous…I said that it's a beautiful night"

After the introduction were made, Alisha asked

"What are you doing here?"

Talbot replied

"Oh, it has always been my costume to take long walks during the night; I also wanted to see the surroundings"

He looked briefly at his mansion and said

"Do you want to come inside?"

A few moments later, Alisha's friends looked in wonder the interior of the mansion. The fact that it was illuminated by candle light only added more mystery to the atmosphere.

Laura was the last to return; they had all drank from the sleeping mortals and returned to Blackmoor mansion.

When they "felt" that visits were coming, they were already in the main hall. Mina and Erzsebet, each holding a cup of wine, were sitting in front of the chimney looking at the fire. Lucy and Galadriel were looking at the books in Alexander magnificent library, filled with tomes that mostly dealt with the supernatural. Laura and Anastasia were talking in whispers.

The door of the hall opened and Lord Talbot came inside fallowed by the aliens. Alyara, who had felt something strange about Talbot, now looked with wide eyes at the other "humans". She had met many different species in both her homeworld and in her travels, but none felt as these. There was something about all of them that she simply couldn't describe. The only thing that kept her calm was that she "sensed" no evil. However there was a "darkness" about most of them, with the exception of the tall blond, who, unlike the other, seemed to radiate light.

"May I introduce you some of my guests" Talbot said as Lucy and Galadriel were the first to approach them.

"They are so pale" Lissy whispered to Alisha