First, I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry it has taken so long! I've had a lot of junk going on, but here is your chapter =)

I slowly shake Penny awake at 5:00am. In response to the thoroughly confused look on her face, I grin and hold up a gray bucket. She smiles and sits up. I walk quietly into the kitchen and grab the two dozen eggs, a whisk and food coloring. Juggling the items that will be used in my revenge against Leonard, I head back to my room where Penny is. We each take a dozen of eggs and begin cracking them, putting them into the bucket. After we are done, I pour all of the red dye into the bucket and then proceed to whisk the dyed eggs. After I am finished, and it looks like pretty convincing fake blood, Penny and I walk into the hall. I fix the bucket so that when Leonard opens the door, the red liquid will spill onto him. We head back to my room when I hear Raj dragging his feet in the hall. I sigh and walk into the living room, and then open the door, ignoring Penny's confused look. I walk across the hall and knock on Penny's door.


"Missy and Raj"


"Missy and Raj"


"Missy and Raj"

Missy opens the door with a smile "Good Morning Shelly!"

"Why is Raj here? I told Raj to go home!"

"What are you talking about?" Missy feigns confusion.

I glare at her, and then turn to Penny "Permission to enter your apartment?"

She nods.

I push past Missy and see Raj on the couch with a shy smile on his face. I glare at him which makes the smile disappear.

"Did I not tell you to go home? That I would hear you if you came over?"

"Sheldon he came over because you said he couldn't spend the night. 6:00 am is not night."

"It's six!" I rush over to my apartment, Penny, Missy and Raj close behind.

I hear Leonard yawn and shuffle around in his room. I grin, awaiting his appearance. I watch the door knob twist as the door slowly opens, revealing a groggy pajama wearing Leonard. I look up and grin as I watch the bucket begin to exact my revenge. I watch the red liquid pour onto Leonard's head. He gasps as it continues. Penny and I laugh loudly as Raj and Missy watch in horror.


I shake my head, unable to give a verbal answer as I am still laughing at horrified and revolted look that is on Leonard's face.

"What the fuck!" he glares at us.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold. In this case raw eggs and food coloring." I smile.


I nod "Remember the false coitus fiasco with Leslie?"

"I thought you forgot about that!" he frowns.

I sigh "That is your own fault, as I have an eidetic memory."

He smiles "Eggs and food coloring? There is no way you came up with this alone."

Penny grins mischievously "Well it was about me too so, I decided I should be in on the revenge."

Leonard grins "Sheldon, I'm taking you're shower time, you can take mine."

I nod "I already had that planned."

He nods "Good."

Raj and Missy walk back across the hall.

"Hey, I wasn't finished with you two!" I hurry after them.

Penny grabs my arm and closes the door to the apartment and leads me back into my bedroom. She pulls me with her onto the bed and kisses my lips. I return the kiss, finding myself less concerned with Missy and Raj. We move our lips together as I twirl my fingers in her golden hair. I run my tongue slowly across her bottom lip and feel her grin into the kiss as she parts her lips. My hands move down to her waist.


"Sheldon and Penny!"


"Sheldon and Penny"


"Sheldon and Penny!"

I growl and end the kiss. I open the door to find Raj and Howard.

"Howard, Raj what do you want?"

Howard grins "Oh nothing. Just wondering what you and your girlfriend were doing all alone."

I glare at him "Not as if its really any of your business, and its quite disturbing knowing that you have been thinking about it, but my girlfriend I were in the middle of making out, so if you'll excuse me!" I slam the door in his face.

The look on Penny's face indicates that she is shocked at my sudden bravery. I ignore the blush on my cheeks and lean over her, pulling her back into the kiss.

I frown as I sit in Leonard's room and watch him pack up all of his belongings. I almost offered to help, but that would make his departure quicker. I have come to terms with the fact that he is leaving and will not be staying here any longer. Penny is going to be my new roommate and Missy is going to take her apartment. Until Missy has a job, I have offered to pay for the apartment. She fought me at first, but I pointed out that it is much easier for me to pay until she can. Otherwise, someone else could buy Penny's apartment and she would have to live with Penny and I, and she doesn't like that idea either. Penny and Missy are currently at her apartment packing up Penny's things.


"Yes Leonard?" I look up at him, leaving my daze.

"You alright?" he frowns.

I nod "I am fine Leonard."

"You sure?"

I nod "I do not want you to leave, but I will be fine. Are you having second thoughts?"

He begins to blush a little "No... I'm just a little nervous. Moving in with each other is a big step."

"Yes it is. Should I be nervous as well?" I frown.

He shrugs "Not really. She pretty much lived here already. You've slept in the same bed since you've been together so no, I don't think you should be too nervous."

I bite my lip "I am a bit nervous. I'm still very...afraid that she'll tire of me and decide being with me as a whole was a mistake."

He sits beside me on the bed "Sheldon, that isn't going to happen. I know firsthand, Penny wont say she loves you, unless she really means it. Unless she knows its real. She knows all of your idiosyncracies and still loves you. There will be more to learn from living with you but I'm sure that the two of you can get through anything together. Just don't make her sign a ridiculous roommate agreement."

I give him a small smile "Thank you Leonard."

He smiles back "No problem Sheldon."

He finishes his packing and we order pizza, on Sunday. Penny, Missy, Stephanie, Bernadette, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and I are sitting in the apartment eating pizza, watching television and talking. Raj is even talking a little. He's getting much better at it. Raj, Howard and Bernadette leave, then Missy goes to shower. Soon after Stephanie and Leonard are ready to leave.

I chew on my lip "Good bye Leonard."

He pulls me into a hug, which I, surprising myself, return.

"I'll see you in the morning, alright?" Leonard smiles.

I nod "Very well."

The door closes behind them and Penny wraps her arms around me. I hug her back and sigh.

"So, have you got a crazy roommate agreement for me?" she giggles.

"Can't say that I have actually."


I nod "We'll work out ah, ground rules as we go along."

"Are you sure honey?"

I nod "Yes Penny. I can not dictate what you do as easily as I can with Leonard. And it would lead to unnecessary arguing. Believe me, I've thought this through quite a bit. We'll work this out as it happens."

She nods "Alright then that works for me."

I smile and lean down to kiss her lips.