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"All right girls class is in session. Now I know that there was only the three of you today and myself because of the sports carnival so I decided to make this a special lesson." The girls quietened and took their seats as they tucked their magazine they had been reading back Bella's bag.

"Now can I please have a show of hands as to who has broken their hymens?"

All three girls raised their hands and blushed deeply. Miss Denali gazed around the room as she once again began to speak.

"Now girls you are going to have your own sex lesson today and I will be your instructor. There's no reason to be scared or nervous and I'm sure you are going to enjoy and learn much from this experience. Before I bring in our male helpers we are going to go through a session on masturbation. Now please undress down only to your underwear and bras please. "

Very slowly Bella began peeling off her school uniform all the while blushing. Rosalie had already quickly undressed and was trying to make eye contact with the teacher. Alice stared at the ground as she took off her clothes then looked around at her best friends. She had never been naked in front of anyone before this and the excitement was getting to her. She could feel a small amount of wetness pool between her thighs. The three young girls looked to the front to see their teacher standing in a black lace bra and matching panties. Their jaws slackened as they noticed the large size of her breasts and the small wet patch at the base of her panties.

"Please remove you bra for me now." The girls hesitated and then complied. Slowly they unlatched their bras to reveal their fleshy mounds. Rosalie had large voluminous breasts with dark pink nipples. Her nipples hardened momentarily in the cool room and stood at attention. She sat back on her desk and absently traced circles on her flat, tanned stomach. Bella had average sized breasts with pink nipples. She attempted to cover her hard peaks with her hair as they too responded to the cool air. Alice had the smallest breasts, no more than a handful each, with pink perky nipples. They looked to the front surprised to see their teachers seemingly small breasts bra free and actually quite large.
"Girls these are you nipples and are very sensitive. When you become aroused your nipples harden and form peaks. Please watch as a demonstrate how to touch your breasts then try for yourselves."
The trio watched a Miss Denali kneaded her mounds and flicked and pinched the nipples until they hardened. Rosalie had begun to gently palm her own boobs and stifled a moan as she felt an electric current pulse through her mounds straight to her pussy as she rubbed the nipple. Alice was vigorously rubbing and pinching her nipples her breaths coming in short pants. Bella tentatively rubbed her breasts but found no pleasure in doing so. Miss Denali strode over to Bella and lifted her chin. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"It just doesn't feel good…" Bella whispered.

"Alice, Rose please come and watch this." Miss Denali ordered. She sat Bella on the edge of the table and began to gently stroke and palm Bella's boobs. "Does this feel better?" she asked. Bella answered with a breathy moan as her eyes rolled back into her head. "Watch as I stroke and touch her nipples. Sometimes you can only find pleasure when someone else does it for you," she added. Bella's breathe quickened as Miss Denali took her nipple in her mouth and began to suck, making sure to swirl her tongue around the nipple.

"Oh, oh, that feels sooo good… uh, uh!" Bella panted. Miss Denali released her nipple with a pop and smiled.

"I see you enjoyed that, that's good, now let's have a look at your vagina's." She strode back to her desk and removed her panties. "Please sit on your desks and spread you legs nice and wide for me." The girls obeyed. Each child removed her panties and spread their legs wide. Miss Denali became wetter at the sight of the wet spread pussies in front of her and smiled again.

"Now girls this little bud is called your clitoris, it is very sensitive to touch and rubbing it is the most effective form of masturbation." Miss Denali rubbed her clitoris and once it had swelled considerably pulled the hood back so it poked out at the teens.

"See how wet it makes me to touch my clit?" She dipped a finger into her pussy and a moment later pulled it back out covered in juices. Bella stared wide eyed at the sight before her. She was embarrassed that she was so wet for her best friends and teacher. Rosalie could feel her pussy juices drip onto the table.

"I want you to rub your clits for me then taste yourselves." Rosalie wasted no time in rubbing her clit and as soon as she felt another string of cum hit the table she scooped it up on her finger and put it in her mouth. She moaned loudly at her taste. Bella gingerly rubbed the small nub and put two fingers into her pussy then into her mouth to taste herself. Alice did the same and smiled as the teacher praised them.

"Now Alice will you please come up to the front so I can show you how to lick a pussy?" Alice nodded and quickly made her way to the front of the room. She laid down on the teachers desk and spread her knees wide so the teacher may have her access.

"Watch carefully please girls we must be moving on," she commanded then buried her face in Alice's pussy. Alice gasped then began to pant as her juices were slurped from her pussy.

"Oh fuck… right there!" she yelled as Miss Denali began thrusting her tongue in and out of Alice's tight teenage pussy. Just as Alice felt her pussy walls about to contract she felt Miss Denali stop. She groaned in disappointment. She raised her head to see Bella and Rosalie fingering each other while watching her being eaten by the teacher. Alice leant down to rub her clit as Bella began to come. She pumped her fingers furiously into Rosalie's pussy as Rosalie came with a gush of juice that squirted all over Bella's chest. Rose then began to lick up the cum off of Bella's chest. Alice couldn't hold back the scream that erupted from her mouth as her pussy pulsed violently and she fell over the edge and into orgasmic heaven. Miss Denali smiled widely and praised each child for their efforts.

"It's time to bring in the boys," she beamed. "We won't have time for vibrators or fingers today." Ladies let me introduce you to Emmett McCartney, Edward Masen and Jasper Whitlock. They will be your partners for this session, now let's begin…"

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