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Bella felt very awkward sitting outside of Miss Denali's office in her small school skirt and no panties. She could feel herself getting moist at the thought of being called into a private session with her favourite teacher. Feeling edgy she fidgeted nervously as she waited for the teacher to emerge from the dark classroom.

Thousands of different scenarios were running through her mind as to what would make up this part of her practical examination. Would she be tied up? Or stretched out wider than she had ever been before? She shivered at the thought of being dominated by her sexy mature teacher.

The door clicked and Bella stood up rapidly, pink tongue darting out to wet her red lipsticked stained lips. As she turned to see her teacher her long chocolate curls fell over her shoulder and cascaded down her back. Miss Denali was decked out in a shiny black corset, laced with a satiny red ribbon. She wore sheer panties with black suspenders holding up her stockings. Bella could see that the panties were crotchless and felt herself dampen at the sight of the smoothness of her teacher.

"Come in Bella, your first exam is about to begin. Are you feeling nervous pet?"

Bella nodded her head slightly and dropped her gaze submissively to the floor.
"Before we begin the exam I would like to confirm with you that your safe word is RED and should you no longer be able to cope with the exam that you will clearly say the safe word in order to stop the exam proceedings."

"Yes, Miss Denali", Bella nodded meekly.

"We shall begin then, today's exam will test the elasticity of your sexual organs, your capability to withstand sensory exhaustion and your sexual state of mind. I would like you to remove all your clothing and then sit on the chair to your left."

Bella turned slowly and noticed the large reclinable chair equipped with stirrups and shackles. Tottering in her large heels she made her way to the chair and began to strip. Pushing her panties down her legs and toward her ankles she accidentally rubbed against her clitoris and felt a wave of hot pleasure course through her.

She placed the small lacy scrap of damp material at the foot of the chair and proceeded to undo the buttons down her blouse. Now down to her bra and heels, Bella reached back to undo the clasp on her bra allowing her breasts to swing free. Miss Denali watched carefully as Bella's nipples hardened in the cool air and she let out a soft breathy moan at the sensation.

Bella eased herself up onto the edge of the chair and then laid back against it. She felt the light touch of Miss Denali's hands on her ankles as they were spread, exposing her glistening pussy. Miss Denali wasted no time fastening Bella's ankles into the shackles and then attached her hands to the shackles above her head leaving her bare and open.

"Phase one of the exam is about to begin."

"Yes Mistress Denali" replied Bella in a breathy tone as she felt the long slim fingers probe at her wetness.

"Ugh, that feels really good Mistress!" Bella whimpered as she felt two fingers reach into her pussy and withdraw the wetness there.

Miss Denali gradually worked two fingers in and out of Bella's pussy, twisting to stretch the tight hole. Adding a third finger she could feel Bella's pussy beginning to reach its limit. Bella's breathing hitched as the intrusion into her wetness became larger and more intense.

The insertion of a fourth finger had her gasping. "Ooooooh, I feel so very full Mistress, your fingers are filling me, I dont know how much more I can take!" Her back arched and the stirrups shook as she struggled to admit the large invader into her pussy. Bella moaned again breasts heaving, feeling the delicious burning coil in her belly grow tighter and more insistent.

"Now Bella, as part of your exam today you are going to take my whole fist into your pussy, okay."
"I know it will be tight but you can do it, so you need to push through the pain and take it pet!"

Bella nodded feeling her pleasure turn to pain as Miss Denali inched her wrist further into her wetness. "Fuck! Your hand is too big! Its ripping my tiny, tight pussy apart!"

She groaned again, tossing her head from side to side, helpless to stop the intrusion, desperately trying to push down on the fist to allow it to slip inside.

Miss Denali watched intently as Bella's lips stretched wide to accomodate her hand, the tiny pussy spread so wide that her pussy lips were pulled tight over her knuckles. Using her other hand she spread a small dollop of lube on her knuckles before pressing them into Bella again, rocking her wrist back and forth to try and get it to slip past the widest part of her hand.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, oooh so big, I'm so full already, I can't take any more" Bella chanted, eyes screwed tightly shut as her back arched against the pain. Suddenly she felt the fist slip into her, the sensation leaving her breathless as the fullness of her pussy caused spikes of pleasure.

"Oh shit, your whole hand is inside me, don't move!" Miss Denali thrust her hand deeper, enjoying the slight wince it caused Bella.

Miss Denali flexed her hand inside of Bella, jiggling her wrist inside the wet embrace of Bella's hole. She could feel the juice leak from Bella and pool near her wrist. She reached up and rubbed softly on Bella's exposed clit, causing Bella to yelp in surprise. She began to move her hand back in forth inside Bella in time with rubbing her clit. Her tongue darts out to catch a string of cum that drip from Bella's ravaged hole, savouring the sweetness of the honey.

"Shit! Ugh, I can feel an orgasm coming mistress. Fuck! Can I cum? Please can I cum?" Bella pleaded. She looked a mess her teacher's hand swallowed up inside her pussy, drenched in sweat, nipples hard as rocks. Miss Denali cocked her head to the side contemplating whether to let the beautiful pussy before her cum. She nodded and bent her head to suckle at Bella's swollen clit.

Miss Denali increases the pace of her thrusts and Bella's moans get louder as she feels the wave of orgasmic bliss get closer and closer. Miss Denali twists her wrist so that her fingers knock against the soft spongey matter of Bella's G-spot causing Bella to thrash wildly in her constraints.

"Ugh, fuck me, ugh, oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Bella squeals. A jet of juice gushes from her pussy in a stream as she cums. Miss Denali bends her head to lap at Bella's squirting pussy which pushes Bella over the edge again into another wave of her orgasm. Bella's moans echoed around the room as her hips work themselves over her teachers fist, trying to prolong the intense feeling created through her first squirting orgasm.

" Thank you Mistress" she chanted, still shaking and convulsing. She gasps in pain as Miss Denali withdraws her fist from Bella's pussy and gives it one last lick from clit to ass. Using a ruler she measures the gape and records it in Bella's file, making sure to note the intensity of the orgasm and the presence of the squirted fluid. She watched for a moment as the gape reduced, pulsing with the last waves of Bella's orgasm.

"Well done Bella, you managed to accept my fist quite nicely, despite the tightness of your pussy. I've also give you bonus points for being able to achieve a squirting orgasm. Was it your first?" she asked.

Bella nodded shyly, "I've never managed to do that before! It was fantastic, thank you Mistress."

"You have passed phase one of your exam, now I need to prepare you for round two."

To be continued… xx Danni