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Little Green and Easybella cont. (36)


Little Green tending to my injured foot is a silent procedure. If you don't count the constant noises coming from my bedroom, that is. Jake has finally stopped bawling my name, but judging by the relentless banging and rattling, he will have freed himself in a few moments. I do my best to ignore it for now.

Edward doesn't even seem to notice; he is so focused on his task. Sometimes I envy his ability to completely block out his surroundings. The only thing he uttered since he lowered me down on the toilet lid and kneeled in front of me to clean the wound was an occasional 'shh, shhh...' every time I flinched.

That's it. No questions. No accusations. No nothing.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

Edward puts the wash cloth aside and examines my sole.

"It's not that bad."

I have no idea if that's supposed to be the answer to my question, or if he is referring to my injury. When he looks up at me, I'm taken aback by the weariness in his unsmiling eyes. I realize how much of a stretch the day must have been for him anyway, even without Jake showing up and ruining it completely. This special day he's been dreading and looking forward to in equal measures. We were supposed to celebrate tonight instead of… this! I haven't even had a chance yet to ask how his important meeting went.

"I think you caught a splinter," he says, all business. "Do you have some, you know… to pull it out… a pincher?"


"Tweezers, yes." He closes his eyes and I watch him mouth that word a few times.

"In the mirror cabinet. There's iodine and band aid and everything, too."

He gives a silent nod, and with some effort, he gets on his feet, using the sink to pull himself up. When he opens the cabinet to retrieve the necessary items, there's a loud clatter outside that makes us both jump.

The sound is followed by heavy footsteps, and then Jake's booming voice right behind the bathroom door. "Bells, are you in there? Are you alright?"

I don't have a chance to answer before the door flies open. Edward steps in front of me protectively, holding my tweezers in his tight fist and pointing it at my towering ex-husband as if he held a dagger, and not the pathetic, tiny instrument I used to pluck my brows with.

"Jake, out!" I yell, afraid that Edward will act on pure instinct and do something stupid.


"I'm fine! Just wait outside, will you? Get yourself a coffee or something. I'm sure you still know the way around here." Or maybe he doesn't. I can't remember if he actually ever operated the coffee-maker himself.

He gives me a doubtful look over Edwards shoulder, but doesn't move an inch.

"Now, Jake!"

Thankfully, he doesn't object. With one last squinting glance at Edward, he turns on his heels and stomps out of the room. "I'll be in earshot," he yells behind the closed door. Whatever that means.

Edward turns around, gets down on his knees again as if nothing happened, and holds out his hand for my foot. It's kind of eerie how calm he is. This is not a natural reaction at all, and it creeps me out. I wish he would talk to me, interrogate me, yell at me, anything…

I want to explain myself, get things straight. I want to put his mind at ease. But something tells me he needs this time-out, a moment to sort things out in his mind. And focusing first on fixing what can be fixed easily is what gives him that moment. So I just put my heel into his waiting palm and let him do the job.

But when he approaches the spot where the tiny piece of glass sits with the tweezers, his hand starts to shake more and more, the closer he gets. After a few futile tries, I grab his wrist and say, "It's okay. I'll do it myself."

With a sigh, he closes his eyes. "Just give me a minute. I can do this." He looks utterly defeated in that moment, like he's dead on his feet.

"I know you can. But you don't have to."

I gently pry the tweezers from his grip and put them on the rim of the sink next to me. He is still cradling my foot, now in both hands resting on his thighs, as I lean forward and cup his face. He opens his eyes. They are red-rimmed.

"Edward, please let me expl…"

"Did he do something to you?" he cuts in.


"Then why are you hurt?"

"It was an accid…"

"Why is he here? And why are you naked? Did he try to… did he try anything? Force you? I just… are you really okay?"


"Or did you want him to… want to be with him? I don't… I… why is he back?"

Okay, there we go – the floodgates are open. I bend down even further, ignoring the sharp sting as my injured foot slips out of Edward's hands and hits the floor tiles, and wind my arms tightly around his shoulders. He buries his face in the crook of my neck, and the rocking starts right away. I can't even say who started it, and it's a bit awkward for me in my position, but here we are, swaying back and forth in a tight embrace.

His breath is hot and heavy on my skin where he presses his mouth and nose against my neck. And when he speaks again after a few more sways, his words come out as a feeble, muffled mumbling.

"Iddy bag o goo?"

"Come again?"

He turns his head a little, and this time it's merely a whisper. "Is he back for good?"

"Hell, no!"


I pull away and grab his face to make him look me in the eye.

"Listen to me, love. This certainly looks weird, to say the least, and it's totally fucked up. But don't you ever…"


"Okay, let's do this step by step. First off, I had no idea he would come here and I didn't invite him. Do you understand that?"

A nod, hesitatingly so.

"Good. Because this is important. I didn't know, okay? He was already here when I came home."

Another nod. Then he swallows and his eyes grow wide. "How did he get in here?"

"He had a key. And I didn't know about that either."

"He must give it back to you. You want it back, don't you?"

Oh, you can bet your ass on it! "Of course! He doesn't live here anymore."

Again with the nod. He takes a deep breath and waits patiently for me to carry on. My heart swells with love for my man. There he is, probably scared to death about this mess, all kinds of crazy thoughts about my ex coming back to steal me from him. And all he does is listen to my explanations, trusting in them to bring sense to an utterly surreal scenario. I will do my best not to disappoint him, no matter how riled up I still am myself.

"Anyway, I am naked because when I came home…"

"Bells, is everything alright in there?" Jake hollers outside, making us both flinch again. I didn't hear him approach. God, he is annoying.

"I'm good!" I yell back. "Go away and shut up!"

"Fine," he snaps. "If you need me, I'm out here on the couch, ALL BY MYSELF and with NO clue what the heck is going on, okay? Thank you very much!"

I don't even deign a reply to that bullshit. When the fading sound of Jake's stomping steps indicates that he is actually going away, I hear Edward mumble quietly to himself. It sounds like 'Asshole', but I'm not quite sure.




What the fuck?




After that last incident, Jake thankfully keeps himself off the radar, most likely sulking away on my couch, and I can finally unravel the unfortunate story of this night's events, undisturbed.

Edward listens quietly, without moving so much as his pinkie. He watches me so intently; I'm not sure he's even blinking. And he doesn't interrupt me as I'm explaining the reason why I took my clothes off, that I thought it was him in my bed, and how I was shocked like fuck when I found out it wasn't. I tell him about the lamp and how it was my own fault I stepped on the broken glass.

"And that's it," I say eventually. "He texted me earlier. Looked like he wanted to talk, but I didn't feel like answering. I had no idea he would be here."

Little Green still looks at me as though he's waiting for the point of my story, a punchline or something.

"That's it," I repeat. "Really."

Finally he stirs. Taking a deep breath, he straightens himself and grabs the corner of the blanket that has slipped down and off my right shoulder, and pulls it up again to cover me properly. It's such a sweet gesture, and I mouth 'thank you' to him.

"So he didn't touch you?"

"He didn't."

"Even though you were naked?"

"Actually, he was telling me to put some clothes on."

"Really?" Judging by the way his frown deepens, he seems to have a hard time believing me.

"Really," I assure him.

"That's weird, isn't it?"

"Uhm… not exactly. He's always been like that with me, more or less."

"He is an asshole!"

With a huff, Edward gets on his feet and starts pacing, which mostly means taking one step towards the door and one step back to me, given how tiny my bathroom is. It's only then I notice how gorgeous he looks in his three-piece suit he's still wearing from the meeting in Seattle – even with those dark shadows under his eyes. Once again I regret that this evening has ended in such a clusterfuck.

"Edward," I say to make him stop moving around like a caged animal. And here goes my deeply rooted habit of protecting my ex-husband's facade…

"Jacob is gay, Edward."

Fuck it – it was a bad habit anyway.

He stops dead in his tracks, but his face doesn't register surprise like I expected. Instead, it contorts into a mask of utter disgust. With a snarl, he retorts, "I don't care if he is gay. So what? He is an asshole who likes penises then. Fine. But he is still an asshole, and I want him to leave."


I'm shocked at his outburst, but oddly enough, the only thing I really process right now is the fact that even in his sudden anger, he doesn't say 'cock' or 'dick', which I find almost hysterical in this moment. It's just so Little Green, even if being mad like that isn't.

Edward picks the tweezers up off the sink and crouches down in front of me. "Let's get that splinter out, and then you'll go and make him leave, or I'll do it."

Holy shit, where's that coming from? In Little Green standards, this must be considered A-1 caveman attitude.

He grabs my foot and turns it into the light beam coming from the mirror cabinet. "He treated you badly while he was married to you, when he shouldn't have married you in the first place. It's just not right. Hold still."

With one unerring move, he pulls the glass shard out of my sole, almost angrily. His hands have stopped shaking, and the job is done before I notice.

"And what was he thinking, breaking into your place? He is not a good man, Bella. He is an asshole, thinking nothing but asshole thoughts, and I want him gone. This may hurt a bit… sorry."

I'm still too stunned to even notice the mild sting when he puts some iodine on the small wound. I gape at him, weirdly turned on by his angry protectiveness that stands in such sharp contrast to the gentle way he is taking care of me at the same time.

"What was he thinking?" Edward mutters under his breath, shaking his head as he starts taping me up.

"I don't know, love," I say softly. "Maybe he needed someone to talk to. Maybe he was so upset about something that he wasn't thinking clearly. I didn't answer his texts. It's probably been a kind of snap decision to use the key and wait here for me. He meant no harm."

"But he did harm. I don't want to hear any of that. He scared you so much that you hurt yourself. I want him nowhere near you. If he doesn't leave, I swear…"

"Edward –"

"This conversation is over."

My jaw drops. Really now?

"I'll go and retrieve your key," he says and stands. "I'll tell him to go."

"Oh no, you won't!" I yell at him, finally gathering my wits. "You have as little right to decide who's to stay or who's to leave here as Jake had to let himself in. This is still my place!"

"Then go and tell him yourself!" he shouts back.

And there we have it – our first argument. Over Jake. But even though in this very moment, Edward's asshole theory kind of grows on me, I'm totally pissed off. At Edward for ordering me around, at Jacob for the stunt he pulled at the worst possible time, and at myself for this annoying ambivalence, feeling irritated and turned on at once by Edward's attitude.

"I will," I say and move to get up, bracing myself on the sink. When I try to put some weight on my bandaged foot, I'm relieved to find it's not as bad as I expected. But I flinch a little nonetheless, and Edward is with me in a blink, steadying me.

"Shall I get you some clothes?"

His voice has gone back to Little Green velvet and as usual, it doesn't fail to affect me, which pisses me off even more. Also, the thought of waiting here while he fetches my clothes from the bedroom, which means passing by Jake, doesn't strike me as such a good idea.

Nodding my chin towards the hook on the door, I say brusquely, "The robe will do just fine." I limp over, still supported by Edward's hand under my elbow, and shrug into the terrycloth. He reaches down to help me tie the belt but lets his hands fall when he sees me quickly doing it myself.

"I'll speak with Jake now. I want you to wait here; can you do that for me?"

He nods his head yes, looking utterly crestfallen. "You'll tell him to leave, yes?"

"I'm sorry, no. He can sleep on my couch. Tomorrow I will talk to him and find out why he came here. We'll sort things out and then he will leave."

"Bella, no. I can't leave you here with him around. It's impossible; I just can't!"

"You don't have to. I'll sleep at your place."

He clenches his teeth but doesn't answer.

"Edward, you have to trust me," I say, more softly now.

"I do trust you. It's him I don't trust."

"I know. But it's like with you and Esme, sort of. She really did an 'asshole thing' to us, didn't she? But you forgave her really quickly, and even though I definitely don't feel like you in this matter, I do understand why you thought she was worth it. Jake and I literally have been friends since we learned to walk. I just have to give him the benefit of a doubt."

He tilts his head and, in true Little Green manner, starts thinking this through.

"I'm still mad at Esme," I push. "I just can't help it. But I supported your decision to reconcile with her because that was what you wanted. All I'm asking is that you do the same for me now."

He takes a deep breath and says, "I'll wait here. But I'll leave the door open."

"If it makes you feel better…"

I don't get an answer. He just looks at me with those weary eyes.

"I'll make it quick," I promise and open the door.

As I step into the hallway, leaving the door ajar, I hear a whispered "I love you, Bella."




What the fuck?




I've locked the door of Edward's bathroom from the inside; I just need a few minutes to myself. I'm still in my robe, since he swooped me up and carried me away as I was the very moment I stopped talking to Jake. My face in the mirror looks almost as tired as his. Serves me right.

The conversation with Jake was so fucked up, I soon began to contemplate doing as Edward had asked of me and kick my ex out with no further ado. But when I learned that, after giving up the garage in Forks when he moved to Seattle with Seth, he still hadn't found a job and was basically living off his boyfriend's money, I didn't have the heart. He couldn't afford a hotel and I wouldn't let him spend the night in his car.

Also, he had cleaned up the mess in my bedroom – which was pretty remarkable, since he'd never moved a finger in this household before – and managed to brew himself a coffee without ruining my kitchen. That earned him some points, after all. Last but not least, he handed me the key without hesitation, and even apologized for using it.

Just as I suspected, he and Seth got into a fight about something, and as was his way, Jake had run from the conflict. I cut him short, promising we would talk about it in the morning if he was still here, and told him to just close the door behind himself, should he decide to leave some time during the night. And that was it.

I almost wish he would decide to leave before daybreak. But if he doesn't, I will try to be a good friend and listen. At least, I won't act like an asshole myself then, and I really hope Little Green will understand.

Did I ask too much of him? I honestly think I didn't. I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around how adamant he was about getting rid of Jake… how bossy he became, how angry. I don't think I ever heard him raising his voice like that before. Except for when he learned about the letters that Esme had kept from us both. But he never yelled at me before.

I know it was a lot to take in for him, but so it was for me. And I didn't get myself out of a suffocating marriage to let my new boyfriend get away with bossing me around like that. No, Sir. Definitely not.

But I so wish it hadn't come to this. He was just scared and overly protective. But never once did he doubt me; never once did he stop taking care of me, no matter how angry he was.

With a sigh, I bend down and splash my face with some cold water. I need to get out of here before Edward starts worrying and comes to see what's wrong. He definitely has worried enough about me for one night.

When I enter the bedroom, Edward has already crashed on his king size bed, eyes closed, spread-eagle and clad only in his boxers. His suit and shirt are in a heap on the floor. Given his usual OCD tendencies, he must be really, really tired to leave his clothes like that.

He is breathing slowly and evenly. Finally overcome by his severe fatigue, my poor love has fallen asleep while I was in the bathroom, collecting my thoughts.

I know it kinda sucks to end the day without some more clearing talk, but I'm not going to wake him. I don't have the heart. But maybe I can offer a little comfort with the warmth of my body while he's sleeping.

I add my robe to the badly creased heap of pinstripes on the floor and slowly crawl onto the mattress, as quiet as possible. I pull the comforter over us both and snuggle up to his sleeping form. He rolls onto his side, as if by instinct, and puts his arm around my middle.

I gingerly stroke his neck, using my fingertips and a bit of nails, just as I know he likes it. My hand moves down to his back, drawing a circle around his shoulder blade, and up again… along the curve of his shoulder, down the underside of his upper arm and to his elbow. There I take a turn and let my grazing fingers wander all the way back to his neck, right under his jaw. From there I start over again. Up and down, up and down…

Edward lets go a quiet moan. I still my hand for a moment, not wanting to interrupt his much needed rest.

"Don't stop," he mumbles.

"I thought you were sleeping," I say as I resume caressing him.

"Mmmh… just too tired to open my eyes."

"Then don't; it's okay."

He snuggles closer, tightening his one-armed embrace. "He could have slept in a hotel."

I sigh. "No, he couldn't."

"In his car then. It's not that cold."

"Edward! Don't!"

He huffs a little, but lets it go. For now.

After a while he says, "I'm glad you're with me now."

"There's nowhere I'd rather be."

My fingers have broadened their trip around the hills and valleys of his body, now exploring his waist and hip, and I just can't resist the urge to run them along the front of his boxers. He is half-hard, and when I turn my hand around to palm him over the fabric, he breathes, "God, yes."

Surprised but encouraged by his reaction, I slip my hand under the waistband of his boxers and stroke him, skin to skin. His hips push forward, pressing his semi hard-on into my palm, and he starts humming quietly. After a few more strokes though, I feel him softening in my hand.

"I'm sorry," he says drowsily. "I don't think this is going to work."

I snicker quietly. "That's okay, love. I wasn't expecting anything."

When I start to withdraw my hand, he grabs my upper arm. "Please, no. If you don't mind, can you keep doing that? Just for a while? It's so soothing."

"Of course I don't mind. I love touching you."

He lets go of my arm and relaxes. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

So we lie there, in silence, and I'm fondling his limp cock until the humming stops and his breathing slows down. Just when I think he's finally asleep, he whispers, "I'm sorry that I yelled at you."

"I know. I'm sorry for yelling back."

The next second, he is out cold. I'm not even sure if he heard my answer. When sleep begins to claim me too, I kiss his forehead and wish him sweet dreams. I let my hand rest where it is, gently holding his soft cock. I'm still doing that when I open my eyes to the new day.



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