Cody's alarm clock buzzed to life at 8 in the morning. School hadn't started yet, but

Cody always liked to get up early to cook and read and everything else he enjoys doing.

He grumbled as he turned off his alarm clock and stretched. He sat up and blinked a few times to get his eyes to focus. He yawned sleepily and looks at Zack who was fast asleep. Cody could never understand how his brother could sleep in so late.

He got dressed and headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth. After he finished, he decided to take a leak. Cody sighed with pleasure as he emptied his bladder. When he was finished, he went out to the living area and woke his mom.

"Mom," Cody said shaking her. "Mom… MOM!"

Carey woke up wide-eyed and screaming. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, you just asked me to wake you up early."

"Oh, right. I forgot I had a show to do this morning," Carey said. "Thanks honey."

"No problem mom."

Carry quickly got dressed, kissed Cody good-bye, and headed for the door.

"Oh, please wake your brother up at 10, he needs to do his chores," Carey asked.

"Sure thing, Mom," Cody replied.

"Thanks, sweety. See you at lunch."

"Okay, bye mom."

With that, Carey left and Cody walked to the kitchen and got his apron on.

Cody started thinking out loud to himself as he cooked pancakes.

"Why does Zack always sleep in so late? He always complains about not having enough time to do things. Maybe if he woke up earlier, he could finish things sooner."

Cody finished cooking and went to wake Zack up. When he got to Zack's bed, he tried poking him in order to wake him up. He tried rubbing his arm, pushing him, and saying his name, but nothing worked.

Finally, Cody just threw off the covers and saw Zack had an erection.

Cody's eyes went wide and a blush formed on his cheeks. He did have some feelings for his brother, but that was what he was, his BROTHER. They couldn't be together. That's incest. No, worse TWINCEST!

But when Cody saw Zack's erection, he didn't care about that anymore. He wanted to at least touch it before Zack saw.

So Cody slowly reached under the elastic waistband of Zack's boxers and gently poked Zack's throbbing cock. Cody was staring at Zack's face to make sure he wouldn't wake up.

Cody started wrapping his fingers around Zack's rock hard erection, and he let out a small sigh. He could feel the heat coming off it and the precum oozing out. Cody stared at Zack's cream colored face as he slowly began to run his fingers up and down Zack's shaft. Zack gave a small moan of pleasure which made Cody froze.

When he was sure he was asleep, he continued. He went faster up and down Zack's shaft. Zack started panting hard and said something that Cody couldn't hear. Cody put his ear closer to Zack so he could listen.

"Cody…" Zack whispered.

Cody's eyes widened in surprise. He kept giving his brother a handjob. Zack moaned louder and unconsciously bucked into Cody's hand. Cody knew Zack was close to cumming. All of a sudden, Zack's eyes started to flitter open…


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