Carrie got closer and closer to the door.

"Mom! Don't come in I'm naked!" Zack yelled.

"Oh, sorry, Zack," Carrie replied turning around and walking towards the kitchen. "Where's Cody?"

"I'm here," Cody said kind of shyly. "I'm working on my pre-algebra homework."

"Is that the best you could come up with?" Zack whispered playfully. Cody shrugged and slowly sat up in his bed. He was drenched in sweat and he was sure he smelled like football player's jockstrap. Zack stood up and pulled his jeans up and buttoned them. He grabbed a couple of Cody's hypoallergenic tissues from his desk and wiped his slow moving cum off of the end of Cody's bed.

Cody got complete control of his breathing now and started to get dressed fast just in case his mom decided to come in for no reason. Zack chuckled as he watched Cody hopping on one leg while trying to get his pants on and making his bed all at the same time.

Once they were all dressed and their room was free of any stray cum, the two of them walked out of their room and joined their mother in the kitchen area.

"So mom, do we have any of those pizza bagel bite things?" Zack asked.

"Yes, we do, but it's too late for any snacks. You two need to shower and get to bed."

"Why? It's Saturday night and we don't have anything to do tomorrow," Zack said as he slowly opened the freezer to get some bagel bites.

"True, but I have to do a show at ten and I want you both up before I leave."

"Ugh, fine." Zack closed the freezer with empty hands.

"Good. Now go get your baths and get ready for bed. It's already one in the morning."

So, Zack and Cody went to their room and got their pajamas.

"Hey Cody," Zack whispered to Cody before he walked out the door.


"Why don't we take a shower together?"

"I-I don't know. What if mom came in?"

"Oh, she won't. Come on! It"ll be fun." Zack winked.

"Okay. I guess…"

"Yes!" Zack whispered while pumping his fist in the air.

Together, the boys snuck out of their room. Carrie was already in bed, but still awake. They slowly went into the bathroom and closed the door. Zack turned on the shower while Cody slowly started to strip. Zack quickly got out of all of his clothes and he already had a semi-boner. Cody blushed and finally took off his red and purple briefs. His penis was already fully erect.

Zack laughed. "Well, someone's happy already."

Cody glared then looked away and blushed more.

"I was just kidding, Codes."

"I know," Cody said sticking his tongue out.

Zack walked into the shower followed by Cody. The water was nice and warm. It relaxed them as it ran down their bodies, but not their boners. Zack grabbed Cody's mango body wash and poured some into his hands. He rubbed his hands together and slowly started rubbing Cody's chest and stomach. Zack pulled Cody closer and they started kissing passionately. Their tongues started dancing around in each others mouth. Zack started rubbing the body wash on Cody's back from the front. He slowly made his way down to Cody's ass. He messaged his cheeks, and Cody let out a slight moan. Zack started rubbing in Cody's crack. Cody shivered from the new sensation.

"Z-Zack?" Cody said in his innocent voice.

"What is it?"

"I wanna try giving you a blowjob, like what you gave me."

"You can if you're feeling up to it." Cody nodded his head.

Cody got on his knees and stared at Zack's boner. It seemed to be at a hundred degree angle Cody concluded. He shook his head trying to get his mind off of math. He leaned forward and took a tentative lick on Zack's head. Zack shivered. Cody took another lick and then another. He licked from the base all the way to the head of Zack's penis. Cody took one last anxious gulp and slowly opened his mouth and took the tip of Zack into his mouth and started sucking. Zack started to moan. Cody started to take all of Zack's cock into his mouth until it touched the back his throat and made him gag. He took a little out and the gagging sensation stopped. He started bobbing his head forward and back while his tongue licked all around the girth. Zack's moaning got louder and put his hands in Cody's hair. He started bucking into Cody's mouth which made him moan more. Cody played with Zack's balls while he sucked which made Zack moan louder. Zack bit his finger to get him to keep it quiet. He started humping faster and faster in and out of Cody's warm mouth.

"Cody, I'm about to cum," Zack said quietly between pants.

Cody started sucking harder and faster. Zack's breathing got sporadic and ragged. He moaned one finally time and bucked all the way into Cody's mouth. Cody's eyes watered as he tried to keep his gag reflex down. Zack shot four strong ropes of cum down Cody's throat. Cody could taste it and he decided that it wasn't a bad tasting; just one he'd have to get used to. Zack's breathing relaxed a little, but he kept panting. He pulled out of Cody's mouth. Cody stood back up and blushed.

"That was amazing, Cody," Zack panted and leaned in and kissed him. Zack could kind of taste himself, but he didn't mind. He loved kissing Cody. Hell, he just loved Cody in general.

"We should hurry up and get out before mom wonders what's taking so long," Cody said breaking their kiss.

They quickly cleaned off their bodies and hair and got out. They dried off and got dressed. Cody quickly brushed his teeth. Zack opened the door slightly and saw that his mom was fast asleep. He beckoned Cody over and they slowly made their way to their room with hardly any sound made by their footsteps. They got in their room and Cody closed the door behind them.

"Well, we should get some sleep if we have to get up early," Cody said turning towards Zack.

"I guess…"

"Look at it this way, we only have school one Monday and Tuesday. Then we're off for Winter vacation," Cody said hugging Zack.

"True. So we can have some more late night fun on Tuesday night."


"Well, I guess I'll see you in the morning then."

"Good night, Zack."

"Good night, Cody. I love you."

"I love you too."

They had one more quick kiss. Then they got in their separate beds and laid down. It didn't take long for either of them to fall asleep. They were completely spent after all everything they did.

"ZACK! CODY!" Carrie yelled.

Both of them sat up with the same thought in their minds.

"Oh shit!"


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