Title: My Father Taught Me
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Warnings/ Spoilers:
Eli David never played Baseball

My Father Taught Me

Leroy Jethro Gibbs heard his front door open. He walked toward his basement steps.
"Gibbs" he heard Ziva's accented voice shout.

Gibbs walked toward the stairs. As the third stair up creaked Ziva turned. Gibbs looked at her. She had a orange bordered book in her hand. 'Baseball for Idiots'.

"Ziver" Gibbs uttered as he kissed her cheek.

"Teach me baseball" Ziva uttered offering no greeting or small talk. Gibbs looked at her.

"According to American media children are taught things like sport by their parents usually their fathers" Gibbs still looked at Ziva. "Eli taught us how to shoot and he took us to the woods" Gibbs frowned one of Ziva's few happy memories had been a training exercise disguised as a fun activity that irked him. Ziva looked down at the ground, fighting back either tears or more likely the desire to hit someone.
"Perhaps you could teach me, like fathers are supposed to" Gibbs smiled.

Ziva stood on Gibbs front lawn with a battered glove on her hand. She watched as Gibbs rose his hand up and threw the ball. She caught the ball. Gibbs made her throw it next. When she did she seemed to forget her ability and threw the ball into the garden three doors down. Gibbs dashed off to retrieve it and apologize. Ziva looked around the neighbourhood. A man with two boys aged perhaps ten was doing the same thing across the street just like in those silly kid movies Tony had made her sit through.
"A little less force this time" Gibbs uttered as he handed Ziva the ball.

A couple of days later, after the case was resolved Ziva and Gibbs stood on the field. McGee talked about Ziva knowing how to play.
"My father taught me" Ziva offered in reply. Gibbs face beamed with pride.

Tony sent her a text; while they drove back (his voice was still lost). Ziva opened it as she sat shot gun while Gibbs drove. The vibration of her phone caused Gibbs and McGee to grab their own pockets to check it wasn't their own phones. Ziva read the text.

Eli doesn't play baseball

Ziva stared at it for just a second. Then opened the next message and texted Tony back. The vibration of Tony's phone made McGee and Gibbs do the phone check again and Gibbs grunt. Tony read the text.

I never said he did

Tony squirmed in his seat and shut his phone down. .McGee looked at the pair exchanged looks. Tony clicked. A smile crossed his face. Ziva shot him a smile back. After everything Ziva had been through in the last five years, she needed a father and she definitely needed someone to teach her baseball.