Title: Suburbia
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Warnings/ Spoilers:
Tony and Ziva discuss Suburbia.


Tony groaned as Ziva forced the medicine down his throat, while they sat in his lounge room after the case and after a team game of baseball. Baseball it seemed was a sport which Ziva turned out to be very good at despite not being American by birth and Tony's insistence on how important that factor was to playing baseball.

"Stop being such a baby" she uttered. Tony gulped again trying to force the disgusting medicine down. He grabbed the water from the coffee table and took a long gulp of that before placing it back down. Ziva scowled at him, and place the mug of water back on the coaster Tony had removed it from.

"Well you're no Mary Popins" he uttered his voice wispy.

"I am all out of spoonfuls of sugar" Ziva uttered as she sat down on the red couch and pulled the carmel coloured blanket across her legs, careful not to knock the graze she had gotten from the barbeque bomb. Tony wrapped his arms around her.

"Did you leave them in suburbia?" Tony asked. Ziva turned to face him.

"It is too familiar" Ziva said focusing on the wall behind Tony. "Empty houses, absent fathers, unfaithful wives, and daughters left looking for fathers in the crowd at sports games. I had forgotten how terrible it is" she said softly Tony rubbed her hand. "Though they are not gated like that in Israel, in Israel those are called Kibbutz's they are a bit different" she said in a lighter tone trying to add humour to their conversation.

"It's too familiar" Tony said his broken voice doing his sad expression justice. "Though I don't remember any of the unfaithful wives being so hot" he said adding humour to the conversation. Ziva was not impressed. Ziva hit his knee. He yelped. "The ones we lived in were never gated like that either" Tony said adding his own train of thoughts, to the two separate but related threads of conversation they had going on.

"Oh well I'll never be able to afford such a place on my salary" Ziva said as Tony begun to fiddle with the DVD remote. "And even if I could I would sooner die than live there"

"Should I cancel the realtor appointment then?" Tony said in a 'I'm joking voice'. Ziva hit him again. He yelped far louder.

"That was not your knee" Ziva said with a smirk on her face as Tony pressed play on the DVD remote, and they settled in for a third viewing of the movie 'Crash'.