DISCLAIMER: I'm not own Ojamajo Doremi. I very like this show, so I decided to make this story. Ojamajo Doremi is a show which made by Toei Animation in 1999-2003.

Author's Note: Sorry, I may have grammatical errors. English and Japanese isn't my first language.

Ojamajo Doremi-Poppu Heart-Star

Chapter 1 – Hana-chan Need Help!

"Future Jou-sama! The present Jou-sama have a seriously ill!"

"What? Majorin, have you already call Majoheart?"

"Yes, and now she want to talk with you."

They were Hana-chan and Majorin, and they talked about the Queen of the Majokai. She was ill, and Majoheart wanted to talk with Hana-chan about her disease.

Although Hana-chan was still five years old, but she always talked with Jou-sama, Majorin, and Majoheart about the condition of Majokai since last year, since she moved from the kindergarten to the castle (as Hana-chan would be the next Queen of Majokai, she needed to know about the condition of Majokai and to live at the castle). It was two years after she went home to Majokai, with Majorika and Lala.

When Hana-chan walked into the hall, where Majoheart was waiting for her, Majoheart said, "Future Jou-sama, the Queen have a seriously ill, and just one witch doctor who can help us to cure it."

"Another witch doctor beside you?" asked Hana-chan, "Who is she? And where is she now?"

"Majohealth, my old friend. She probably is in the human world, but I don't know exactly where she is. We must find her before this year is over, or... we won't ever see the Queen anymore."

"Human world?" said Hana-chan, "Doremi-mama can help me to meet her, right Majoheart?"

"Uh, she can't." Majoheart said, "Doremi-tachi live separately now, and they have their own bustle. We can't unite them, because the rule said that we just can do it when you become the Queen of Majokai. Except... if you ask help only to Pop. She can help you."

"Poppu? She can help me?"

"Yes, she can. But she must meet the other young witch apprentices to help her, and we must help her to find them."

"I think, I can help her to find Majohealth." Hana-chan said, "With Doremi-tachi's magic power, and also, my own magic power, I can help her."

"No. You must stay here and help the Queen to be the additional Queen, to govern Majokai." Majoheart explained, "Actually, there are four young witch apprentices in Misora who can help Pop to find Majohealth."

"and we just can help Pop to find them?"

"Yes." Majoheart gave a piece of paper to Hana-chan, "We can help her by giving her this."

Hana-chan read the letter on the paper for a while, then she said, "I'll give her this today."

Meanwhile, Hazuki was in Doremi's house. She went there with her cousin, Fujirami Anita. They wanted to tell Doremi and Pop that Anita would live in Misora City, at Hazuki's house, and she would be a new seito in Misora elementary school, in the fifth grade, just like Pop.

"Hey, you never told me that you have a cousin before." Doremi said, "and... Hazuki-chan, why do you bring her here?"

"I just want to make sure that Anita-chan can go to school with Poppu-chan tomorrow. I'm afraid if she goes to school alone." Hazuki answered.

"I don't mind, Hazuki-chan." Pop said, "Anita-chan, we can be a best friend like onee-chan and Hazuki-chan."

"I hope so." Anita smiled, "I never have any close friends before."

"Now, you'll have. I'll be the first."

"By the way, Hazuki-chan, how if we walk around Misora City now? Anita-chan must be still doesn't too know all of things here." Doremi suggested.

"Hey, that's a good idea, Doremi-chan! We rarely walk around together during this two years."

"That's great! Anita-chan, let's we go!" said Pop.

When they walked in front of Maho-dou, Anita saw someone inside there. She said, "Hazuki-san, I see a little girl inside there!"


"There." Anita pointed at Maho-dou.

Doremi said, "Anita-chan, are you sure, you see a little girl inside... okay, she must be Hana-chan. I want to go into there."

"Doremi-chan, wait for us!" said Hazuki.

They walked downstairs, just like what they usually did before since almost six years ago (except Anita, who was there now at the first time). Doremi opened the door and called, "Hana-chan? Is it you?"

Suddenly, Hana-chan came to them and embraced Doremi. "Doremi-ma..." she almost called Doremi as her 'mama', but when she saw Anita, she said, "I mean, Doremi! Long time no see."

"What's up, Hana-chan? Why do you come here now?" asked Doremi.

Hana-chan whispered to her, "Who's this girl? Why do you bring her here? In Maho-dou?"

"Uh, she's Anita-chan, Hazuki's cousin." Doremi said, "We accompanied her to walk around Misora City."

"Anita-chan? You mean..." Hana-chan took and read a name from the paper which she got from Majoheart, "Fujirami Anita-chan desuka?"

"Yes." Anita said, "That's my name. But... you can read? And... why do you know my name?"

Hana-chan sighed, "Okay, I'll explain it to you. I come here to tell you all about something happened in the Witch World."

"Hana-chan, you..."

"Majokai? What happened? Is it bad?" asked Anita, cut what Doremi said.

"Wait a minute!" Doremi couldn't believe what she heard, "Anita-chan, do you know about... Majokai?"

Anita nodded.

Hazuki asked, "and... have you ever met and become a... witch?"

"Umm, actually, I've ever become a... witch apprentice in Yokohama since a year ago. I passed the first grade and changed Majomonna back to her original form a month ago, but I decided to stop because I must choose between live in the Witch World and..."

"Uh, we know about that choice." Doremi sighed, "You're just like us in that matter."

Then, Hazuki asked, "So, Hana-chan, what happened in the Witch World until you must come here?"

Hana-chan explained to them about the crisis in the Witch World.

"So, you mean... Poppu must find four witch apprentices whose names are listed in that paper, then they will help her to find... Majohealth?" asked Doremi, "and that's including Anita-chan?"

"Yup, but unfortunately, the other names just written in initial. SR, IM, and AD."

"Well, I think... it will be difficult to me, but I'll try." Pop said while she took the paper from Hana-chan.

"Huh, I'm happy to hear that. Actually, I come here not only to tell you all about it, but also... to give both of you... your necklace."

"Necklace?" asked Doremi and Hazuki.

Hazuki added, "Is it a new transform's tap?"

"Yes." Hana-chan said. She gave the necklace to Pop and Anita. Pop saw her own necklace. It was a necklace with a star medalion. At the center of the star, there was a red music note button, but at Anita's necklace, the color is green.

"Now, Poppu-chan, Anita-chan, wear your necklace and push the music note button." Hana-chan commanded.

Pop did it first, then she yelled, "Puritti Witchi Poppuchi!"

Anita wore her necklace, but she didn't push the button. She asked, "By the way, why does Poppu-chan say that after her transform? I never say it after my transform."

"I make that sentence. I was the one who became a witch apprentice first between me, all of my best friends, and Poppu. I made it when I transformed at the first time, then all of my friends and Poppu followed me to said it after their transform." Doremi said, "I thought... it was more fun if I said the sentence while I transformed to be a witch apprentice. Maybe... you must try it."

"Okay, I'll try." Anita pushed the button, and after she transformed, she yelled, "Puritti Witchi Anitachi!"

She felt comfort with that sentence, then she said, "Wow, it's better. I like it."

"Okay, can we know your magic spell?" asked Hana-chan, "You still remember it, right?"

"Of course." Anita took out her poron and cast her magic, "Pikuta Pikuta Pekitan Pan! White roses appears!"

Then, a bouquet of white roses appeared.

"Now, it's my turn." Pop said, "Pipitto Puritto Puritan Peperuto! A vase appears!"

"Vase?" asked Anita.

"We need vase to put your white roses." Pop said while she took the vase, put it on a table and put the white roses in the vase, "Now, it's better."

"Wow, it's great, Poppu." Doremi said, "Although we don't meet the three others yet, but I'm happy that you'll have a team, just like me and the others before."

Hazuki asked, "But... how about Maho-dou? Shall we reopen it?"

"We don't need to do that." Hana-chan said, "But Poppu and Anita-chan can make this building as their base camp."

Hana-chan took the key of Maho-dou and gave it to Pop.

"Does bu... uh, I mean, does Majorika know about it?" asked Pop.

"Yes, but she can't help you here. She just can gives you the key."

"Okay. I think, I and Anita-chan will come here everyday, after school." Pop said. She looked around Maho-dou.

"Hmm, I think... we must renovate this." Pop added, "There are so much damages here."

"Only magical stage which can renovate it." Doremi said, "But the problem is... both of you can't do it. Magical stage need at least three witch apprentices."

"Well, actually, Doremi-chan..." said Hazuki, "We never try to make a magical stage by both of us." (AN: I don't care if in the series they have ever tried it and failed)

"Oh, yeah." Doremi sighed, "We never try it because we were three when we united at the first time. I, you, and Ai-chan."

"Okay. I think, it doesn't wrong if I and Anita try it." Pop said, "Anita-chan, let's we stand up there."

Then, Pop and Anita stood up in an empty room there, face to face.

"Are you ready, Anita-chan?" asked Pop.

Anita nodded.

Pop yelled, "Pipitto Puritto Hogarakani!"

Anita yelled, "Pikuta Pikuta Zettayakani!"

They raised their poron, then yelled together, "Magical Stage! Renovate the building!"

Then, Maho-dou changed to be a good building. Just like three years ago, but without the name board.

"Yay! It worked!" said Pop.

"I can't believe it!" said Doremi and Hazuki.

A few minutes later, Hana-chan went back to Majokai. Before she went, she said, "Okay, Poppu, you must remember. Save that paper. It will helps you to find the three others."

"Sure, Hana-chan. I'll save it and find them, then we'll find Majohealth before the end of this year." Pop said.