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Me and My Teddy (Part7)

"So lil' fella… let's take ya to yer owner" Raph said as he took the bear, noticing the lost arm.

"Hmmm… we better find yer arm, Ogima. Leo wouldn't wanna see ya like this"

The red masked ninja left Mikey's room with Ogima. The last place he had seen the arm was the dojo so he went directly there. The guilt was eating him alive; he has hurt his brother again and not only Leo… Don and Mikey had been hurt in some way by the red masked ninja.

"I can't believe all this mess had started only 'cause of a teddy bear" Raph thought while he searched Ogima's arm. Once he found it, Raph went to the living room and left the bear on the couch.

"Wait here… I think Donnie has some sewing stuff on his lab" Raph said as he went to the lab. He grabbed some threads and needles and went back to the couch.

"If Mikey saw me doin' this… heh, he'd never let it go" Raph said as he prepared the arm for the first stitch.

"I don't get it… what makes ya so especial lil' pal? You're just a teddy bear!" Raph said to Ogima as he stitched the arm.

"Well… I guess Fearless isn't strong enough, huh?" Raph looked at the bear's eyes but he felt like those hazel eyes were looking at him… angrily.

"What!… Ya can't stand I talk at yer owner's back?"… Raph kept stitching.

Meanwhile… Leo rolled on his bed trying to get some sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about what happened in the dojo… his little brother crying, his genius brother's black eye… they had paid for his 'secret'… it wasn't fair; he felt so guilty… so childish… all this mess because of a teddy bear.

"This is stupid! I should be sleeping… but why I can't do it!" Leo thought.

"Ok… I'm fine… I can sleep without him… I'm fine, I'm fine; I can sleep, I can sleep…" Leo kept this mantra for a while…

"I'm fine… I'm fine… I'm asleep… … now!" …but nothing seemed to work… "…*sigh*… no use… I guess I… need him… … No! Stop being a child Leo! I'm teenager… the leader, the big brother… I… I'm supposed to be strong for them… I can't show weakness and I… I… … *sigh*… and I can't sleep without Ogima!" Leo slapped his forehead sighing heavily.

The blue banded ninja left his room; he could hear his brothers' breathing… they were already asleep but he needed to see if they were ok. He walked to Don's room… the genius turtle seemed to be deeply asleep; then Leo went to Mikey's room… the prankster was talking in his sleep… but he seemed to be fine. When Leo was about to check Raph's room, he heard his hotheaded brother's voice coming from the living room.

"Hmmm… seems like I'm not the only one awake here" Leo said to himself and went downstairs. As he got closer he noticed his brother was talking to someone… "Master Splinter" he thought but then he saw a little brown thingy on his brother's hand.

"What the… what's he doing?" He asked mentally to himself and got closer as stealthy as he could.

"Ok lil' friend! Just a few more stitches and you're done" Raph said to the teddy bear as he stitched.

He was about to finish his sewing but… he stopped. Raph looked at the bear again; Ogima hadn't any patch or stitch but the one Raph was sewing. He realized how careful had been Leo with the bear after all those years.

"He really took care of you, huh? Yeah… that's definitely Leo. Always taking care of others… including you… …*sigh*… I can't believe I'm talkin' to a teddy bear, hehe… Well, once you're done I'll take ya with' im… but I ain't gonna apologize" Raph said to Ogima but again he saw anger on its bear eyes… Raph's anger, being reflected on the bear's eyes.

"Hey, don't cha see me like that! Don't tell me Leo never said ya I ain't like apologize" Raph replied.

Having an argument with a teddy bear was the last thing Raph wanted to do… but he didn't want to let go all his anger on Leo again, he had been hurt enough… besides, Ogima was a good listener (obvious reasons ¬¬)

"Well… perhaps we started with da wrong foot so… Hi, I'm Raphael, second in line, second brother… I'm a ninja, like yer owner… I'm… well… mah brothers say I'm the hotheaded here and they're right… … and… what's yer story?" Raph asked as he continued stitching.

"Ok… only thing I know 'bout ya is… your name's Ogima, you're… a teddy bear… I… ripped yer arm… and… and… *sigh*… and I'm sure I went nuts 'cause I'm talking to an unanimated thing…" Raph sighed.

"…*sigh*… hey, I need ya to do me favor… I know ya can't talk nor even listen but… I'm sorry, I'm really sorry and… if ya can let mah brother know that… then… I'll thank ya forever. Leo's a good brother… always protecting us, always bein' strong! I was so blind that I couldn't see even strong people can have a sweet side" Raph sighed heavily "I guess if he doesn't forgive me… I ain't gonna blame him" Raph said sadly as he made the last stitch.

"And what makes you think I'm not gonna forgive you?" A familiar voice asked making Raph to prick his finger with the needle. Leo was stood behind the couch listening everything… he was kinda shocked seeing his hotheaded brother stitching his teddy bear and also talking to him.

"Ouch! What da… …! Leo?" Raph said sucking his hurt finger.

"Hey… eh… how's the 'patient', huh?" Leo asked sitting beside Raph.

"Whatcha doin' awake? Ya should be sleepin', ya know?"

"You should be sleeping too, Raph. But I guess my little friend is responsible of your insomnia" Leo smirked sadly.

"Yeah… about that… eh… here, I… did what I could… I hope the arm is ok" Raph said avoiding his brother's gaze and handing him the teddy bear. Leo took the bear noticing the stitch.

"Thanks" Leo said as he touched the bear's stitch. They both remained in silence for a couple of minutes. Then… Leo started to talk… with Ogima.

"So… new stitch, huh? … … Oh, it's your first one! Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't notice it … … …" Raph stared at them with a puzzled face. Was Leo really nuts or what? Leo kept talking to the teddy bear.

"What? … … Oh really! … … don't worry, I'll tell him. Ogima wants to thank you for the stitch; he says it makes him look like he had a battle scar… just like us"

"Eh… … yeah… … it was nothing… I guess" Raph said rubbing the back of his neck.

"And he also says there's nothing to be sorry about. He forgives you"

"Eh… thanks… … and what 'bout you? Do you forgive me?"

"Hmmm… I don't know… what do you think Ogima?" Leo asked to his little friend. Raph looked at Leo and Ogima simultaneously.

"Hmmm… so, you want me to… … I don't know, he's not the sensible kind… … … well, if you said so…" Leo said and left the bear on the living room's table. After that, he pulled Raph into a bear hug. Raph let out a gasp because the sudden embrace.

"Of course I forgive you, little brother. Sorry for keeping you this secret, it's just that I didn't want you to think I'm weak"

"No, Leo… it's me who's sorry. This is yer life and I should've respected that. And yer not weak, so stop thinking like that, ok?" Raph said returning the hug. They stayed like this for a few more seconds when Leo decided to break the embrace.

"Well… we better go to bed. My training starts in a couple of hours" Leo said grabbing Ogima and walking to his room.

"Wait, what time is it?" Raph asked as he stood up.

"Hmmm… 04:10"

"WHAT? Oh man! Splinter's gonna…"

"Relax bro! I'll excuse you with him, ok? Go to sleep" Leo said patting his brother's shell.

"Ok… thanks bro" Raph sighed in relief and went upstairs. Leo saw him disappear in the shadows; he looked at Ogima again, happiness reflected on his teddy bear face.

"I know… he's a good brother" He said before hugging his teddy bear.

"It's good to have you back… Ogima" Leo said as he rested his head on the pillow and falling asleep immediately.

The blame was gone, the fear, the shame, the anguish... the pain of having a secret… everything was gone. His family accepted Ogima, Raph accepted Ogima! … And that was enough for the blue masked ninja.

Fiuuuu! I did it! I ended Me and My Teddy! I can't believe it took me so long… damn author's block!

Anyway, if you have noticed… Raph and Leo 'talked' with Ogima, right? Well… that part was based on me. It's true! I used to talk to Peluchín (my teddy bear) when I was happy, sad, and angry… or crying sometimes… I told him everything. Nowadays I still do that… yes, I won't deny it:


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