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I still don't really know how it happened. One moment I walking down the cold stone of Baker Street, the next, I was struggling for air as a silk scarf was wrapped tight around my throat

"Ahh!, help... please..." I managed to choke out before the world went black...


It was yet another quiet night in 221B, Sherlock was sitting perfectly still, eyes glazed over thinking about who knows what, while I was reading a collection of Russian poems, the silence was only broken by the turning of the pages until...

The silence was broken off by a strangled scream, and both my and Sherlock's feet scrambling to the window.

Two figures were struggling, one quite smaller than the other, well that was until the smaller one went limp in the other's arms, something was wrong. I quickly grabbed my pistol from the kitchen counter and shot at the larger figure. It hit him in the arm and he stumbled away, clutching at his arm, leaving the smaller figure on the ground

I immediately ran for the door

"well, what are you waiting for?" I yelled at Sherlock, who was staring out of the window blankly. He snapped out of his trance and hurried out of the door with me and onto the street.

There lay a woman, around Sherlock's age, in a black trench coat and black boots, with a silk scarf wound tight around her neck.

We rushed around her, and I lightly removed the scarf, which was slightly embedded in her neck and checked for a pulse.

"She's alive, we need to get her inside" I said, grasping the woman under the armpits

"you take her legs"

together, we managed to get her upstairs and lay her on the couch, I ran to get a bandage for her neck. When I got back, Sherlock had the woman's purse

"Her name Is Allanah Wilson, single, basically married to her work, anti- social, I don't see a motive to kill her, it's odd"

I listened intently as I bandaged her neck and noted the similarities between Sherlock and Allanah

"I know what you're thinking John."

"And what's that?"

"That Miss Allanah and myself share certain... similarities"

"Similarities? You're basically the same person!"

"Hush, John. She's stirring" he was indeed correct, Allanah's eyelids fluttered and opened

"w- What happened" she asked, her voice harsh

"You were strangled." Holmes said flatly


"What?" Sherlock replied, naive to his insensitive blankness

"Strangled? oh yes, I remember now..."Allanah trailed off, lost in thought

"Thank you both, if it weren't for you two, I think I would be dead, I don't know that you did, but I don't think I would be here if you weren't here"

"Don't stress your voice, sleep now." I said firmly

"Alright, fine. But, shouldn't you call a doctor?"

"I am one. How else would your neck be bandaged?"

"Oh, thank you doctor..."

"Watson, John Watson and this is Sherlock Holmes"

"A pleasure to know you" we shook hands, and I almost laughed at the formality in this strange situation

"ok now we'll let you sleep"

"thank you." She croaked quietly as we left the room.

Sitting in his room, Sherlock's thoughts drifted to the beautiful woman in his lounge room, and how many similarities the two shared

You two are basically the same person!

Opposites attract, sure, but the similarities are what breed attraction.

Well, in his mind maybe, but he'll have to conduct a few controlled tests...

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