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"Sherlock? What's going on?" I panted as I ran into the room. I had been called from Baker Street and didn't have time to hail a cab. So I ran all the way to the hotel.

"She's gone." Sherlock said. He was leaning against the wall, looking deflated


"Of course Allanah! She's been taken."

"How? I mean, Allanah seems perfectly capable to look after herself…" I found it hard to believe Allanah could have been kidnapped without a struggle

"Can you smell that? Chloroform. That's why there wasn't a struggle" Sherlock deduced

"How does that help us?"

"It doesn't. But we must look at all of the facts…" Sherlock pushed away from the wall abruptly, throwing himself on the floor

"You see these?" He pointed out indents in the carpet

"two men, one size 9 feet the other size 12… So we can safely say that there was one 'brains' and one 'brawn' so to speak... These prints here show Allanah approached the door cautiously, but the door was thrown open with force, you can tell that by looking at the hinges. So, Allanah approaches the door, and as she comes to it, the door is thrown open and pushes her back and on to the floor."

Sherlock stood up and started pacing rapidly around the room

"But she isn't stupid, she would have had a weapon" I pointed out.


Sherlock spun on the spot, eying the room. He did this about three or four times then pointed to the dresser on the far side of the room. I walked over to it, and found Allanahs red pocked knife, the very tip of the blade poking out from under the wood, catching the light. I threw it to Sherlock, who promptly caught it.

"As she was pushed back, her arm flew out, and she lost grip of the knife. The smaller man, 'brains' I shall call him, smothers Allanah with a chloroform soaked rag, and they drag her out, and down the fire exit to an awaiting getaway car."

He ran his hands through his dark curls, becoming more agitated in his stride

"How could I let this happen? They shouldn't have even been given the opportunity to get near her! I even went to Mycroft, Mycroft! To help protect her and his people failed. I failed"

"I thought you didn't care about people" I said softly

"Allanahs different" Sherlock whispered, barely audible


"I don't know!" Sherlock burst out "She makes me want to be different. To make the mistake, to care..."

If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn Sherlock was in love. But of course I didn't voice that particular thought

"He's bored." Sherlock said softly, figuring it out

"Allanah and I are his little game, and he wants a climax…"

"So it's a trap" I deduced

"A trap in plain sight…"

Sherlock gave a half smile before bolting out of the door. Obviously I was meant to follow him.

"Sherlock! You're not actually going to try and find her are you?"

"Of course I am!"

Of course he is.


I came to, surprisingly, on a mattress. I mean, a really good mattress, like, the Taj Mahal of mattresses. I looked around me. The room was plush, extravagant in the highest sense. The bed I lay on was a grand four poster, made of expensive looking wood, the linen made of high quality silk. When I sat up, the room spun. I closed my eyes and held my head still and when I opened them the room had become somewhat still, so I continued my analysis. Tinted wall length windows, plush carpets, creepy bear rug... Oh thank god, I've got booze, but god knows what's in it, so I decided to leave it. The windows were break-proof
(well the chair, coffee table, hair dryer and surround sound speakers didn't even leave a crack, so… That was the obvious assumption)
and everything was made of either plastic or really, really hard wood.
Completely unbreakable.
And I also didn't glance over the fact that there were cameras tracking my every move either.
This wasn't the typical kidnapping-dungeon…

"Hellooo" A fake-pleasant, half unsettling, half-downright creepy voice reverberated through the room. Okay, so there were speakers in the floor or something…

"Who are you?" I yelled, not knowing if the person could hear me

"What do you want?" I was stupid, me looking for an answer, but, rational thinking wasn't top priority in this situation.

"Don't fret, darling, I only want to be occupied" said the voice

"Oh, so kidnapping someone is your idea of fun is it?" I asked, raising an eyebrow even though they probably couldn't see it.

"Oh, god no, kidnapping is serious business… Messing with people's heads though… Now that is fun. Especially with Sherlock.. Oh, yes, Brilliant minds are the funnest to mess with… I've been planning this for a while now"

"oh?" I asked skeptically

"Don't think I'm going to give you any spoilers Allanah"

I really shouldn't have been surprised that he knew my name, but I was anyway.

"You'll just have to wait until Sherlock gets here now won't you? Got to dash! Places to go… People to see… you know the deal... ta ta!"

The voice went away as quickly as it came. And I was left feeling like a lamb being lead to slaughter.

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