PDA: Possible Drama Activator?

It's everyone's first day back, and it's surely not good to be home when more drama arises. Macy isn't a fan of PDA and that makes Nick unsure. Stella and Joe have to make their new student 'comfortable', while Kevin is directing a movie starring none other than Frankie Jonas!


Dun dun dun, dun dun dun. Never thought I would, did it, never thought I could, get it like that, get it like this...

The tune trailed off as Macy Misa answered her phone.

"Hey there, beautiful", came a voice. Macy instantly smiled. "Hey there boyfriend; Nick .. of Jonas". Nick froze, "I'm just joking! Chill!"

"I-I wasn't even worried Mace. Anyway, you ready?" Nick asked. Macy responded with .. a scream. Nick's ear was filled with a ringing that sounded like it came from a thriller movie..and then a buzz. Okay, my girlfriend just hung up on me, that's okay. Fine, she can go by herself, I'm gonna be late anyway.

Suddenly, he heard something that sounded like Kiara's voice (you know, the little girl Stella described as spunky. I call her scary.) and he froze. Cease little boy! Do you really think you should do that? What kind of boyfriend are you? Leaving your girlfriend so she can walk to school and get her hair wet. I thought you liked her hair! You gon' get bashed now. You're gonna have a hard DUMPING! Like BAAM! You'll be like "what happened", and I'll be all hovering over you saying, "you didn't let me sprinkle some Kiara magic" *she flashes her million dollar smile* HOLLA! Do I get a yeh yeh?

"WHY ARE YOU IN MY LIFE?" Nick shouted, grabbed his stuff and drove to Macy's house.


"So what do we have first?" Stella Malone asked her terrific boyfriend...who had just disappeared. Make that disappearing boyfriend.

"Hi Stella". Hoping it was her "terrific" boyfriend, she turned around quickly. It turns out it was none other than her "terrific" boyfriend's brothers; Frankie and Kevin Jonas. "Where's ya boyfriend?" Frankie asked.

"I really have no clue. He pulled a disappearing act on me just the- Why are you guys here? You (she pointed at Kevin) don't go here anymore and you (she pointed at Frankie) don't go here full stop."

They both smirked menacingly. "Weeeell, wouldn't you like to know?"

"I just asked didn't I?" Stella said, giving them both weird looks. Their smiles faded.

"You never make this any fun", Kevin said frowning, "well, we're making a video". They smiled that evil smile once again.

"You guys really creep me out sometimes..most of the time..all the time...you could creep out Michael Jackson. I'll just leave it at that" **, and with that, Stella sped off.

Frankie and Kevin smiled at each other and glided into a classroom.


Stella finally found Joe walking out of the principal's office, looking .. not bothered. "Excuse me, oh so not-to-be-found boyfriend. I've been looking everywhere for you!" Stella exclaimed. Joe just kept slumping along the hallway and Stella took this as a cue to have lecture time!

"Okay Joe. What's the deal? We've been going out for like one week and we're already having communication problems! You can't keep doing this to me! Or-" Stella stopped halfway, due to a groan from Joe which sounded like "Dye have poo four fumsum around ta pool".

"Excuse me?" Straightening up, Joe said more clearly, "I have to tour someone around the school. Apparently they're from Italy". Then hunched back down again.

Stella's eyes widened, "Really? Can I help? YAY! It's going to be hectic! I can give her style advice and we'll be best buds! Oh wait, I forgot about Macy..well I'll see you later. I mean ciao!".

And Stella disappeared around the corner.


"I can't believe you were going to leave me to walk and get my hair wet! I can't believe you sometimes Nick!" Macy said, obviously angered.

"But I didn't, did I? And I thought you hung up on me for no reason" Nick replied.

"I told you, I forgot it was school and it's the thought that counts remember?" Macy sneered.

"That only works with presents, clearly". Man, why did I have to tell her I wasn't going to pick her up? Thought Nick.

"Well it worked last time when you got angry at me for wanting to scare you in a scary movie! So HA!"

"Fine. I'm sorry Mace for saying that I didn't want to pick you up and I didn't mean it. You are the best and I won't ever forget that." Nick said, annoyed and looking as if he didn't really mean it. Nonetheless, Macy said "Aww, really Nick" and embraced him tightly. She slipped her fingers through his and they glided along the hallway.

Suddenly, they came into view of people and Nick felt Macy's hand slip away. Nick wasn't completely sure about what just happened, when a girl came up to them.

"Is it true? Are you guys really going out?" The girl said, her eyes twinkling.

Nick and Macy exchanged looks and said "Yeah, doesn't everyone know?"

Once again, Nick's ears were filled with a piercing scream, familiar to the one Macy made.

"Can I take a picture of you kissing? Even just on the cheek? Or just holding hands? Something." The girl asked.

"Sure", Nick replied, but he was surprised to hear Macy say "Um sorry, but I've actually got class, so I need to go now", stepping out of view.

The girl and Nick looked at each other. "Maybe she's cheating on you. Or worse, maybe she actually has a class. Well, have a nice day", the girl smiled and walked away.

"Well gee, I hope the latter isn't the one, because that would be horrific compared to the first one" Nick said in his obviously sarcastic tone.


"The new student will be here at 12:00 and we'll meet them in the principal's office." Joe explained to Stella. Stella clapped excitedly.

"Hey guys..does Macy seem a little bit weird today?" Nick asked, coming from history.

"Yes she is. But Macy's always weird. So it shouldn't be weird for Macy to be acting weird, because she's a weirdo", Joe said, "Hehe, I just used weird like *counts on his fingers* ..ten times there. Because she is weird. Haha!" Joe raised his hand in the air, waiting for a high five.

Nick and Stella both glared at Joe. "Not cool dude."

"I was just joking! Duuddeee..just take a chill pill and everything will alright. Just center your energy and calm your face. Macy's a terrific chick. Do you see what I did there, I rhymed, like in nursery rhymes, hence the name nursery rhyme. "

Nick shot Stella a confused look.

Whispering, Stella said, "I think he's on a high because he has to tour this new kid around the school. You know him with responsibility. And your question about Macy, we haven't seen her all day. You'll just have to talk to her Nick because, because, because me and Joe really need to meet the new student!"

Stella pulled hysterical Joe off the floor and sped to the principal's office.


"So why are we doing this again?" Frankie asked Kevin.

"I told you, I want to see Barney. There's this thing where if you win the competition, you get to chat with barney. We have to show ourselves in our normal routines. I'm really excited! Let's do it!