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Dress To Impress

(it's pitch black and someone starts talking)

"On a dark, rainy night, an old man walked passed an abandoned building thinking he heard a scream. He placed one foot through the doorway when something lunged at him. Screams filled the house and echoed throughout the whole village. But it wasn't the old man's scream, not it was not, it was the guy that lunged at him..s-s-s-s? The guys that lunged on him? No. The guy that lunged on hims? Well anyway, it was the 'insert correct sentence here'. Dun dun DUUN!" The mystery guy finished.

"AAAGH!" Came screams from nearby girls.

"I told you it would spook you out." Joe said with a smirk. "Talented horror storyteller right here". Joe pointed at himself.

"Um, sorry dude, but I don't think they're screaming at your story", Nick butt in, pointing at the television screen.

Stella and Macy were both staring at the television screen, dreamily, which showed a shirtless Taylor Lautner. "He is so hot! I love this movie! Oh my gosh, Bella is so lucky to be able to wrap her arms around the hunky piece of-" Joe and Nick cleared their throats in unison. Stella and Macy snapped out of it and turned around smiling.

"But I've got the best boyfriend in the world", Macy said, hugging Nick with a 'hehe, oops' sort of face.

Stella, who was still half into it said, "But until then, I've got my boyfriend Joe, whom I love with all my heart". And she hugged him. Joe stared at Stella. "Until then? Really? Until then!"

This time it was Stella was an 'oops' sort of face. "I was joking sweetie", hugging him tighter. When her mouth was out of sight of Joe, she mouth to Macy, Kevin and Joe 'I'm not really joking'.

Their eyes all widened.

(5 minutes later)

Stella and Macy's eyes were once again glued to the screen and Joe was explaining his story to Kevin and Nick.

"So you see, many people would've thought the screams came from the old man, but they weren't".

"Dude, that's totally not scary." Nick said. "Yeah, totally not scary." Kevin sneered. "I need to go get a new blanket now." Trying to rush away now.

"Why?" Nick asked.

"Because I don't like it anymore okay! What! Is it now a crime to change blankets? Leave me alone!" Kevin screamed, running away pulling his blanket behind him. "Well at least someone thought my story was scary", Joe said, annoyed. "You think he actually wet his pants?" Nick enquired.

Nick and Joe looked at each other.

"Yeah." They said in unison.

"AAAW!" Stella and Macy interrupted once again. "Okay please don't tell me I'm the only one that thinks 'aawing' when someone peed in their pants is weird." Nick asked, looking confused. "Screen, dude." Joe said.

Nick looked at the screen.

"Jacob Black: I'll always be waiting.

Bella Swan: Until my heart stops beating?

Jacob Black: Maybe even then"

"May I remind you guys that this day was meant to be a horror movie night? Since, you know, Halloween is coming up". Joe interrupted.

"Well then why aren't we watching some awesome scary movie then?" Kevin said, obviously back from his 'accident'.

"Everything we wanted to watch was too scary for Macy and Stella, even Die Hard, remember? The only reason we're watching 'Twilight' is because we did heads or tails." Joe sneered.

"Hey! I get nightmares easily, ever since that carnival", Macy said grudgingly.

"If Nick hadn't have said "adorableee!" so many times", Nick shot Joe a '' face, "we would be watching Jennifer's body right now. With Megan Fox." The boys all sighed looking dreamy. "Anyway sweetie, those supernatural things like vampires and ghosts and clowns aren't real." Everyone looked at Nick.

"Well clowns are real, but not the other things. Aaaand, I'm going to sleep now, if you don't have anymore 'spooky' stories, Joe?" Nick said.

"I do!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Does your story involve a giant something taking over something with something in order to do something?" Nick and Joe both said lazily.

"Well..not anymore", Kevin said, hiding his head.

"Okay goodnight then. Goodnight sweetie." Nick got up and kissed Macy on the cheek.

"Don't I get a kiss?" Joe said sarcastically, batting his eyelashes. Nick glared at him.

"Oooh! Me too! On the forehead! Mum always kisses me on the forehead before she tucks me in." Kevin stated, smiling.

This time, everyone looked at Kevin.

"...I mean that was like 15 years ago...and that wasn't what were you saying Stella?"

Stella frowned at him. Kevin's head dropped and then all they heard was snoring. Suddenly, one of Kevin's eyes opened.

"Have you guys moved on yet? No? Okay." His eye closed once again.

"Okay. Night." And in 3 minutes, everyone was asleep..except for Stella and Macy, their eyes still glued to the screen.

"You tired?" Stella asked.

"Yeah, I'm tired." Macy replied. "Hey Stell. Do you believe in vampires?"

"Not even a bit. It's utter rubbish" Stella replied.

"Even with all this vampire hype?" Macy asked, turning over her pillow for the 'good side'.

Stella shook her head and the lights went off.

"Believe what you want to believe", Macy said, out of earshot of Stella.


(the next morning, everyone is at the table, the room is dark)

"Morning everyone. Any nightmares?" Joe asked.

"Nup. Not a single one." Stella said looking slightly shaky.

Joe crept up behind Stella, and shoved his face in front of her "BOO-"..just as she was reaching for the milk. They both staggered back; Joe was in pain, but Stella looked enraged.

"JOSEPH ADAM JONAS! What would you do if I dropped dead of shock right now? Huh? That's right. Don't ever do that again. Or you won't EVER get any of this." She pointed at herself and walked up the stairs to get ready for school. (authors note: this wasn't meant to be as in sex, just her as a girlfriend).

"Oooh, boy, you're in deeep trouble." Macy said.

"Thanks Mace." Joe replied, in a mocking sort of tone.

"Stella?" Macy yelled.

"Yeah?", came Stella's voice.

"I think I'm gonna stay home today. I feel kinda off today." Macy yelled again.

Someone was coming down the stairs.

"WHAT? Why, Mace?" Stella pouted.

"I'm sick. *cough cough*."

"Boo, you whore." Stella said, annoyed.

Macy looked at her with an 'excuse me' face.

"Oh sorry, I just watched 'Mean Girls' a few days ago. They have some really memorable lines." Stella said.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Nick asked, obviously concerned.

"Yeah, just a tummyache." Macy replied.

"Since you're ditching me for soup, can you at least try this dress on, I made it for you", Stella said smiling.

"Umm, I don't feel to well. I think I'm going to throw up. But I love it." Macy smiled.

Stella looked at her suspiciously. Noticing this, Macy replied.

"Seriously, I love it as much as I love Cap'n Crunch."

"But you hate Cap'n Crunch, Macy." Stella eyed her.


"What?" Stella asked, confused.

"What what?" Macy replied.

"What?" Stella asked.

"What?" Macy asked

"What?" Stella asked

"What?" Macy asked.

"What?" Stella asked.

"Okay, I'm going to bed now. Bye!" And with that, Macy rushed upstairs.

"I do not know what just happened." Stella admitted.

"I can stay home and watch her." Kevin joined in. "It's not like I have nothing better to do anyways."

"I'm sorry that the movie didn't work out for you Kevin." Stella said, running up to Kevin and hugging him. "It's okay, it's just David Henrie was extremely annoying and I couldn't handle it anymore." Kevin stated. "I am a new man now." He said with with a dignified face.

"That's what you said when you thought you stopped peeing in your pants 13 years ago. But due to the events of yesterday, I doubt you are 'becoming a new man'." Nick said. Stella, Joe and Nick all laughed.

Kevin looked confused and then suddenly his mouth opened in horror.

"I did not pee in my pants! The blanket was red!" Kevin exclaimed, running upstairs.


(at school)

"So what are your worst nightmares?" Stella asked.

"Ooh, I know. On Halloween, everyone turns into their costume just like in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. That's why I always dress up as cool stuff." Nick stated, giving a smirk.

"Dude, a clown, a dog and Harry Potter aren't 'cool stuff'. If you want to be turned into a cool person on Halloween, I think I could lend you a few of my wigs and clothes. And who or what would that make you? Oh yeah...awesome!" Joe interrupted. He picked his arm up, ready for a high five. No one reciprocated. "You get it? Because you'll be me..and I'm awesome."

"Joe honey, maybe you should stop talking now." Stella said, patting his shoulder.

Joe hung his head. Someone came running up to them. It was none other than April Deuston.

"Hey Stella, Joe and Nick." She said nodding to all of them. They all nodded back. "You guys are coming to the halloween party tomorrow right?"

"Well, we've only heard this now", Stella replied.

"Well now you've heard it, so are you coming?" April asked.

Stella looked at the guys' emotionless faces and said "Sure."

"Great! The Hollywood Mansion at 8pm tomorrow. See ya there!" And with that, April rushed off, only turning back to scream out "DRESS TO IMPRESS!" spreading the news to everyone she could.

Stella turned to the guys. "I guess we have a party tomorrow."


"So what are you dressing up as Stell?" Macy asked.

"I don't know, it was pretty late notice, but I'll just make something. Do you want me to make something for you too?" Stella offered.

"No, it's okay. I have something in mind." Macy said. Stella swore she saw Macy flash a malicious glare.

"So how's your relationship with Nick going?" Stella slipped in.

"It's going good. Why? IS HE GOING TO BREAK UP WITH ME? OH NO! HOW IS HE GOING TO DO IT?" Macy cried. "No, no! Mace, come on. I'm just asking." Stella said.

"Ok good." Macy said, calming down.


(at the party)

"This is the most boring a party could get. Why did we even come?" Macy asked.

"Well a certain SOMEONE said we would." Joe and Nick looked at Stella. "What? I thought it would be fun, because April's hosting it." Stella said.

"Umm, you do know she's not very intelligent right?" Joe asked Stella. "Of course, I mean have you seen her? But it's always the dumb ones that host the great parties." Stella said.

"Are you saying I'm dumb?" Macy urged.

"No, of course not Mace. You're very smart."

Macy lightened up. "Oh thank you! Wait..that means-"

"Heeey! Let's party!" Stella cried, noticing that Macy was realizing what Stella was trying to say.

Suddenly, a piercing cream filled the room.

"What was that?" Kevin exclaimed, popping out of nowhere.

"Hey, Kev. Nice..bear costume or whatever you are." Nick said, laughing.

"Oh yeah? Well in black costume and nice...alice in wonderland costume and nice...vampire costume. HA! No really Macy, I like your vampire costume." Kevin said, smiling. "Very..authentic."

"Thank you. I made it myself."

"Okay, but seriously, what was that scream?" Kevin went back to panicky.

"It was probably part of the sound effects." Stella said.

"This punch is horrible!" Nick exclaimed "I agree", Joe joined in. "Do you want mine Kevin?" "Nope. Tonight I am seeing how long I can party for without food or drink." Kevin said proudly.

"What about you Stella?" Joe offered.

"Honey, you know punch gives me rashes." Stella glared at Joe.

"Wanna explore the house Stella? It looks pretty cool and mysterious." Macy offered.

"Okay, sure. Not like we have anything better to do." Stella replied.

The girls walked up the stairs.

"We should head home now." Joe said to Nick.

"Yeah." Nick replied.

"Hold on, hold on, hold on." Kevin said, standing in their way. "You're leaving, now?"

"Yeah. Why? We don't want to be stuck partying with a bear." Nick said.

"Because, now, is.."

(Stella and Macy are in a room checking out photos)

"the ritual sacrifice?" Stella read out. "Geez, people can be so superstitious and..emo?"

"Blood represents life. That's why vampires drink it." Macy said, before knowing what she just said.

"Haha, you're joking right Mace? How do you know so much about this?" Stella asked, looking..weird.

"Oh, I've just read a lot about this, but I don't really believe it. Utter rubbish, remember?" Macy said.

"Yeah." Stella said, looking suspicious.

"Ooh, look at this. Demons in the house!" Stella shot Macy a weird look. "No seriously, there are supposed demons in this house. Here look."

Stella took the pictures out of Macy's hands.

"Yeap, that's totally not creepy. That's officially done it. Can we go now?" Stella turned to go to the door, but Macy grabbed her shoulder.

"Wait, Stella." Stella turned around and the last thing she saw was a her face..literally.


Stella woke up feeling like...she had just been hit over the head with a lamp?

"What's happening?" Stella said, dazed. She tried getting up but stumbled. When she finally opened her eyes, she realised she was in what looked like a dark dungeon.

"Oh my gosh! Please don't tell me this is one of those scenes in those movies where they get locked up and they get fed to something or something. Blah blah blah." Stella said.

"Oh it is", came a voice next to her. Stella straightened up.

"Oh it's just you." Stella said.

"What does that mean?" The person asked.

"It means..that-where are we?" Stella asked.

"Oh, I don't really know. But we really are in a life or death situation. Dun dun DUUN!" The person laughed. "No but seriously. Apparently there's like demons in this house. Oh yeah, Macy's a vampire."

Stella froze. "You have got to be kidding me. What kind of prank is this? Or is this a nightmare? Just tell me the truth Kevin." Stella begged.

"Well it's real to me, so I'm pretty sure it's real." Kevin said.

"W-what about Nick and..JOE? What about Joe, Kevin?" Stella demanded.

"Chill. I don't know where they are." "CHILL? CHILL? KEVIN WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" Stella shouted.

"DIE? WE'RE GOING TO DIE? WHO SAID WE'RE GOING TO DIE?" Kevin exclaimed. "Macy just said she wanted to play golfing with me." Kevin pouted.

"Really Kevin? "Play golfing? You do know what you just said right? And secondly, golf in a Halloween party? Out of all the brothers, you had to be the one that survived?" Stella sulked.

Kevin turned his back on Stella. "Hpmh. I am giving you the silent treatment now."

"Come on Kevin, I'm sorry." Stella pleaded. Kevin stuck his head higher in the air.

"So, I see my preciouses-es-s-s? (authors note: this is meant to be like she doesn't know how to say precious') have woken up." Someone was getting closer to them. It was Macy, the newly turned vampire. "Macy, what's wrong with you? Is this real? I am really confused right now." Stella asked.

"Oh, this is real. Vampires are real and leprechauns are real."

"Where's Joe and Nick?" Stella demanded.

"We are here." Nick and Joe came out with skin tight leather costumes. (like the ones in "direct to video")

"Oh my gosh." Stella's mouth dropped open.

"Yes, we are vampires." Nick said.

"No, it's not that. Those costumes are horrible." Stella said, disgusted. "So how did your plan go about? "Evil masters" always have their evil plan." "Very good Stella. If you must know, I got turned into a vampire on the night of the sleepover, I don't know how, I just woke up with fangs and a thirst for blood, that's why I didn't go to school. When I heard about the party, I knew this was my chance to recruit. I put hosten in the punch, which is a substance that, once swallowed, turns that person into a vampire. But because Kevin wanted to have his little experiment and punch gives you rashes, it obviously didn't turn you guys. But this made my plan all the more fun. At 12pm tonight, I must sacrifice the blood of a human for my master." Macy explained.

"And who is your master?" Stella enquired.

"You'll find out soon enough." Macy said. "Well, you won't be alive, but still."

"I have a question. Why didn't you turn Kevin into a vampire when you were alone with him that day?" Stella asked.

"Because it's Kevin. Hello? Would you want a dumb, lost vampire following you around for eternity? Newsflash, I wouldn't." Macy answered.

"See? My dumbness saved me! Yay for me!" Kevin cheered.

"This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening." Stella kept repeating.

"You keep saying that. But for now, you can eat this piece of rat for now." Macy said menacingly

"I've always wanted to try rat", exclaimed Kevin.

Stella gave him a disgusted look.

"Maybe I should break up with Joe before he starts craving for rats too. After all you are brothers, but maybe it's too late." Stella pondered.

"Oh, it's too late." Kevin said.

"Yeah I know. Because of the whole vampire thing."

"No. Because it's already like 11:00 and everyone's probably asleep." Kevin said.

"REALLY? Out of all the brothers?" Stella screamed, looking up to the sky.


"Haajnu flippdeedoo. Clemenciever yahyey." Macy read out some random things before a circle of blood. In the centre of the circle was Stella and Kevin. Though tied up, Kevin was still as radiant as ever.

"RISE MASTER!" Macy finished.

And from the hole in the ground rose..Frankie? "So I see I am going to be eating Stella and my dear brother Kevin today." Frankie said malevolently.

Frankie replaced his usual fangs with some shinier ones and leaned into Stella. Before she knew what she was doing, she head butted Frankie in the face and fell onto the ground, holding onto Kevin. Together they...wriggled 1cm further before getting caught.

"Fools." Macy said. "Now, master, you may eat up." Once again, Frankie leaned into Stella. All Stella do was scream until Frankie was biting into her neck. After a few minutes, Stella was not drowsy or hurting.

"What's happening?" Macy asked, confused. "She's meant to be dead now." Macy frantically checked her pulse.

"It's a miracle!" Kevin exclaimed.

But now Stella was feeling fuzzy and dazed.

Oh no, am I dying? Is this what dying feels like? Eh, it's not so bad.

Stella awoke, staring at the ceiling of the one and only JONAS firehouse.

"Oh! Please don't tell me this is one of those cliche movies where they wake up just as they're going to die and they realise it's just a dream. But I can't say I'm not glad." Stella said relieved.

Beside her, Macy awoke and there was something in her mouth. FANGS!

"Oh, hey Stella." Macy said. Stella ran screaming out the door.


"So what happened to Stella?" Joe asked. "I don't know. I just put on these fangs to give her a little scare and then she ran out of the house screaming. Maybe she's gone crazy. I also knew it would happen." Macy said.

"Oh, this coming from the JONAS stalker?" Joe retorted.

Macy looked enraged.

"Okay, okay, okay guys. Today is a day to be thankful for what you have-" Nick started.

"That's Thanksgivings dude." Joe said.

"Okay, then. Go on with your bickering." Nick said.

"Hey, she's my best friend!" "Well you called her crazy!"

This went on for about 30 minutes. Then they realised they had school.

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