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Remix : : Ice

"I don't believe it," Kitty said flatly.

Rogue cast her a scathing look usually reserved for boys demonstrating idiocy by engaging in girl talk. "Ah'm raght."

Kitty crossed her arms, eyes narrowing. "He wouldn't," she snapped. "Bobby's been there for you every step of the way."

A small shrug. "He's been there for you too." Rogue returned her attention to her book.

"I'll prove it." Kitty chewed her lip thoughtfully.

Rogue stared.

Kitty muttered on, unheeding. "I just need an opportunity..."

She hadn't expected it to come so soon.

Skating, remembering home... It was pleasant and she thanked him, but chiming in the back of her head was her promise. Kitty glanced at the mansion. White streaks and a silhouette in the window spurred her on.

She kissed him.

Then she stood in shock that he kissed her back.

Tears stung in her eyes when she slammed Rogue's door shut. "You are more than a mutation, Rogue. You're my friend." She tried to go on but was cut over curtly.


Kitty gaped. "What did you say?"

Rogue finally looked up from straightening the pictures on her desk. She enunciated slowly, clearly: "Marie. Mah name is Marie."

Kitty stared at her, at those bare hands. "You didn't," she whispered in horror, backing up, shaking her head. Pure denial.

And she couldn't seem to stop crying.