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Chapter One


It's just junior year Bella, I tell myself as I gingerly move the brush through my wet hair. Despite how excited I had been before summer for this day to come, I can't help the nerves that make me so jumpy now. It's like this every year, and I doubt it's going to get any better. Maybe I shouldn't have declined Angela's offer to stop over this morning. Somehow she always knows how to calm me down in the worst of situations, and this may turn out to be one of those.

I make my way downstairs with my toothbrush poking out between my lips while my hands fumble to attach the little latch on my wrist watch. My frustration rises as the little metal thing refuses to cooperate, and I eventually give up, stuffing it into the front pocket of my jeans.

When I enter the kitchen, I find a note stuck on the fridge door from Charlie telling me that I had a gift waiting outside that I could use to get to school. I feel excited, and rush to the living room to peek out the window, and my toothbrush nearly falls out of my mouth when I see the shiny black motorcycle that's sitting on the driveway. Nerves forgotten, I quickly run upstairs and finish getting ready then grab my backpack and rush back down.

I lock the front door, passing by my red pickup truck that's been sitting dead in the driveway for weeks now, and come to stand by the motorbike. As I run a shaky hand along the glossy black paint, a satisfied sigh escapes my lips. I silently thank Jacob for teaching my how to ride a few weeks ago as I tighten the straps of my backpack, getting ready to mount the beautiful death machine.

I don't realize until I'm on it that I don't have the keys. The note didn't have any keys attached to it, nor did I notice an unfamiliar set of keys laying around anywhere in the house as I got ready. I pull my watch out of my pocket and check the time. It is too late to go searching for them now, so with a deep sigh, I unmount the bike and begin walking to school. I spare a glance back at it and it's as if it's just begging me to ride it. With a final sigh, I turn away from it and continue walking to school.

As I began shivering slightly from the cold air, I really begin to regret declining Angela's offer. I would've called and asked her to pick me up but knowing her, her phone's probably dead. And she's probably at school already, so it's hopeless either way.

After about ten minutes, I can start to see the school, Forks High. I can only just make out the faded bricks and chipped paint, so it shouldn't be a much longer walk.

Just then, a silver Volvo, followed by a yellow Porsche drive past me and into the school parking lot. I don't remember seeing those cars before, so those must be new students. It's rare, but on occasion we get some new kids at the beginning of the year. Usually they don't stay long for one reason or another, but every now and then someone's parents fall in love with the homey feel of the town and they soon become another permanent face in the halls of Forks High.

I pull my watch out of my pocket again and check the time, noticing that I have five minutes left before the warning bell rings. I walk a bit faster and manage to make it just as it rings. As I make my way to homeroom, I find myself already wishing it was lunch time

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