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Chapter one





Kanda tucked his hands into his pocket and continued his walk. His midnight colored hair held in a high ponytail with a gold ring-like clip and clad in a simple grey shirt with a black coat, Kanda Yu is currently on patrol of his kingdom. Yes, patrol. Kanda Yu was the youngest adopted son of the local king by the name Froi Tiedoll, thus is the prince of the country. A typical countrywide patrol is to make sure everything was safe within the kingdom but that's not the case for the prince. He was making sure that everyone was following the new orders, no matter why the orders were passed.

"Yuuuuu, anything you want?" Froi Tiedoll asked desperately.

The prince had only demanded once for an elegant black katana and never had he asked for anything else from the king since.

"Che. I don't need anything" Kanda replied curtly. He did not like using his privileges as the prince though he could not deny life as one itself is pretty good, even without all those excessive flamboyant display items in his house.

"Anything aside murder can do, Yuu, just bloody name it!" the boy with purple tattoos under his eye added in, "I am tired of hearing the old man chanting for ages!"

"Shut up Daisya," Kanda snapped.

A tall man with tanned skin joined in with his sudden comment, "I agree with Daisya, Kanda"

Veins could be seen evidently popping out on Kanda's head as he closed his eyes while clenching his fist, almost as if trying to forcibly think up of something that he would plausibly even want.

"Yuuuuu, so do you want my latest painting? Or do you want some accessories? Or –" The king continued as if he had not been hearing anything his adopted sons had said.

"FINE! Make the people in the country get dark-colored hair!" Kanda spat.

A silence followed right after the youngest prince's outburst as everyone stared at him wordlessly.

"What?" Daisya exclaimed.

"That's an unusual thing to want, Kanda." Marie said calmly.

"If that's what you want, I'll send down the order tonight." Froi Tiedoll adjusted his spectacles and smiled.

"Che." Was all the said prince's response as he turned and stormed to his room.

Bright things hurt his eyes, and that is all the reason for it. And they really stood out a lot. Not to forget that it never failed to reminded him of a certain idiot. Although that idiot changed his hair color a shade darker due the orders by now.

"Yu-chan!" a voice canon-ed across the streets. Without further warnings, a dark-red headed person jumped on Kanda from behind as he asked, "Missed me?"

"Che. I missed the time you were not around and" Mugen was immediately out of its sheath as it is held once again against the throat of a certain Lavi. "What the fuck did you just call me you usagi!"

"Chill Yuu, chi-" but was cut off as he was given the menacing glare that promised death.

Kanda never liked people calling him by his first name, even if it's by his family though they never listened so he could not care less anymore, but he just could not stand having a very loud baka usagi calling him that. "What. Did. You. Call. Me," he hissed dangerously.

Lavi swallowed nervously and decided to back away for now. He inched back, followed by another step, and another. Then something caught his eyes that could distract the advancing samurai who was intending to kill him. "Hey someone has white hair!" he tried to sound surprised, pointing at a barber shop.

The Japanese glared at him for a moment before turning to look at who it was that dared defied the orders and Lavi took the opportunity to slip away. Not before giving a warning to the said person with the striking hair since he was the traitor who sold the person out, "THE PRINCE IS HEADING TO THE BARBER!" Lavi shouted. He then quickly ran into the crowd, all the while apologizing to the victim for white, or silver, is very bright no matter what in the prince's dictionary.

Kanda dismissed the throng of people looking at him after what commotion the usagi caused. With a 'che' as he realized the idiot escaped, he headed for the barber shop.

"Oi, that geezer over there," he called. At the same time, the wind chime made a sound at his arrival and all the barbers and the counter person turned to look at their guest.

"Welcome dear customer," they said in unison.

Kanda stood there with slightly widen eyes as he stared at the boy with white hair. Apparently it was not a freaky old man but a young teen. But it was not that that made Kanda transfixed to the spot. The boy had an inverted red star above his left eye and the tattoo stretched in a line down his cheeks, curving to the right some point under his eye, with an additional red line across the long line. He had abyss silver eyes and as the boy's hair moved a little from the wind of the stirring fan, for some reason, the word "attractive" flashed through the prince's mind for a moment.

The rest of the workers returned to what they had been before the newly arrived customer came. However, Kanda held the gaze of the white haired teen stubbornly. After a few seconds of staring, the teen spoke. "Were you calling me?"

Kanda snapped out of his thoughts. "Of course it's you, you're the only one with the geezer's hair," he answered in annoyance, annoyed that a boy rendered him of speech, even if it's just a second.

"I know my hair's silver and easily mistaken for an old man but please confirm things next time before calling people that," the boy said politely.

"It's white, moyashi," Kanda corrected, folding his arms.

The boy twitched. "Yes it is silver. And I wonder what you just called me, mister." Sarcasm obviously lurked in his question.

A pause before Kanda replied, a smirk in place. "I just called you moyashi, moyashi."

The boy twitched more. "I didn't hear that, mister."

"I'll be glad to repeat that I had just called you moyashi," Kanda's smirk grew a little wider, "Moyashi."

All the workers by then had already halted their work and looking interestedly at the interaction between the two. But none of them interrupted, there's a murderous atmosphere around Allen that they rarely saw but knew to fear. But a brown haired man who was the nearest to Allen still decided to whisper a quick warning, "Oi Allen! He's the prince!"

"It's Allen! A-L-L-E-N Allen, you BaKanda!" the boy snapped, veins popping all over his head, totally ignoring his acquaintance.

Kanda was surprised at that; he didn't know the boy knew who he was, though he twisted his name into something irritating. "Did you know who the fuck you just ridicule damn moyashi."

"Oh yes I do, oh the third prince by the name Kanda Yuu." Allen sneered with full force.

"You know?" Kanda raised an eyebrow.

"First prince is a tall tanned man with the name Noise Marie, while the second prince is a playful person with purple tattoos under his eyes by the name Daisya Barry. The youngest third prince is a japanese with long hair with a katana named Kanda Yuu. I am sure everyone knows you idiot." Allen snapped. Besides, someone already said that a prince was heading here.

"Che. Well then you should know the consequences of insulting a prince on top of disobeying orders?" Kanda snorted. "Because one, you insulted me and second, I think your hair has damn bright a color."

The acquaintances only shut their eyes in mild frustration as if they knew that that was going to happen and swiftly turned back to work. However, it took a moment for Allen to absorb what Kanda had said. Instantly realizing he had just let his anger got the better of him, he swallowed nervously and just stared at the prince before him. Oh shit…




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