Tom, Sarah, Peyton, and Kaz were wandering around in the Overworld Embassy at the Mipedim Oasis looking for some stuff to scan.

"I thought you said Kinnianne would be here today," Tom said

"Ya and Silv to," Sarah added

"Hold your horses bro's," Peyton said "You gotta wait a bit more. You don't get this kinda two for one offer in Perum much,"

"Actually I think we can get it half off nw," Kazsaid suddenly noticeing Kinnianne, the Overworld ambassador to the Mipdians seeking around a few buildings

"Why's she sneeking around?" Tom asked

"Maybe looking for the little foxes room," Kaz said

"Kaz that's something I'd expect for Peyton," Sarah said

"I say we check it out," Tom said

With that are favorite four chaotic players followed Kinnianne, being careful not to get noticed.

After a short while of sneeking around Kinnianne was in a small alley between to buildings. And someone else was there with her.

"What the..?" Tom said

"Wait is that..?" Kaz said

"It can't be," Peyton said

Sarah was speechless

In the alley was Zalvar (Zalvar is an Underworlder who looks like a purple werewolf. Note episode 8 of season 2. The one were Tom and Peyton battle with 105 creatures each) wearing some teleporting battle gear.

"I never would've guessed Kinnianne was a traitor to the..." Tom began

"Wait, bro," Peyton said interrupting him. "Look,"

Tom then looked back at the two creatures and saw them, making out

"Whoa," Tom said

"It's like Romeo and Juliet, but with canines," Sarah said

"I love you Zalvar," Kinnianne said to the Underworlder

"I love you to sweetheart," Zalvar said giving the little fox another kiss

"I wish we didn't have to meet like this," Kinnianne said

"You know it we can't mary," Zalvar said "Even if are tribes were allies when the M'arilians invaded. And are tribes became...more tolerable of eachother. It doubt it could could ever be,"

"I must go know," Kinnianne said giving Zalvar one more kiss "The Mipedians must be wondering were I am,"

"Yes, I must go to," Zalvar said teleporting away

Tom and friends quickly ported back to chaotic before Kinnianne could notice them

Love was in Perium, forbiden love

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