The sun rose on Perum, giving light to another new day. Along waking up a certain Overworlder and Underworlder at Ravonal Ridge.

Kinnianne awaoke with a yawn, she and Zalvar were totaly nude as they lay on the ground of the floating rock under Kinniannes cape with they had on them like a blanket.

"Zalvar, that was...amazing," Kinnianne said

"Ya, I never knew you were so wild," Zalvar said also remembering what had happened the night before.

Yet their moment of remeberance was cut short as they heard the sounds of explosions and fghting. The two creatures looked from the floating rock they were on to see Maxxor, Intress, Nagerin and Kinniannes dad fighting Chaor, Omar, Takinom and Von Bloot. Also Omar had one of his robots.

Meanwhile, in Chaotic. Tom and friends had all just logged on

"Oh man the nightmares I had," Kaz said remembering what he had seen last night

"Your telling me bro," Peyton said

"Yo think we should go and check up on them?" Tom said

I think we should leave them alone," Sarah said "They might have just woken up y'know,"

"Nah I think we should see if their okay," Tom said

"Okay but if I get any more nightmare I'm holding you to blame," Kaz said

"Ditto," Peyton added

With that they all ported, only to see the utter madness that Kinnianne and Zalvar were seeing.

"Chaor this is a new low, even for you!" Maxxor said attacking the Underword leader

"You're the ones who brainwashed Zalvar!" Chaor sai fighting back

"What's going on?" Tom asked

"Hey bro I think I see the answers," Peyton said noticing two other Chaotic players. Klay and Kristella.

"Those two!" Tom said gritting his teeth

"They must've Maxxor and Chaor about your love and manipulated them into thinking you brainwashed eachother," Kaz said

Just then Omar shot shot misles from his robot at Intress, direct hit. Nagerin used some mujic to deactivate the robot and blast Omar. Maxxor was Fighting Takinom, Chaor fought Hune Canin, and Von Bloot wwas fakinging being hurt, waiting for the right time to attack Maxxor or Chaor.

My fathers down there!" Kinnianne said "We've got to save them!"

"Uh...yu might wanna cinsider putting your clothes back on first," Peyton said as he and friends were realy getting creeped out at seeing teir naed selves.

So after a quick dressing, the two creatures rushed down to stop the fight

"Kinnianne!" Maxxor said in shock

"Zalvar!" Chaor said in shock as well

"We're not under any mind control," Kinnianne said

"Yes, as unbelieveable as it is I have fallen in love with this beautiful Overworlder," Zalvar said as he then kissed Kinnianne. Whch shocked all the creatures there

"Kinnianne how could you?" Hune Canin said

"We're in love dad," Kinnianne said "And if you can't accept this love then we'll just banish us from our tribes,"

"I was infromed by a Chaotic player that you had been brainwashed," Hune Canin said

"Ya Von Bloot any another human told me..." Chaor then realized that Von Bloot had lied to him. And with that he got the beat down of a lifetime. Also on top of that Tom and friends were so upset at what Klay and Kristella had done that they beat up Klay and Kristella. Plus when the two wicked players got back to Chaotic, Tom had reported them to the codemasters, who them banned them from Chaotic for life. (Yay!)

As for Kinnianne and Zalvar, Maxxor and Chaor seeing their tribemates so in love finally buried the hatchet. And the two canine creatures were married, and had twin pups, thanks to Tom and friends little date they planned for them.

The End