M.L.D: Here's a comedy, drama, romance, and HORROR story! Please enjoy.

Chapter One

Rima stared calmly at her reflection in the clear window glass as the bus squealed around a corner and headed up the rest of the road. Houses and trees rushed past, as the vehicle drove down the street, the low humming of the bus filling her ears as well as the low chattering of the few pedestrians onboard droned along with it. Ignoring it nonchalantly, she examined her face in the window, her round honey brown colored eyes catching a sparkle from a ray of sunlight and reflecting it back. She adored the way she looked in the glass, so smooth, so cool, and so calm. Her usual façade that she seemed to always adorn normally; it had become a habit that she has absently gotten used to over the years. A habit and attitude that she normally wore much so that she hadn't known that she was wearing it in the first place, unless pointed out by one of her friends. Like getting use to the heavy mass of her thick wavy hair, for instance, or the way she's so accustomed to her short and petite height being smaller than her friends.

With a near quiet sigh, Rima idly raised her small wrist into view and glanced down at her electronic, pale orange colored, plastic and rubber banded wristwatch. It was '2:43PM'. She let off another quiet sigh, closing her eyes as she gently placed her hand back into her lap. "I'm bored." She says lowly in an emotionless tone, as she laid her head softly against the bus's window, ignoring the small vibrations and short jerking of the vehicle.

Closing her eyes, she let her mind trace back to the conversation with her friends only about a week or so ago; the reason that she had been taking this long bus ride in the first place. Although rather annoying as the seemingly forever journey had taken, Rima didn't find so much to complain about it as she was a bit relieved to be getting out of the house for a few weeks for her break from school. Being cooped inside of the Mashiro home was quite a downer with the way her overprotective parents nearly panicked and argued about her wellbeing almost at every minute of the day. It made her contemplate on making plans with her friends or heading out just to get out of the house. But the idea of being with her friends was an opportunity that she couldn't pass up, so with enough persuading and promises to be extremely careful on her trip, Rima had convinced her parents to let her go and enjoy her time with her friends –only if she were to call or text every hour on the hour to check in.


"Say …since school is going to be out for a few weeks,why not everyone come and stay at my family's summer house?" Nagihiko smiled. "It could be fun and my family doesn't use it all that often, until summertime. And there's enough room for everyone, it's rather large."

"Yeah, just rub your family's overloading wealth in everybody's faces, why don't you? You're quite the modest one, Purple Head." Rima responded with her voice dripping with sarcasm, as her eyes not once glanced up from her gag manga. Nagihiko sweat dropped as he let off a quiet chuckle.

Playing his Nintendo DS, Kukai hummed a low grunt as he shifted to his side, following his video game character. "Hn …sure, got nothing else planned."

"Me either." Utau chirped in with an idle wave of her hands and a shrug.

"Sure." The majority of the others droned all in unison, their tones filled with boredom and sluggishness.

Rima slumped down into her seat, her attention taken away from her reading. She sulked lightly at the groups' seemingly mutual agreement and not wanting to be the oddball out, she huffed out a breath, "I guess." She hummed in a stubborn tone, closing her eyes.

"Yaya wants to come! Yaya wants to come!" the always hyperactive of the group jeered with cheeks blushing from excitement.

"Then it's decided. Sanjou-kun?" Tadase turned towards the green headed sophomore of the group. He looked over to the magenta eyed blonde and gave him a slight nod of his head as a response. "I'll notify Nakamura-san, Rikka-chan, Hikaru-kun and Rinetto-sempai, if that is alright." The green haired boy added, and at that notion, Tadase's cheeks seem to redden faintly.

"And I'll let my prowler of a brother know to. He'll only call me and whine, if he can't find Amu around to stalk her. You pretty much keep the guy entertained and out of my hair for most of the day, Amu." Utau added, making the pinkette of the group blush brightly.

"Alright," Nagihiko beamed a small smile as he opened to a blank page in his notebook and started scribbling onto the blue lines of the white paper. "Here's the address and come around this timeframe, okay? It'll take a while to get there, but it won't be that bad." Nagihiko says as he finished writing andstarted handing his friends slips of ripped paper from his notebook.

~End of flashback~

Rima glances at her watch again and after a moment or so, she shook her head impatiently and turned her attention back to staring out the window as random various lawns passed. Her eyes wandered over the blanketed grasses with shifting, tumbling brown, yellow, and orange leaves dancing either onto or from them. The tall oaks and maples that bordered the yards were bare by every branch. Winter seemed only a few weeks away.

Suddenly realizing where she was, Rima blinked her eyes and tightened her loosened grip at her luggage before she pulled the bell cord and ran up to the front door, just as the driver was about to pull away. "Sorry!" she bowed awkwardly towards him, before boarding off.

'Bad start', she told herself, stepping down, into the cool air, exiting the bus. She glanced around momentarily, and started down the sidewalk.

The blocks were long. Too long for Rima Mashiro's liking and she inwardly despised whoever decided to construct this neighborhood this way. But, glancing about, Rima noticed how big and elegant most of the houses were built within this area. It was rather peaceful and welcoming, close to seeming like that of the outside suburbs since most of the houses gave way to trivial portions of woods.

She crossed the vacant street. The Fujisaki's house should be in the next block somewhere. Well that is according to the written address in which that Baka Fujisaki had given her. The small blonde reached down and rummaged her small hand into her left jacket, pulling out the slip of paper that, said purple headed associate, had given to her. Her honey brown eyes skimmed over the slip of paper and then looks up to glance over to read the home's addresses of nearby houses. She'd seem to be getting close.

She closed her eyes, turning her face ahead of her as she started to continue down the rest of the walk and she felt the wind start to pick up slightly. Rima pulled up the collar of her light brown jean jacket, adjusted her backpack, and tightened her grip on her small duffel bagged luggage. After a few journeying moments and searching glances, she passed by a narrow lot of tangled trees and low brambles. Just passed the lot, a mailbox on a pole jutted out into the street. It appeared a bit creepy standing out there all alone like that, as it stood a bit strong, but the metal back seemed faintly rusted. Most would think that it looked rather ominous to be sticking out like that, from how decent and well-put-together all the houses before appeared. Shrugging her shoulders faintly, she continued walking up and slowly glanced over it as she passed, but stopped, feeling a bit relieved to see the name 'FUJISAKI' imprinted on its side. Rima beamed gently. Her journey had been over! She could now laze about after a hard days' travel.

Standing along the sidewalk, beside the Fujisaki's mailbox, she looked up the long emptied driveway to the house. The home was enormous. A tall and towering, gargantuan rambling old Victorian manor stood before her, and the Fujisaki was right. It was pretty large. Two and half generations of the Fujisaki family could live in a building stature like this. But the building itself seemed pretty ancient for a summer home, a bit worn out and not seeming to have been taken care of recently. But it always seemed that the Fujisaki family just loved to have old, traditional, antique looking homes to their names, didn't they?

'Very creepy', the small blonde thought to herself.

Rima shook her head with a small chuckle, before raising her wrist back to her face, as she took to restudy her watch. Twenty-five minutes late. "Boy, he's going to have a fit, isn't he? 'Please be on time, so we can unpack and start with plans' and blah, blah, blah." she chuckled to herself, playfully mocking the purple haired boy. She didn't have time to worry about how creepy the house looked. Rima was taking away from her that she could be using to relax for her short stay here. Hadn't relaxation and peace of mind been the reason she had decided to venture out onto this trip? The small blonde was going to enjoy herself as she and her friends stayed here …no matter how eerie …disturbing and spooky the compound looked.

Making up her mind, Rima prepared her way up the drive; the crunching of her sneakers on the gravel the only sound, with the slight exception for the wind that gave a near quiet sigh as it breathed past her.

Stepping onto the porch, the small blonde straightened out her long wavy blonde hair, pulling the long bangs down over her eyes, adjusted her backpack, cleared her throat, wore her usual emotionless facial expression, and reached her hand out to ring the doorbell.

. . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

Rima stood silently on the compound's front porch, her left eyebrow twitching slightly in faint annoyance. 'Prestigious family, my ass …,' she grumbled from within her echoing thoughts. She quietly closed her eyes, a tiny tick mark appearing at the side of her forehead.

The bell didn't work.

Heaving a small growl past her pursed lips, Rima huffed out a breath and decided to ball up her fist lightly and she knocked, having to bang with all her strength to make a sound against the hard, thick mahogany wood.

No answer.

So she took to knock again. Instead of silence this time around, the door slowly creaked open, with no one there. Her eyebrow twitched once again as she kept a cool composure and looked a bit uneasily into the dark foyer room of the home, "W-wow …that's not creepy, at all." Rima said to herself in a tiny and quiet voice, filled with hesitant sarcasm.

"Hello? I made it, Purple Head. What kind of host doesn't come to the door and greets the guests that he invites over?" she calls out, while entering into the manor of a building, turning slightly to close and turn the locks of the door behind her. Rima could hear the soft scuffling of the rubber bottom of her sneakers skid over the cherry wooden floorboards of the foyer room. The afternoon's sunlight poured in from the tall, narrow windows of the walls, giving thinning streaks of light to shade about the stretching floor. It was quiet as Rima hadn't yet received an answer to her previous calls and she cautiously strode her way into the center of the room, her sneakers thudding on the wooden floorboards. "I just know that someone's going to jump out from somewhere." she assured herself. "Such a scary, horror flick cliché move …"

"Hey, Baka Fujisaki, where are you? Did any of the others make it here yet? Amu? Hotori? Rin-chan? Skater Boy? Pervert Cat? Yaya? Kairi? Utau? Rikka? Hikaru? Nakamura-san?" she called out her friends' names one by one, but stopped as her eyes landed on a slumped, unmoving lump lying amongst the cherry wooden floor. Rima froze in mid-step as her eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the room and were now slowly widening in shocked horror.

"Fu …" she choked out in a voice just above a whisper, her mind forgetting how to process speech and losing the ability of holding onto her bag, as she had dropped it from her shaken grasp.

Nagihiko was lying on his back on the floor …

His arms lain limp …

His eyes wide open …

Unblinking as they were staring lifelessly up at the ceiling and his head slanted off to the side with his lips parted in what appeared to be a silent gasp …

His head, surrounded by a wide pool of dark red blood.