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Spring had finally arrived. It had been a harsh winter and most of their time had been spent inside the cabin in each other's company. At first it wasn't as bad. After the impromptu wedding, they had stayed in bed most of the day, but by the end of the season, they had both become rather sick of looking at the other. Creed had given her a sound slap last night after she had started in with a tongue thrashing. Emma was still in bed sulking as Creed sat on the edge of the porch smoking a cigarette in the morning sun.

The door opened slowly and Emma, wrapped in a blanket and wearing her night dress, slipped out and made the trip to the water pump with the empty kettle in hand, her bare feet catching all the morning dew.

She headed back to where he was sitting and rested the kettle by his side. She was still pouting standing in front of him.

"Don't make that face at me." He grunted.

"You promised we'd go into town today." She leaned into him and started stroking his bare chest and playing with his hair that had grown out down past his collar bone.

"I don't remember that." Taking another drag, he shot the smoke up in the air, out of her way.

"You weren't in a position to say no when I asked." Emma smiled into his chest remembering last night before their fight. Creed gave a sigh and flicked the butt into the air away from the porch.

"Get inside." He shoved her away.

Hurt, Emma picked up the kettle again and slowly made her way into the cabin, confused why he always seemed to keep her at a distance. She put it on the fire to boil and began changing for the day. Finally she tied her apron back and poked her head back out into the porch.

"I'm going into town today, if you would like to join me, you're welcome." Before he could respond, she went back inside and put two tea bags into mugs and poured the hot water over them.

"You ain't goin' anywhere without my say so. You belong to me." His deep voice resonated through the cabin as he stood in the doorway.

"Fine, but I have no food left in the cupboards to feed you tonight." Emma raised her chin defiantly. His little rabbit had grown a set of claws herself over the winter, figuratively speaking, and didn't mind using them, even when it got her a slap in return.

Creed appraised his wife. She had changed much in the last several months without him ever really noticing. Her smell had blossomed into something more intricate, the smell of womanhood maybe? They had discovered one night when both chairs of the kitchen set were broken, that she was like him. Slowly her flesh had knit itself back together across her back from his claws dragging deep into her flesh, but not deep enough to do fatal damage. Neither had spoken about that night since, however Creed felt he had found kin in her and held her much more protectively than he ever thought possible of him.

"You really know how t' piss me off."

"I finished your new socks." Emma handed him another pair as he sat on the bed and pulled out his boots. She had had very little to do over the winter other than cook and let him have his way with her, so she had continued to knit him socks until all of her yarn was depleted.

Creed grumbled a thank you and put them on. Emma found her way into his lap like a cat seeking attention and sat facing him. She didn't like it when he was angry with her which worked in his favour as her attempts to make amends usually ended with her bent over the table and her skirts pulled up around her hips.

Today he didn't feel like it though. He held her close and they sat embracing each other as the tea steeped.


Emma was in one of the new shops trying on dresses while he sat on a bench outside the store smoking another cigarette. People were staring at him, some in secret, and others in outright awe.

"Problem?" He growled loudly at a group of passing women who were whispering about his claws, his unkempt appearance, his harlot wife. They all gave small shrieks and ran off in a gaggle like geese.

"Scaring people?" Emma came out with an arm load of fabric. She didn't expect a response and handed him back the change from the new clothes. Creed let her pile them into his rucksack before they moved down the street to the grocer. "I bought you new pants and a shirt."

He grunted in response. She had learned to get used to him and his non-answers.

"Do you want to get a hair cut?" Emma tugged at his ponytail playfully to which he swatted at her. "I can cut your hair at home."

"You come at me with a pair o' scissors and I'll punch you into next week." She had practiced letting his comments roll off her back, but today her mood dampened and he could tell. "Fine, you can cut my hair."

"I like taking care of you." Emma smiled and squeezed his arm.

"I like it when you shut the hell up." He replied grumpily, but her smile didn't waiver.

He collapsed again on a bench outside the store and waited while Emma purchased food. His monthly trips into town had turned into weekly trips now that more food and varying foods needed to be kept at home. Part of his promise had been to keep her safe, and up until then he had kept his word.

There had been a few weeks during the winter where he had to leave her alone in the cabin for work. He still hadn't told her what he did to bring home money, but the little trinkets he began collecting on his travels seemed to appease her enough to stop asking. He had been gone a whole two weeks and had returned during one of the worst winter storms he had seen. He had had to dig the front door out of a snow drift and found Emma shivering in the bed, a low flame flickering in the fire place and no wood to be found.

She had been inconsolable for nearly half an hour, crying about bears attacking the cabin. No matter how much he had assured her that bears hibernate during the winter, she was adamant that a bear had come and tried to get into the cabin the week before and she hadn't been able to sleep since.

"It wasn't a bear." He grumbled losing interest in the argument.

"It had claws! He tried to knock down the door!" Emma shouted angrily.

Creed swung open the door and let a blast of snow and ice into the cabin, extinguishing the fire once and for all. He found claw marks around the doorframe, all in sets of three. He couldn't make out the extent of it due to the snow covering most of the cabin, but he noticed a column supporting the roof had been slashed in two.

"Victor Creed! Shut the door!"

He obliged irritably and gave a closer look at the claw marks. His nose told him nothing, they were too old and exposed to the snow to give him anything. These were not animal marks he was familiar with. A freezing shot of wind reminded him of the cold inside the house. Creed trudged through the thigh deep snow around back to find the pile of firewood he had left out. It would be wet, but it was better than nothing.

Creed shouted for Emma to open the back door which she did after some shuffling. He unloaded two armfuls of firewood then kicked off his boots, done with the cold for that day.

Emma appeared during his memory and waited for him to take notice of her and her groceries. They added it to the bag and set off back towards home until she put a hand on his forearm.

"I want to go into the bookstore." She had begun to teach him to read during the long winter, and it was a frustrating process, but she managed to bring his pride into things and it made him press on. Emma had some kind of patience with him. Currently she was reading to him at night but was almost finished with the book.

Creed dug into his pocket and produced a coin for her, to which she took and skipped off, like the seventeen-year-old girl she was. He only hoped she wouldn't come back with something girlie.

While waiting on the sidewalk, he began to take notice of the men watching him, talking.

"How does a guy like that get a woman like her?"

"Lucky asshole, I guess."

When Emma came rushing out again with two books wrapped in brown paper and beaming at him, he couldn't help but respond in kind with a genuine smile of his own. He reciprocated her hug and kissed the top of her head. This could really be my life, Creed thought to himself as they walked back to the road with her on his arm. Something inside him bubbled possessively and they weren't a mile out from town when he pulled her into the cover of the bush and had his way with her, marking his territory all over her, inside of her. Emma didn't complain. Something in her scent told him she loved it as much as he did.