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Burn Down Paradise

1. Found You

A baby's cry could be heard through the walls of the shoddy apartment hallway. A man's cough accompanied the constant bickering couple who lived in 4B, who were fighting over their monetary troubles and their water bill. A pair of All-stars walked up the rickety and unstable stairs, timidly making their way down the hall. A bark from a dog caused the owner of the All-stars to stop their trek momentarily. Hannah Mauser turned slowly and saw the strange looking hound once again. She had been seeing them a lot lately. They were always pitch black and monstrous in appearance; with sharp claws and razors for teeth. Their fur was almost spike-like and seemed to resemble red-hot pokers as they glowed with heat. Their eyes were an orange glow that always seemed to be hunting for something. They had never bothered her though, as if they could not see her but she could see them. It wasn't until recently that they seemed to triple in numbers; otherwise, she could have counted the number of times she had seen these strange looking dogs on one hand.

Turning away from the beast, she continued until she reached the end of the hall and knocked on 6A. Adjusting her messenger bag, Hannah waited for the door to open. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the dog walk down the stairs and disappear, but not before lifting its' head and sniffing the air, as if searching for something.


Blinking, Hannah turned her head and came face to face with Chloe, dressing in a skimpily tight skirt, four inch stiletto heels, and a corset top. Her blond hair was crinkled stylishly and had large hoop earrings dangling from her ears. Hannah raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Um, why in the hell would you wear that?"

Chloe frowned and looked down at her outfit, "What's wrong with it?"

Hannah gave her a look of disbelief, "Are you serious? We work in a bar Chlo; guys are going to be staring at you like a piece of meat."

Chloe only smirked, "Exactly."

Rolling her eyes, Hannah turned and began making her way back towards the stairs. Chloe quickly locked her door and scampered after her. As they walked down the stairs, Chloe said, "You should borrow some of my clothes this weekend! Don't look at me like that!"

Hannah had stopped and turned to give her a look, "I don't think so."

"Come on Hannah! You've got the perfect figure for it; I don't know why you insist on wearing those ripped up jeans all the time."

Continuing her way down the stairs, Hannah said, "Because I like them."

As they exited the apartment complex, Hannah and Chloe began walking down the sidewalk towards, a catcall rang out in Chloe's direction, who smiled to herself. Hannah kept walking, beginning to feel uncomfortable as another hellish looking dog emerged and began following a man who looked unstable as he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and fidgeted as he looked around himself, searching for something.

"Chloe, could you stop flirting for a minute and hurry up? It's getting cold."

Chloe sighed but did as Hannah asked, hurrying her steps as her heels clicked against the concrete under her feet. They walked two more blocks until they turned the corner and approached the French Quarter. It was busy as usual as they pushed their way through the crowd until they reached the bar. Passing Joey, the bouncer, Hannah gave him a smile which he returned. Walking into the bar, Hannah made her way to the back, Chloe heading strait for Leon, the bar owner, to get last week's pay.

As soon as she was hidden in the back room, Hannah dropped her bag and leaned against the door, covering her face with her hands. Things were getting out of hand with the things she was seeing lately. Ever since she was a child, she could see things, creatures or beings, that no one else could. Sometimes they were ghosts, sometimes they resembled humans but were….distorted, twisted into something bad, ugly. She steered clear of these, having a feeling they were not friendly. She had seen one of these shadowy beings harm a person once, reaching into their body and causing their victim pain. Like the dogs, these beings didn't seem to notice her, or at least, chose to ignore her. She could talk to the ghosts, though, if she wanted to. Most of the time though, they always disappeared with another person, into a light. She could remember that when she was six years old, her best friend had been the ghost of a boy from 1954, Tommy Winkle. He was still around and popped in randomly to talk to her.

Rubbing her face , she pushed off from the door and placed her bag in her locker, throwing her hoodie in with it, revealing the snug black tee she was forced to wear. It had a faded out skull, wearing a top hat and an evil smile that covered her chest. She looked into the small mirror she hung on the inside of the locker and wiped at her eyes to get rid of the smear of mascara under her eye. She saw that her dark nail polish was beginning to chip as she dabbed at the wayward flecks of eye ink.

She didn't know why Chloe had such a problem with her clothes. So what if she didn't like to show off every little aspect of flesh? She preferred to wear jeans and t-shirts not only for comfort, but also practicality. It was cold now that it was November and unlike Chloe, who pranced around in her short-short skirts, Hannah preferred to have feeling in her legs.

The door opened and Leon poked his head in, flashing her a smile, "Hey kiddo!"

She smiled back and wrapped her arms around his waist as he opened his arms wide for a hug. He swayed slightly and patted her back, "Ready for work?"

She shrugged, scrunching up her nose as she looked up at him, "Do I have to? It's my birthday after all."

He pushed her towards the door, tapping her on the butt as she walked out the door, "GO! Make me money sweetheart!"

She rolled her eyes

Hannah walked to the bar and grabbed an apron from behind the counter and wrapped it around her waist. She could see Chloe carrying a tray of shots to a table in the bull pin bellow and noticed a number of men tilting their heads as she passed them.


Todd, the bartender , leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, "Happy birthday Han."

She hugged him around the neck and kissed him on the cheek , "thank you Toddie."

The bar was like a giant family. Leon was the dad (despite his tendency to find men attractive)Joey was the protective big brother , Todd was the cool uncle, and Hannah was considered the baby because she was the youngest of all of them. She was twenty-three today; not much of a baby anymore in her opinion, but that didn't seem to matter to her surrogate family.

Todd nodded his head towards the closed off section for VIPs with a smirk, "There's someone in suite two who needs his order taken; why don't you handle that while Chloe and Rachel taken care of the crowd down here?"

She nodded and headed towards the stairs in the back corner that led up to the VIP suites. As she climbed up the steps, she looked down and stopped. There was a man, or at least, what resembled a man, standing in the midst of the tables. His skin was unnatural; a gray color, as if life had been drained from him and he was an empty vessel. His eyes were complete black, no white at all, and he was staring at her. Blinking, she looked away and continued up the stairs. It was strange, these things had never looked directly at her before.

She entered suite two and saw a single man sitting in the dark, his face obscured by the lack of light. She reached out to turn the light on when a deep, baritone voice said, "Please leave it off."

She jumped and her hand flew away from the switch. The man shifted and she could see him raise his hand in apology, "I'm sorry, I just find the dark relaxing. "

Clearing her throat, Hannah stepped forward in the dark and placed a face smile on her face, "Alright sir. Wha can I start you out with this evening?"

The man tilted his head slightly and he leaned his chin on to his finger tips as he crossed his legs, revealing tailored slacks and shiny black shoes. He was silent, making Hannah feeling slightly uncomfortable, "Sir?"

"I'm sorry, I was distracted. I think I'll have the Bloody Mary. What do you recommend to eat?"

Hannah shrugged, "Um we're having a special on burgers, they're pretty good."

The man nodded, "Very well then; I'll have the special."

She wrote his order down and looked up with a smile still on her face, "Okay, I'll be right back with your drink, sir."

As she turned to leave, the man called out to her, "Thank you, Hannah."

She crinkled her eyebrows but kept walking down the stairs. She didn't tell him her name, did she? No, she didn't. They didn't wear nametags at Leon's for safety reasons, so how did he know her name?

The music was blaring as she headed strait for the bar to talk to Todd. Leaning against the wooden counter, she yelled, "Hey! Who's the guy in suite two?"

He leaned forward, tossing a towel over his shoulder, "What?"

"Who's the guy in suite two?"

He shrugged, "Don't know, came in alone, dressed pretty nice too. Why?"

Hannah scooted closer to the bar as a man rubbed against her as he passed with pints in his hands. "He knows my name."

Todd looked up towards the stairs but shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe Chloe or Rachel told him your name when they took him up."

Hannah shrugged and gave him the man's order and waited for him to make the Bloody Mary. Turned towards the crowd she could still see the ghoulishly looking man standing among the tables. He was staring at a man now, who was oblivious to it and gulfed down a cheeseburger.

The "ghoul" reached out and laid a hand on the man's shoulder and he shivered and turned to look over his shoulder, confused. The man rubbed his chest, a look of pain on his face. He stood and excused himself from the table and disappeared as he headed to the bathroom.

A chill rushed over Hannah and she turned her head to her right to see Tommy sitting on an empty stool, "Hello Hannah."

Hannah smiled and made sure no one was looking at her before saying, "Hi Tommy."

He looked at the ghoul and said, "You're wondering about the reaper, aren't you?"

Hannah's eyebrows shot up and she looked down at the boy frozen in his ghostly state, "A what?"

"A reaper. He's here to guide that man after he dies."

Scooting closer to Tommy, she whispered, "Seriously? That's the Grim Reaper?"

Tommy swung his legs back and forth, "One of many; there isn't just one you know and no one is suppose to see them, but then again, you're not suppose to see me either."

Nodding in agreement, Hannah said, "So, is the man going to die here?"

Tommy shook his head, "I don't know. I don't go around talking to reapers; they tend to try and convince me to go to the other side."

He wiggled his fingers and rolled his eyes as he said this, as if he had had that conversation one too many times.

"Here you go Hannah."

Turning around, she took the drink from Todd and gave Tommy a wink as she walked away from the bar. Tommy waved and was gone in a flash. As she walked back up the stairs, she gave one last look at the reaper and felt a sudden sadness come over her. She felt bad that she knew a complete stranger was about to die, but what could she do?

Walking back into the darkened VIP suite, she set the drink on the table before the shadow incased man, "Here you go; your order should be ready in a few minutes."

The man left the drink on the table and she could make out the shape of his face as he looked up at her, "So, I hear today is a special day for you."

Hannah nodded slowly, "Yeah, it's my birthday."

"Oh really? How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

She didn't know why this guy wanted to know her business, but she humored him, "Twenty-three."

The man leaned back in the cushioned seat and said, "Did you have any special plans for your birthday?"

She blinked and furrowed her eyebrows, "Um…not really, no."

The man suddenly stood and the sound of music began to play loudly behind her. Turning on the balls of her feet, she saw Chloe, Rachel and Leon standing in the doorway, all smiling and laughing.

The lights came on and Hannah turned back to the customer in confusion only to burst into laughter and step back.

The mysterious customer who had known her name was dancing in place, taking his belt off. She blushed and covered her face, "No!"

Chloe rushed up behind her and pushed her towards the seat and joined her on it, "Happy birthday Hannah!"

Rachel waved as she pulled Leon out the door forcibly, "Come on Leon!"

"But I want to watch the show too; I'm paying for it after all."

Rachel looked back at the male stripper and gave a look of want before disappearing with Leon out of the room.

Hannah looked away from the stripper and gave a murderous look at Chloe, "I am going to kill you all!"

Chloe handed her the Bloody Mary and rose from the seat, causing Hannah to panic, "Wait, where are you going?"

Her friend ignored her and handed her a handful of dollar bills, "You'll thank us later, now have fun. Unlike you, I have to go work."


Chloe was gone before she could say another word, leaving Hannah to face the sexy stripper alone. Now that she could see his face, he was rather cute and was sculpted to perfection.

Biting her lip, Hannah watched as the stripper gyrated his hips in his speedo-like underwear. Leaning back against the seat, Hannah began to think that she just might like this gift after all, not that she would admit it of course.


"I can't believe you did that!"

The now empty bar filled with laughter as a blushing Hannah descended the stairs, the stripper long gone.

Leon sat at a table counting the night's earnings with Todd, while Joey leaned against the bar, nursing a beer. Chloe and Rachel were sharing a basket of fries and stood behind the bar.

When she reached the table, she smacked Leon and Todd and sat down beside them. Joey pushed off from the bar and stood in front of her, "Just so you know, I had nothing to do with it."

Hannah shook her head, "Oh I'm sure."

He ruffled her hair before grabbing his coat, "Alright, I'm out."

Everyone said goodbye in union, Rachel locking the door behind him. Leon surprised Hannah when he handed her a wad of money, "Happy birthday sweetheart."

Hannah tisked and pushed it back, "No Leo, I didn't earn it."

He took hold of her hand and smacked the money into it, "I know; consider it a birthday present."

Smiling, Hannah hugged him and laid her head on his shoulder, "Thank you Leon."

She felt the vibrations of his chuckle and felt him pat her back, "You're welcome."

After a while, everyone slowly left, leaving Leon and Hannah the only ones left. Hannah was wiping down the bar when Leon came out of the back room carrying her bag and jacket, laying them down on a bar stool. He leaned over the bar and kissed her on the forehead, "Okay, I'm going home. You gonna be alright locking up?"

She nodded, "Of course; now go home to Marvin, he's missing you."

He wiggled his eyebrows as he made his way to the door, locking it behind him. Hannah smiled and shook her head, "Crazy man."

Walking around the tables, she picked up the remaining empty glasses and set them in the sink.

"Hello Hannah."

Jumping, Hannah turned and the reaper from earlier standing in the middle of the room. She was in shock. None of the creatures she saw had ever spoke to her or acknowledge her presence before.

The reaper stepped forward, his hands at his sides, "It is nice to be able to see you again. We have been wondering where you ran off to."

Confused, Hannah stepped back, hitting her back against the wall behind the bar, "What do you want?"

He cocked his head to the side, a smirk emerging as he reached the bar, "Sweet, innocent Hannah…you don't know do you? How special you are?"

Swallowing hard, she looked around her for something, anything that could defend her from the creature talking to her. "No, no I don't."

Suddenly, the reaper disappeared, leaving Hannah alone in the bar. Breathing rapidly, Hannah closed her eyes and called out to Tommy, "Tommy! Tommy, I need you!"

Opening her eyes, she was relieved to see the boy ghost standing beside her, a look of worry on his face, "I know, I saw him talk to you."

She leaned against the bar, her head resting on her arms, "That's never happened before. It's been so strange lately. None of these…things, have ever talked to me before."

Tommy appeared sitting on the bar, reaching out and patting her shoulder, causing her to shiver. "Don't worry, I'll find out what's going on. You just go home and relax, okay?"

She nodded, "Yeah, okay."

He disappeared in a flash, leaving Hannah to feel uncomfortable alone in the empty bar. Looking down at the soap-covered glasses, she decided they could wait till morning. She grabbed her jacket and bag and quickly locked up the place before hailing a taxi back to her apartment.

The ride was silent and she handed the driver a twenty before exiting the vehicle. She watched as the taxi drove off before turning to enter her apartment.

A pair of pitch-black eyes met hers and she screamed. The twisted and ugly figure smiled and reached for her throat, wrapping its' fingers around it tightly, lifting her off the ground.

Gripping at the man's arm, she struggled to breath as she scratched at him. He brought her closer and she felt his breath on her face, the smell of sulfur filling her nose.

"Found you."


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