Author's Note:

So, for any of you that have read my Doctor Who stories, this will be along the same lines. I will add in a new character of my own into the sixth season. If it goes well, I will do a sequel about the second generation.

This story will start in between Soul Survivor and Sword in the City and go through the sixth season. It will center mainly on Chris and Meredith, my character, but it will follow the episodes pretty faithfully. At least to begin with.

For the purpose of this story, I'm assuming Wyatt took power when he was about eighteen and Chris was seventeen. Meredith is the same age as Wyatt, so that makes them 23 at the time this story is taking place, and Chris 22.

I hope you guys like it!


Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed, but I would take Drew Fuller if you wanted to give him to me.

Ch. 1:

Chris stood in the attic, flipping through the book. He'd already been through it several times, but here he was, doing it again. He didn't have much hope that this time would be any different, but there it was. The sisters had just gotten home from the club. After yesterday's fiasco with the Faustian Deals and Leo and Chris's time traveling, they had decided to make an early night of it.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and a young woman dropped out of the air and hit the ground, rolling.

Chris stared at the women, stunned. She was obviously of Native American decent, her hair black and her eyes a dark brown.

As she started to sit up, Chris raised his hand to throw her with his powers.

"Wait!" she yelled, holding up her hands. "Chris, I'm not here to hurt you!"

Before he could say anything, the three Halliwell sisters ran into the room, having heard the commotion and Piper quickly froze the woman.

At least, she tried.

"She didn't freeze." She said. "Why didn't she freeze?"

"Please, just listen to me." The woman begged.

"Why should I?" Chris demanded angrily. "You betrayed us!"

"I'm not with him!" the women told him. "Please, you have to believe me. I'm running from him, just like you!"

"Yeah, right." Chris replied sarcastically. "Why should I believe anything you say?"

"He killed Jenny!" the woman shouted as he raised his hand again. "He ran her through and left her on our bed! He killed my daughter!"

Chris lowered his hand as he staggered back.

"What?" he whispered.

"He figured out she wasn't his, so he killed her." The woman said softly. "I want the bastard to rot in hell, but short of that, I want to help you make sure he never comes to power."

"Mer." Chris whispered. "I don't-I mean-I'm so sorry."

"I'm here to help." The woman whispered. "Please, Chris. I know I made mistakes and I don't know if I can ever make up for them, but please, you've got to let me try."

"We need to talk." Chris said softly. "Privately."

"Our spot?" The woman asked.

Chris nodded and orbed away and a second later, the woman melted into the shadows.

Paige, Phoebe, and Piper stared at the empty attic.

"Okay." Paige said. "What the hell just happened?"

Chris appeared underneath a tree and a second later, the woman walked out of the shadows.

"This place looks so different in the future." The woman said, looking around the small park. "It was trashed in one of the more recent battles. I wonder if he did it because he knew what it meant to us."

They stood in a well lit park at night, under a large weeping willow.

"Tell me what happened, Meredith." Chris told her.

"What's there to say?" she replied, sitting down against the trunk.

"How did he find out Jenny wasn't his?" Chris demanded.

"He took her to have her try to pull the sword from the stone." Meredith told him. She gave a hollow chuckle. "I thought I had protected her. I gave him all kinds of excuse for why she couldn't do it. She wasn't old enough, she took too much after me. I thought I had convinced him."

"Mer, what happened?" Chris asked.

Meredith pulled her knees up to her chest.

"I did so many horrible things, Chris." She said softly. "I caused so much destruction. All to keep her safe, and in the end, it didn't matter. I failed her. It was all in vain."

"Mer." Chris urged.

"He told her he was taking her out to console her for not being able to pull the sword out." She whispered, a tear falling down her cheek. "He told her it was going to be a father daughter bonding session. I really believed I had bought us time, so I didn't worry about it. I believed that he believed me. I was wrong. Oh, god, Chris, I was so wrong."

"What did he do?" Chris asked, his hands clenching at his side.

"He ran her through with that damn sword." Meredith cried. "He ran her through and left her body on our bed with a warning."

"What warning?" Chris asked.

"Just one word: traitor." Meredith replied. "The moment I saw it, I knew I had to run. For months he's been bitching about how you escaped into the past, so I figured I'd follow you."

"How did you know when I'd come back to?" he asked her.

"I figured you come back before your birth." Meredith told him. "Back when we were kids, you said that you thought whatever had made him the way he was had happened before you were born. That left a year to decide from, so I picked at random. I guess you've been here for awhile."

"Yeah." Chris replied, finally sitting next to her. "A few months."

"What did you tell the sisters?" she asked.

"That I'm a whitelighter from the future." Chris replied. "That my name's Chris Perry and that I came back to stop a great evil."

"So they don't know who you really are?" Meredith asked.

"No, and it needs to stay that way." Chris warned.

"I'll keep your secret, just like you've always kept mine." Meredith replied before hesitating. "I know you probably won't ever forgive me for what I did, but you have to know that all of it, the killings, the betrayals, every last bit of it was to protect her. I would have sold my soul if I had thought it would've kept her safe."

"I know." He replied softly. He took a deep breath. "What are you going to tell them?"

"The truth." She replied. "As much of it as I can. I've spent too long lying, I want to do as little of it as possible. I leave out things that could give you away, but I'll tell them as much as I can."

"Alright." Chris agreed. "I should warn you, they're not the most trusting people on the planet."

"Did you expect anything else?" she shot back.

"I guess not." He replied.

He stood up and, after a second, held out his hand to help her up. She looked at him for a moment before accepting his hand.

"Mer, I need to ask." Chris said. "Bianca?"

"I don't know, Chris." She replied, shaking her head. "I heard rumors that she had gone to his side, but I honestly don't know. For the most part, I think she just dropped off the radar completely."

Chris nodded his head sadly.

"Do you want a lift, or will you use the shadows to get back?" he asked.

"If you don't mind, I'm kinda wiped." She replied.

He nodded and orbed them back to the manor.

The sisters were in the attic, at a lost as to what to do. They jumped as Chris and Meredith orbed back in.

"Crystals!" Paige called, orbing the crystals around the couple.

"Paige!" Chris yelled, annoyed, as the force field .

"Explain, please." Piper told them.

"Let us out of the cage!" Chris shot back.

"Chris, we barely trust you." Phoebe told him. "Now, we're supposed to trust someone you didn't trust when she showed up?"

"So, I say again," Piper said, "explain, please."

"Please." Meredith said. "I'm not here to hurt you."

"How do we know that?" Paige asked.

"I'll explain as much as I can." Meredith promised. "And, if after, you still don't trust me, I'll leave. I swear."

The sisters exchanged a look.

"Crystal." Paige finally called.

The cage disappeared.

"Thank you." Meredith said. "I have a way to prove I'm not an enemy." She motioned to the book. "If I might?"

The three sisters looked at each other. Finally, they backed away.

"Knock yourself out." Piper said.

Meredith nodded and stepped up to the book. She hesitated a second before laying her hands on the cover and breathing a sigh of relief.

"Okay, if you're good, why do you and Chris both seem so surprised you were able to touch the book?" Phoebe asked.

"I was a good witch once." Meredith said softly. "I was orphaned when I was five and raised by the best witches I've ever known." She finally looked up at the sisters. "The Charmed Ones."

"We raised you?" Piper asked, shocked.

Meredith nodded.

"You said you were a good witch once." Paige said. "What happened?"

"I made a wrong choice." Meredith replied. "I choose the wrong guy. At first, I wanted to believe him when he said that everything he was doing was to protect us, but I knew in my heart it wasn't true. I was about to leave him when I found out I was pregnant. I knew it wasn't his, I knew she was the product of a one night stand, but I thought that if I could convince him she was his, he'd protect her. Keep her safe. I was wrong."

"What happened?" Phoebe asked.

"What wasn't?" Meredith asked, sighing. "Six months after Jenny was born, he took control of the magical community. No one could stop him. Those who didn't bow down were eliminated. And I stood by and watched it happen. I didn't raise a finger to stop him because I wouldn't risk losing Jenny. I stood by his side and watched as he decimated the magical community, and when it was over and there was no one who would stand against him, I took my place at his side as his queen, mother of his heir."

"You were married to the evil Chris is trying to stop?" Piper asked.

"Yes." Meredith answered. "I did so many horrible things. I learned to block the part of me that screamed that it was wrong. I destroyed everything to keep my daughter safe. Between the two of us, we brought the world to its knees. But then my daughter started to get older, and as she grew, she didn't display the right powers. I made up ever excuse I could. That she took after me, that she'd grow into them, that she was just a late bloomer. Anything to buy time to let her grow up. I thought if she just had time to grow, eventually I could get her out." She looked away from Chris. "I thought that her father, who at the time was the leader of the only resistance left, I thought he might take her when she got older."

"He would have." Chris told her. "He would've protected you both if you had just come to him. I know he would've."

"I know." She replied softly. "But it didn't matter. My husband found out Jenny was his and he killed her. I knew I'd be next, so I ran. I followed Chris into the past thinking that if I helped him stop my husband from coming to power, maybe I could make up for not protecting Jenny."

She ran her hand over the cover of the book one last time before stepping away.

"So you know Chris, then?" Paige asked.

Meredith smiled softly.

"I've known Chris my whole life." She replied. "He was one of my best friends growing up."

"If you're a witch, what are your powers?" Piper asked.

"Um, they're kind of unique." Meredith replied hesitantly, glancing at Chris.

Chris sighed.

"Meredith is the product of the joining of a powerful European line of witches and an equally powerful Native American line of shamans." He told them. "She gained the power of both sides in equal measure."

"Plain English, please." Phoebe said.

"The two types of powers combined to create a new type." Meredith explained. "I'm an elemental, but I draw my power directly from the Earth, not from an internal source of magic. Basically I run the power through me. It means I get tired easily, but I can harness tremendous amounts of energy. That and my ability to Shadow Walk comes from my Native American half. My ability to cast spells and make potions comes from my European half."

"When you say 'elemental', what do you mean?" Paige asked.

"I have the ability to harness the powers of the basic elements." Meredith replied. "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Electricity."

"Mer, we should go try to figure out where you're going to stay." Chris interrupted.

"Where are you staying?" she asked him.

"In the back room at P3." He replied. "I guess you could stay with me, but it's going to be cramped."

"You said we raised you." Piper interrupted.

"Yeah, you did." Meredith said softly. "You three were the best moms a girl could ask for."

"Then I guess you could stay here." Piper said slowly. "You can have the guest room."

"Really?" the other four asked at the same time.

"Yeah." Piper replied. "I don't know why, but I trust her."

"Oh, so you trust her, but not me." Chris groused.

"Chris." Meredith rebuked. "I can tell her more than you can. Of course she trusts me."

Chris huffed, but didn't say anything.

"Thank you." Meredith said sincerely. "You don't know what this means to me."

"He doesn't know how you got back, right?" Chris suddenly asked.

"No." she replied. "He has a hard time touching the book any more, and I had to look hard to find the spell. I only barely remembered it. I'm sure he doesn't remember it at all."

"Well, Chris, why don't you go…do whatever it is you do when you're not bugging us, while we go get Meredith settled." Phoebe said. "By the way, what's your last name."

"Originally, it was St. James." Meredith replied. "But I changed when I was eighteen."

"To what?" Piper asked.

"Halliwell." She replied.

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