This fic is more of a fun one that came to mind. Eitherway, I'm not sure how it'll go, but whatever.

This is just meant to be the first chapter after all.


Luke awoke with a violent shock. "WAAAH!" He cried out in panic, taking deep breaths to calm himself. "Wha—what happened? How did I get back here?" He asked himself.

Looking around, he found himself back in his room. "My room? How did I get back here? Last thing I remembered was—" He was gathering his thoughts when something knocked.

"Master Luke, your father is looking for you." A girl's voice called.

He recognized it as one of his maids that usually tended to him. "Coming!" he replied as he got up and went to put on his shirt. Reaching for his usual shirt, he noticed something brushing his back. "Damn it's annoying!" He thought as he reached for it and yanked it.

"Ouch!" He cried out as he turned and saw that it was his hair. "What the? Why's my hair long again?" He wondered as he realized that his hair was back to its original length before he had cut it.

But before he could pounder on it, there was another knock on the door. "Master Luke! Your father demands your presence!" The maid called again.

"Coming!" He instinctively called out. "I'll worry about it later." He told himself as he got up and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked exactly like how he was before he left the manor.

As he walked down the hallway, he started to wonder something. "What's this strange feeling I'm getting, it's almost as if there's something very wrong here, but I can't figure it out." He wondered.

But just as soon as he wondered about that, a sudden burst of pain erupted within his head. "AHHH!" He cried as he clutched his head. "What's—what's this? Lo—Lorelei?" He asked.

"Luukkeee..." The ever so familiar voice replied back within his head. "Head my voice." It called out to him.

"I'm here Lorelei, but how and why are you here? Shouldn't you be in the fon belt?" He asked.

There was no reply from the sentiment. "Lorelei! What's going on? Tell me!" He pursued the case. Thankfully there was no one around him, or they might think that he was going mad.

"Luke, I must inform you of something." The sentiment began.

"What is it?" He eagerly asked.

"I—I—I have sent you back in time to stop a calamity from happening." The voice replied.

At those very words, Luke let lose a scream which shook the entire house. "?"

"A terrible calamity happened immediately after I was released, one I was not able to foresee. It resulted in the destruction of the world five years later. I returned your memories from the future to give you a second chance. Use it well." The voice told him as him as he broke contact.

"Wait! What calamity? What's going to happen? Lorelei! Answer me!" He desperately tried calling it back, but to no avail. Moments past, but still answer. A maid came looking for. "Master Luke, the duke demands your presence." She reported to him.

"Understood, you're dismissed." He told her. As soon as she was gone, he turned and headed for the dining hall. On his way there, there was only one thing on his mind. "Am I really back in the past?" He asked himself.

He got his answer the moment he arrived in the dining hall. "Luke! I demanded your presence three times already! I hope you have a proper explanation for your actions." His father demanded.

But the real form of his answer came in the presence of the man he thought he never see again. "Master Van! What are you doing here?" He instinctively asked.

"Haha! I was just here visiting the duke for some business." He casually replied. "I'm going to have to go look for fon master Ion temporarily. As such I won't have much time to train you." He told him.

"Oh that's all right; I'll find something else to do meanwhile." Luke replied. Part of him was feeling weird, he felt like he was just given a chance to change everything again from scratch. And in a manner of speaking maybe he was.

"Haha! Don't worry about it Luke! As a form of compensation, how about I train you extra hard today?" He offered.

"Sure thing master Van!" The young noble agreed to it like before. "This marks the start of my adventure if I recall, now all I have to do is wait for her to come." He smiled as he thought of meeting one of those important to him again.

"Meet me in the courtyard in a few minutes, I'll just settle some last discussion about with the Duke first." He told him. Needless to say, Luke was already gone.

"I got to get some money for the trip!" He went to his room, and from there. He opened and took out his personal stash of gald. "Now I'm all set for the trip." He told himself as he readied himself.

When he arrived at the courtyard, he wasn't surprised to find Guy and Van talking to one another. "Oh yeah, Guy was friends with master Van, and they don't separate until later in the future." He recalled as he entered their presence.

"Hey guy! What are you doing here?" He asked as he joined them, even if he already had a suspicion about it.

"Oh Luke! I—I was just asking Van for some advice regarding my swordsmanship." He came up a lame excuse.

"Luke! How about that training lesson of ours? Time wait's for no man after all." Van chuckled.

"Sure thing Master Van!" He agreed as he took out his weapon.

And over the next few minutes, Luke once again repeated his training scene in front of his master by sparring with a dummy. It was nothing special, now all he was waiting for was for her to arrive. "HYYAAH!" he cried as he destroyed the training dummy.

"Excellent work Luke! You've progressed a lot faster than I thought." Van praised him as he handed him a towel for him to dry off.

"Thank you master Van!" He gratefully took the towel and proceeded to dry himself off, but as he did that, a soft but soothing voice entered the fray. He dropped the towel and fell to his knees. "She's here!" He eagerly awaited for her appearance.

"Vandestacal(Forgive my spelling)! I've finally found you!" Tear called out as she appeared on the roof. "Prepare yourself!" She challenged as she leapt down onto the courtyard and rushed him.

"I knew it, I knew it had to be you Mysterica.(Spelling error I guess)" Van grunted as he clutched his head.

"Stay away from Master Van!" Luke cried out in defence as he intercepted her with his blade.

Her staff and his sword clashed, and in turn, they started glowing golden. "A hyper resonance?" Tear cried out in shock.

"It's here!" Luke eagerly waited as he waited for the two of them to be transported away. "I've got a second chance to make things right, and this time round, I'll do it so that no one important to me get's hurt!"