A/N: It seems the 3-part fic I wrote before just wasn't enough Sparrabeth for me, I need to write more! lol This is a different take on a post-AWE world, told in 26 seperate short scenes, one for each letter of the alphabet. The scenes all connect but do not take place directly one after the other, some time elapses between each one. Hope that makes sense, and I hope to post at least one of these scenes every week. Thanks go to Florencia7, the wonderful author of so much excellent Sparrabeth fic - she is one of my biggest sources of inspiration for this story!

Disclaimer: All recognisable PotC characters belong to Disney and other important people that aren't me. Any new characters are mine!

A is for... Ana-Maria

"No, Jack. Under no circumstances are you taking the Empress" Elizabeth insisted as she stood opposite him on the deck of said ship.

Her hands were on her hips and her eyes flashed with determination - she had never been more beautiful.

"Borrow, Lizzie" he corrected, gesturing as he did with his hands, "T'would be but a lend of your fine vessel" he assured her, and yet the lady seemed unconvinced.

"No" she repeated, "absolutely not" she told him definitely, turning away.

Elizabeth knew she should start walking now, and have Jack tossed off her ship entirely before he could cause any more trouble, and yet she didn't even move.

"Why not?" he pouted, though she didn't see it, she could imagine it all the same.

Without looking back, she replied;

"One word; Ana-Maria"

Jack reeled a bit at that, knowing where this conversation now tended. All girls together, battle of the sexes, and all that. He could well do without such a conversation as this and hence did his level best to wriggle out of it.

"Actually, that's two words, luv" he told her easily, "or in fact not words at all but a name" he corrected annoyingly with a smirk to match as she turned back to look his way.

The expression on her face immediately silenced him from further rambling.

"You took her ship" she reminded him, stepping in closer and pointing a finger that soon dug into his chest, "You sank it, promised her another, and left her high and dry" she accused, all of which there was no denying on Jack's part.

"Yes" he said at length, "I did do that" he admitted, knowing he had little or no choice in the matter.

The trouble of it was, as much as they both knew talking his way out of this one was not going to be an easy task, he would somehow manage to do it.

After all, he was Captain Jack Sparrow, and even Elizabeth knew he would convince her eventually; he always did.