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Too Long Away?

Chapter 7

Mirana had to collect her thoughts. She realised she had just appeared to be a tyrant; and she hadn't meant to! She loved Alice dearly! But, as Queen and as Tarrant's friend she had been frightened for him, and had he decended further into Madness he may have never been able to return. And not only that, but had she not acted quickly to save him, the Hightopp Clan would be lost forever, besides.

Oh, her head was beginning to ache! She hadn't wanted to send him to a cell, but his violence had left her little choice.

On that dreadful Horunvendush Day when his entire Clan had been destroyed, the only saving grace had been that Tarrant hadn't been married. He had been considering several lasses as potential wives, as he was coming of age; it wasn't as if she were attempting to force a substitute family on him! It would be his first and likely only!

What Mirana hadn't wanted to tell Tarrant was how bad he had been. She had only told him of the destruction of objects. No-one had told him, and never would, by her orders, that he had also attacked Thackery. Thackery had made the unfortunate mistake of mentioning Alice's name over Tea one day at the Palace and Tarrant had flown into a rage and began to pummel the hapless hare until a couple of guards heard the disturbance and managed to subdue the raging Hatter.

Tarrant had no idea how worried she was that once his Madness extended to harm to a living creature the risk that he could sink and not return was greater than ever. Mirana could not risk that for her friend. Or his Clan.

There was a knock on her door. "Enter," Mirana called wearily. A guard stepped into the room.

"Your Highness, The Champion is here and wishes to see Mr. Hightopp."

Mirana waved him away. "Fine, fine, I'll allow it."

The guard in the Dungeon opened Tarrant's cell and allowed Alice to go inside.

"He appears calm enough right now," he told her, "but I'll not be far. If I hear anything I'll come right back for you."

"Thank you," Alice said gratefully.

Tarrant was chained by his ankles only, thank goodness. Mirana was not attempting to punish him, just keep him quiet for a while.

"Tarrant!" Alice whispered, kneeling, "I'm so sorry!"

His eyes flew open and the green-lavender warmed her heart immediately.

"For what? You didn't do anything wrong, love!" he said, pulling her into his lap.

Alice settled against him and they embraced. "Tarrant, will everything really be all right?" she murmured against his neck.

Tarrant shivered at her warm breath and held her more tightly. "Yes, Alice. One way or another, it will be."

"Well, Mally is sneaking into Alana's room to talk to her and find out how she feels about all of this."

Tarrant snapped his head up. "What? She's going to speak to her?"

"Yes," Alice said, tracing a finger over Tarrant's lower lip, "and maybe, if she's not really content with all of this then maybe Mirana will allow us to be together."

Tarrant barely heard her. Alice was touching his lip! He suddenly felt it quiver and hoped that Alice didn't mind. But she smiled and kept stroking his lip, especially the sensitive center. When a soft whimper came from his throat she couldn't help herself.

"Tarrant?" she murmured, closing the distance between them.

"Yes, lass?" he breathed huskily.

"I want to kiss you." She had said it! And she had no regrets about it. Tarrant had defied the Queen for her; he had broken in a door for her, endured torture, risked his life for her several times, and now his eyes were lavender for her! Not to mention that he was now sitting chained in a cell for her.

"Are...are you sure?" he asked. "Alice, love, if you kiss me and I kiss you, then...well...I'm not going to have an easy time of it waiting for you to think after all this is over." He wasn't having an easy time anyway, what with her lips already so tantalizingly close and her scent wisping through his nostrils and into his brain, creating a lovely fog of promising Alice Love.

"I don't know what you can do about that," she said saucily, suddenly feeling mischevious despite the circumstances, "but I'd say that it will be your problem and not mine. So, do you want to kiss me or not?"

Tarrant groaned. "Lass, that has to be the most ridiculous thing you've ever asked!"

Alice closed her eyes and his lips crashed down on hers with a ferocity that startled her. The cherry taste of him, plus the scent of tea and lemon and Tarrant-essence flooded her senses. When his tongue persuaded her lips to part she eagerly allowed him entrance. She knew people shared open-mouthed kisses, but...oh! It felt like nothing she could describe. Her body suddenly weakened and a bolt of undiluted desire shot straight to her belly as his tongue caressed and teased hers.

She moaned softly and he explored her mouth more insistently, almost desperately, as if he would perish if she refused him now. Her moan caused him to slide a hand into her hair and hold her head firmly in order to not allow her to escape him.

Tarrant's other hand slowly stroked up and down her back and his kiss gentled, as if he realised that she would not be leaving him. Alice clutched his lapels and hoped the kiss could go on forever. It was so stirring, so loving, so exciting, and so sensual that she was angry when her breath began to fail her. Reluctantly she ended the kiss.

She opened her eyes just in time to see Tarrant's lashes flutter open to reveal his lavender and gold-flecked wide eyes.

"Tarrant, did you ever...have your eyes ever...looked like that with...her?"

He smiled. "You are asking another ridiculous question, lass! Of course not! I love you, Alice; not anyone else. Ever."

Alice was speechless. His eyes didn't lie, nor did his actions. Nor did her own heart. She knew, perhaps more at this moment than ever before, that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her; and beyond Life, if that was possible. And she wanted that, too! More than anything she could imagine she wanted to pledge her life and love and soul to him.

Tarrant's fingers beneath her chin tipped her face upwards and he kissed her again, softly.

"But not just yet, eh?" he asked, knowing what she was thinking.

Alice blushed hotly and tried to move her face aside, but he would have none of it.

"It's all right, lass. Take all the time you need. I'll wait forever if you want me to."

"Do you think she'll really agree to that?" Alana asked Mally, incredulous.

"Well, a bargain is a bargain, right? And Queen Mirana has basically promised ye the sky, right? Well, in order to make ye happy and keep Tarrant and Alice from leaving, which I know they would do if they have to, what else can she do?"

"She can still refuse," Alana replied.

"Well, then, she'll lose the Hatter, her Champion, Thackery, the Tweedles, Bayard and his family, the Bandersnatch, and me and every mouse soldier she has. That wouldn't look good for her, would it?"

Alana laughed. "I suppose not!"

Mirana's headache was even worse. Before her were Alice, Tarrant, Mallymkin, and Alana. She sensed they had something to say to her; and it wouldn't be anything she really wanted to hear.

"Yes?" she asked wearily, rubbing at her temples.

"I wish to remain in Underland," Alice said, gathering her Muchness around her; although she didn't really need it, as Tarrant's arms around her gave her all the courage she needed. "And I want you to release Tarrant to marry whoever he pleases."

"Which is Alice," Tarrant said firmly. "Alana, I'm sorry, but..."

"It's all right, Terry," she said quickly, "I understand. Neither of us would be happy if we were to marry. And it's clear to me that you love Alice. I wish you both the best."

Tarrant's eyes widened and he grinned widely. "Oh, Alana, thank you!"

"And I want to remain in Underland and live comfortably, as I've been promised," Alana said. "And I want to be with the person I've wanted to be with all along."

"And you have to let her or we're leaving," Mally said.

Mirana rubbed her temples harder. "Oh, bother. And where, may I ask, would you go?"

"Above," Tarrant said, "or whatever territories lie beyond the Outlands."

"I won't have it," she sighed. "Tarrant, just see sense. All of you are obviously against me in this. Alana, who is it you want?"

"It's not who I want, but who I really, truly care for and want to be with; if you understand my meaning," Alana replied. "But I don't know if you'd really be willing to..."

"Just tell me who it is and I'll make it happen!" the Queen snapped irritably. Could things get any worse?

"You promise?" Alana asked timidly.

"As long as the party you admire so much isn't married or otherwise committed, yes."

"You," Alana said firmly.

Mirana looked up. "I beg your pardon?"

"It's you, Mirana. I've been in love with you almost since I arrived." She blushed. "I...prefer women, to tell the truth, and I...I love you, Queen Mirana."

Tarrant sniggered and Alice swatted his arm. He fell silent, but saw her own smirk from the corner of his eye.

Mirana's eyes were absolutely enormous. Her shock was almost palpable. This was one of the extremely rare occassions Tarrant and Mally had ever seen Mirana lose her pristine composure.

"I...excuse me. I have a terrible headache and must lie down."

Alana gasped and rushed forward but Mirana stayed her with a gesture. "It's all right, Alana. I'll keep my word."

"Do...do you hate me now?"

"No, Alana, not at all. It's just...a lot to take in right now." She smiled at the young woman reassuringly. "Everything will be all right. I just need to lie down for a while."

Twenty weeks, twenty new dresses, hats, shoes and slippers later, Alice told Tarrant that yes, she would marrry him.

"I'll make you forget everything," he promised Alice as she lay nervously beneath the bedsheet. She had not permitted Tarrant to see her undress; she was still too modest. He had gallantly indulged her in this and had given her privacy.

He stood naked before her now, having undressed in half the time he once did, all too eager for his Alice. And, since she had obviously seen him unclothed before, he was not self-conscious, as was his beloved.

Alice swallowed loudly. "Tarrant...what if I'm not as pretty as..."

Tarrant shushed her. "Alice, nonsense! I never want to hear such from you again. You compare to no-one, do you hear me? No-one!"

She nodded. She knew she shouldn't have spoken her fear, for she had assured Tarrant that the past was the past and all that mattered was their future; together. But now, as she was about to give herself completely to Tarrant, she found herself irksomely bashful and shy. She suddenly was insecure about her appearance. What if he found her...lacking?

"Lass, summon your Muchness," he said, grinning. "I'm going to pull that sheet off of you in the next few moments whether you like it or not!"

"Tarrant!" she cried, "you'll do no such thing!"

"Won't I?" he replied with a smirk. "I've been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever, and I'm not a terribly patient man in such matters. Not with you. Now, off with that sheet or I'll take it off myself!"

Alice gasped, but then nodded. She sat up, still clutching the sheet to her chest. "Muchness, Alice," she whispered, "your Muchness!"

She slowly lowered the sheet until it was just below her breasts. Tarrant gasped and knelt beside the bed.

"Lovely," he groaned, "you're so beautiful!"

"B...beautiful?" she asked, her azure eyes wide and hopeful.

He leaned forward and cupped a pale breast in one hand and smiled as she sucked in her breath.

"Oh yes, beautiful," he said, his voice reverant as he rubbed his palm over her nipple until it hardened. "Take off the rest of the sheet," he beseeched her.

Alice felt that she may as well. The lavender-gold of his eyes encouraged her and she tossed it to the floor, baring herself completely before him. The resulting gasp and the darkening of his eyes to nearly purple soothed her unspoken fears.

"Ye are th' mos' beautiful thin' Ah've evah seen," he said in the brogue she had come to adore. The look in his eyes and on his face finally convinced her and she smiled.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Ah thin' ye noe," he said with a gentle smile. "At leas' ye noe par' o' it."

Alice blushed and couldn't help but giggle. "I'm sorry! You know I didn't mean..."

Tarrant laughed. "Mah Alice, Ah don' min' aneh mur!" He pulled her to the edge of the bed and parted her knees, but in order to not embarrass Alice again he wouldn't look down at her maidenhood. Yet. He elicited a gasp as he cupped her left breast and took her right nipple into his mouth.

Alice's head fell back at the dual sensations assailing her. She couldn't believe how such simple touches could feel so exquisite! His fingers toyed with one nipple and his tongue flicked the other until she was gasping and shaking.

Tarrant couldn't help but feel quite pleased with himself. He was her first, and he was already well on his way to reducing her to a heap of quivering, longing Need! If she only knew how badly he also Needed her...but...no. He didn't want her to know how desperate he was just yet. He would have to control himself until she was truly ready for him.

Oh, he adored her creamy breasts and pale rose nipples! He suckled her nipple and gently nipped the tip until she was curling her fingers into his hair and moaning his name.

"Tarrant!" she gasped, "it's too...too..."

"Delicious," he said, referring to his experience rather than her own, but she didn't disagree with him. He switched to her other breast and favoured it with the same attention. Then Tarrant drew back slightly and sucked at the top of one breast to make sure he left His Mark on her body.

Alice felt a familiar ache build between her thighs along with the tell-tale moisture that betrayed her intense desire. She had felt that sensation once before, but now it was for her to enjoy and have fulfilled! She wondered if he would...did she dare ask him to...

Tarrant gently pushed her down onto the bed and lifted her legs over his shoulders. "This tam an' evah after is yers, Mah Alice! May Ah?"

Flushed and panting with desire, Alice nodded. Tarrant slowly kissed the insides of her thighs and gently caressed her knees. Her tender, untouched flesh was hyper-sensitive to his every touch, every warm puff of breath, every brush of his fingers. Even his soft hair and his ears tickled her skin and caused her to shiver.


Tarrant knew what she was pleading for but was determined to take his time. He wanted his first time with Alice and for Alice to be as special as possible. Still kissing and tasting the insides of her pale thighs he moved the questing fingers of one hand upwards to slowly tease at her center. He could smell her arousal and it intoxicated him. That he could do this to her was an instant addiction that he knew he could never, and would never wish to, escape from!

He gently inserted a finger inside of her and she violently twitched with the sensation. Tarrant felt her moist warmth and then her tightness. He couldn't supress a smile knowing he would be her first and only man. But he did not look forward to causing her pain. He carefully moved his finger in and out of her, careful to move in a bit further each time.

"Tarrant, that feels incredible!" she cried out breathily.

Tarrant added a second finger to help widen her. "Alice, yer sew warm an' tight! Am Ah hurtin' ye?"

"No, Tarrant, you're not hurting me. Please don't stop!"

He smiled. That's just what he wanted to hear! He was now eager to taste of her and he couldn't wait to bring her even greater pleasure. For Alice he would not be half-hearted in his attentions; he would only ever give her his best.

"Oh Tarrant, please! I need you!" She gasped and writhed and he had to grasp her hips to hold her steady as he, at long last, tasted of her.

"Tarrant!" she almost screamed, lurching upwards violently. He held her firmly and laved his tongue across the petals of her femininity. Her taste! Her sensual, musky Alice-Taste! He teased her mercilessly, slowly snaking his tongue up and down her wet slit, then along the sides until she was almost soaking wet. When she began bucking and moaning he finally flicked his tongue across her tiny bundle of nerves and she thrashed against him.

The sensations were overpowering her! She knew she was struggling against Tarrant even though she didn't want to. Her body was behaving so strangely!

"Tarrant," she cried, "I'm sorry!"

He stopped at once. "Fer wha'?" he asked, puzzled.

"For...for struggling!" she panted. "I don't want to, but my body...it's behaving so oddly!"

Tarrant burst into laughter. "Lass, tha's not strange, it's natural! It mins Ah'm doin' thins' right!"

Alice giggled. "Oh...I didn't know!"

"Ye dew nauw!" he said, and resumed his ministrations.

Yes, he was certainly doing things right, Alice thought. It was a brief thought, however. For, when Tarrant resumed his teasing and sucking on her sensitized nub she ceased to think coherently at all! All she could feel and focus on was the incredible pleasure building and centering in that one tiny portion of her body. When Tarrant gave her a particularly hard suck and then a nip from his teeth she arched her back and cried out as a wave of intense ecstacy swept through her.

Alice trembled and quivered and gasped until she was exhausted, but Tarrant didn't stop sweetly tormenting her until she had come twice more.

"Oh, Tarrant, I...had no idea," she whispered as he gently moved her to the center of the bed and lay beside her, caressing her cheek.

"Nae did Ah," he admitted. "Ah...Ah nevah fel' sew gud befer, Alice!"

She gazed into his eyes and blushed. "But what about you? I mean; your pleasure?"

"Yer pleasure is mah pleasure, lass. Buh...lateh Ah'll shew ye mer."

"Are...are you ready to...to make me yours, Tarrant?"

His eyes had never been so dark. He felt the change, and he could see that Alice saw it, too. She was blushing so prettily and nervously. But she was also being very brave and he admired her. She loved him and she had forgiven him everything; and now she was giving him everything.

"Ah...Ah kin onleh hope te be worthy," he said, kissing her gently.

"You are, Tarrant, you are. Now, please take me!"

Tarrant positioned herself at her entrance and hesitated, studying her face. She nodded and cupped his face between her palms. He sighed in pleasure and turned his head to press a kiss into her palm. Yes, she was the only one who he would ever allow to touch him thusly. Gently he eased the head of his erection inside her, slowing when her breathing became laboured with discomfort.

Gradually, each time Alice relaxed he was able to enter her a little more. Finally, Alice was stretched enough for Tarrant to fill her completely.

"We did it!" she gasped, her voice tight with discomfort yet filled with pride

"Ah...don' move, lass!"

"Why not?" she asked. "I feel better now! I want you to move!"

"Ah...Ah don' wan' te lose control."

"Oh...I understand," she said.

When Tarrant had composed himself he began to thrust slowly in and out; and quickly found out the hard way that he wasn't as composed as he thought.

"Oh, Tarrant! Don't stop!" Alice cried, matching him thrust for thrust.

"Lass, Ah don'..." He gritted his teeth, but the pleasure was too great and he could no longer contain himself. He came inside of her; his traitorous body feeling weak from the release, but he made himself keep moving. He slid a hand down and rubbed at her center, determined to bring her to her pleasure yet.

Thankfully, Alice wasn't far behind. A few more thrusts and a firm caress to her swollen nub brought her to climax.

"Tarrant, you are amazing," she gasped, her entire body relaxing and going limp.

Tarrant rolled to her side and gathered her against him.

"Yer pretteh amazin' yerself," he burred into her ear. He smiled at her shiver of delight and kissed her cheek. "Ah luv ye, Alice!"

"I love you too, Tarrant! And I can't wait to become your wife."

Tarrant closed his eyes and breathed in her scent.

"Mah wife. Yes," he said dreamily. "Hauw abou' t'morrow?"

"Tomorrow? But there's no dress yet and..."

"Ah hae everythin' ready, lass, includin' yer dress. If ye lak it, o' course. An' th' Queen an' Alana hae bin helpin' meh."

Alice chuckled. She could easily envision that! The women had become quite a loving couple and both adored weddings!

"How about one week, Tarrant?"

"Ah'll hol' ye te tha', lass!"

Alice licked away a drop of perspiration at the base of his throat and grinned.

"You had better!"

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