In a small clearing, three men and one woman stood.

The first, was a splendid looking man with fair hair and green eyes, clad in a heavy suit of armor that shone like the sun, but not nearly so much as the radiant coat of arms emblazoned upon the shield tied at his back and the smile that adorned his face. The second, who wore a robe of the purest garnet, nervously clutched a small dagger thrust into his belt. His eyes, narrowed and a pale mud brown, constantly drifted across the small encampment. The third, a man with wispy silver hair wrapped himself in a smoky black cloak that bore several tears and holes in its fabrics. Unlike his companion's the visage of this man betrayed no emotion. Sickly yellow eyes drifted across the congregation, though with a more of a predatory lasp than that of his fellows.

"Zeref, darling, behave yourself."

And finally, the woman, garbed herself in an azure blue kimono, oddly befitting the crimson hair that spilled down the opening at the back. She spoke now, her soft blue eyes tinged with amusement as the three men each turned to face her in kind. Clutched in her arms, she held a small newborn, wrapped tight in a coccoon of blankets and sheets. He stirred now, ever so slightly, yawning slowly.

"You'll wake your son." The woman sighed softly.

The man in black smiled warmly and extended his arms for the child.

"Allow me to see my boy one last time, Kushina. I haven't much time."

At once, the woman stepped forward, offering the babe to the individual known as Zeref.

The arrow shot forward over his shoulder and into her stomach.

Her eyes widened as blood began to spill from her soft lips. The man was so shocked he couldn't bring himself to move. He could only stare as another bolt exploded from the trees and rammed itself into the soft flehs flesh of his friend. She stood there for a moment, eyes wide, disbelieving, and filled with so much confusion. leaving her to fall to the ground in a helpless and bloody heap.

"Well now," an oily voice of called out from over the third's shoulder. "We can't have you going all softie on us. Can we, little one?"

The mouth of the second man worked silently, unable to form the words.

The third man remained transfixed, staring blankly at the corpse of his beloved.

The first screamed.

"Rhaaagh!" The golden man didn't think, he just moved, slashing at the ground with such force that the soil itself split from both the blow, flinging huge chunks of building into the air. As such, faced with such an attack, the man in black rapidly proppelled himself backward, launching his body into the nearest tree, then the nearest roof, as the sapling crumbled under the weight of the barrage. He did not wait to see whether his attack had been effective or not, but he'd seen that flash of of indigo from within the trees. With a snarl, he raced into the forest, shouting commands to his companion.

"Retreat, my lords'! Take the boy and-

The explosion cut off whatever he had meant to say.


The man in garnet, finally, finding his voice, whipped his head around as he dove away from the blast, seeking to catch the woman, but the his fellow wizard had already passed them both. He now launched himself into the air, where a massive magic seal broiled overhead. Cradling the boy in one arm, and raising the other high, he intoned a deep and solemn chant that abruptly forced the seal to triple in size. It crackled and surged with the raw power of all four elements, before bringing that wrath down upon the entirety of the isle. His companion had only an instant to leap away.


"Zeref! Are you mad! Using magic like that here will-

-attract attention?" The oily voice inquired from somewhere behind them once again. Whirling about, the two men found themselves face to face with an individual who did not appear to be even remotely threatening. If one would judge by appearances, that is. He was a slim fellow, clad in a white cloak, with shaved head, pale, gaunt skin hanging from his bones. What was most disturbing about him, however, were the tattoo's. They were wild, tribal markings, and they adorned every inch of his body, leaving only the eyes of his face untouched."I believe it's far too late for that...

...or your woman."


"Ah." The bald man wagged a crooked finger, glancing briefly at the destroyed island before speaking again. "You aren't going to speak my name by any chance, are you? You know what happened to your comrade...

"..." The man in garnet bit down on his tongue to stifle a rebuke.

"The dark wizard Zeref, and his trusted servant, Galen. "Clicking softly, the man regarded the duo with something akin to amusement. "You two are quite the slippery pair, aren't you? All these years, all those decades of trying to track you down, and here you were, right under my nose the entire time!" Abruptly, the bald man cackled, a wild screeching sound. "Truly I am blessed by the gods! For they have led me to you on this, a most fortuitous of days!" Suddenly, he was calm once again, now extending his hand. "Now, the boy, if you please. I would like to avoid any other unpleasantness."

"Go to hell."

"As you wish."

"Blade magic." The man declared cheerfully, summoning a grey magic circle into which he placed the entirety of his sword into the seal. "Extend."

"Galen, MOVE!"

The wakizashi stretched dramatically, the blade that was but two feet long a moment ago lengthening itself to stab at Galen from across the sky. The spear-like sword shot forth at lightning-quick speed, silencing Galen's cry of rage as the edge pierced his throat and removed his skull thereafter. Dripping with gore, the blade retracted, allowing the dying body to plummet toward the burning ground below. Scarce had it done so, then it lashed out again, its target now the dark mage whom it had meant to kill. Zeref leapt to the right and sped back toward the earth, rolling behind the cover of some debris as the long blade retracted back towards its twisted hilt. A look of complete and utter despair was etched into his features as he watched his friend, who had taken the blow for him...

'Forgive me, my friend.'

With nary a sound, he began to trace runes into the ashen soil at his feet. The process would require a great deal of time, but he was certain that the man wouldn't try to kill him just yet. Whatever strange fascination this man had with Zeref's son, it would keep him alive for the time being. And as he traced the last letter into the earth, he was satisfied with his work. Following his silent command, the letters of red and purple crawled across his skin, creating a strange mismatch of myriad tattoo's and intricate symbols. Content at last, Zeref readied himself for the man's approach.

He had not long to wait, as the sound of footsteps approached.

The man's smile only broadened as one of the greatest mages ever to be born hid like the child he was.

"Oh my," he called out into the empty air. "The greatd dark wizard Zeref is usually far braver than this. I wonder what he could be…" The dark sorceror appeared behind him in a flash of shadow, causing the assailant to whirl around and block. His smile widened as he looked down into the young man's rage filled eyes. Dark power raged around him, uncontrollable and vicious in his fury.

"…Plannin' to do?"

Zeref thrust his hand forward, causing the man to leap backwards, rebound of the wall, and launch himself forward. The dark wizard slapped his palms together, and a massive something swatted his attacker aside. When the blacknees had cleared, the mage held a staff that looked as though it had been carved from bronze and silver. He lifted his weapon high into the air, tightly gripping the long pole with both fists as the black light curled about its gem facets. Flowing up the talismans that adorned it, and into the glittering ruby at its tip. A tip that now tipped toward the bald man.


The black void swung forward as it released the red-tinged crescent blast. Ishida had only just fallen out of the way when the attack reached its target. The man brought up his blade to block, but the magic proved far too powerful; his opponent had been too close when the attack was released and the momentum was pushing against him greatly. He swung his blade with gusto, splitting the opaque blast in two. The force of the mage's attack still took its toll on him, however— he was physically unharmed, but the force of the blow had sent him backwards and out into the night sky.

"Oho? Using dark magic, are we?"

"I haven't much choice against an opponent like you." The sound of a voice above him caused his head to snap up. Zeref had appeared a few feet above him, flying backwards to keep pace with him, his staff crackling and spitting with barely restrained magic."If it means your death, and if it should avenge my comrades and my wife, then I will use this soul corrupting magic to defeat you. That..."

For the first time in the fight, the stranger's face lost its pleasant smile.

"Soul...extinction." The world vanished into darkness the moment he'd cleared the opening. As it was, the tail slapped him with such force that he thought he'd broken his back when his body careened into the ground. But no, he didn't have any broken bones, just punctured pride at being slammed down to the stone in such a humiliating matter. He could taste the blood in his mouth.

"Ow." He muttered, dusting himself off. "That hurt."

Zeref appeared before him once again, leaving little more than a charred ruin in his wake. Wherever he walked, plants decayed and died, the air became stale and lifeless, and what few streams remained intact from the original blast, now boiled away to nothingness when exposed to his power.


Zeref extended a hand, and his staff flew to him, shearing up the street as it went, leaving a large furrow in its wake. With an audible pop, it landed back in his palm, creating concussion force that shattered a nearby tree into a thousands fragments. Jamming the sparking pole into the crumbling wall, what was left of the debris dissolved.

The stranger's grin faded as the Zeref loomed over him menacingly, souless eyes speaking volumes of the malice residing within the wizard's anguished soul. Still lhe oomed over her, this creature that radiated power, power that now hissed and spit at the air around them.

Finally he found his voice. "Not bady, pretty scary face you have there." The moment lost, Zeref clenched his hands into a fist and glared. He shook himself, tossing the mane of dark energy wildly, deafening to all those present. "But even with won't be able to beat me."

Zeref frowned then, lips parting to speak.

Too late.

The man raised a finger and muttered something, bidning him in place.

All in an eyeblink.

"There...let's see you get out of...this."

Zeref's face remained unseen in the shadow's, even though the man's insult rang true. Despite his injuries, the man began to rise as one final drop of blood fell from his flesh. The sphere of blood froze in its drop before it began to swirl around in the air, the red droplet becoming a hoop as more and more of the man's energy was forced upon it. Soon the ring of energy turned a crimson color as it lost its circular purity, jagged bars of energy jutting out from the deadly ball of power.

"Void magic. Oblivion's Bind."

The massive blast shot forth at Zeref, completely obliterating the back wall of the room as the violet red flame of the wizard through the night air. The bald man stood stone still, his shirt ripped open from Zeref's previous attacks, his scarred chest pumping as he attempted to regain his breath. Alas, as the wind began to blow through the opened wall and the dust from the explosion cleared, he saw the still silhouette of Zeref waiting for him. But the cords of golden chain wrapped around his body suggested that the magic's true purpose had yet to be revealed.

"Excellent. You survived."

The dark mage stood in front of the massive hole that the attack had created. His right hand was blistered and bleeding from the blast, his eyes widening in anger as he glanced at his wounded appendage. His normally bemused gaze was cast upon the sniffling child that he cradled protectively in his good arm. By the grace of god, he'd managed to shield the boy from the blast. There was little he could do however, as the four walls rose around him. The chains that bound all but his right arm and the child, suddenly began to draw tight about him. Locks and trappings clamped down.

"Sealing," he said as he slowly flexed his injured hand, his thin fingers curling into a fist. "I see. If that's the case...

With the last of his magic, as the last lock slammed shut on his prison, Zeref pushed, willing his offspring away to the farthest corner's of the earth. To a trusted friendof his own, one who would surely raise the child until the appointed time. A fain crackle rewarded his efforts, producing a small opening in the barrier. The streak of sunlight that was his only son, shot out to the north, guided by his last willAnd so, even as the final cord wrapped about his neck, the dark wizard smiled, laughing over the dismayed shriek his opponent gave, as his prize was denied to him at the very last second.

"NO! Where did you send the boy! Tell me at once!"

"He is lost to you."


Zeref smiled coldly at his captor as the magic swept his mind away. The last sight he saw, was that of his child vanishing into the portal he'd torn in the air. That abyss would lead him to a safe place, where he could take shelter for many a year. And when the time came for him to leave that place, surely he would find another. He would find friend's there. He would find family. He would find...

Exhaling softly, Zeref threw his head back and watched as the last glimmer of sunlight was sealed away from him. In the darkness of his prison, a silent tear rolled down his cheek. He could already hear the protests of the his captor fading away into the distance. Soon, there was only deafening silence, and that black, twisted power that rushed to claim his sanity. The time had come, at last.

"Naruto...become strong. Become strong, my son...and kill me."


Tobias was sound asleep when something landed on his head, and rolled off seconds later. He thought nothing of it. T'was merely a leaf or some other harmless object. Nothing to fret over. Wait, did a leaf make that much noise? No matter, it would be gone soon enough. Nothing in this world was foolish enough to disturb him. When the noise grew louder, and persitent, a low snarl of irritation escaped his jaws, followed by a plume of smoke. With a muffle snort, he raised his scaly head, wondering what had the audacity to disturb him from his slumber. The golden scales of his skin sparkled as he left the shade and the sun struck them, casting a myriad of saffron gold across the stones of his nest. Tobias contented himself to bask in the warmth of the sun for a moment, before he heard it.

"What have we here?"

Much to his surprise, it was a human. Not just any human, but a human infant, wrapped tight in a thin blanket, with only its head and mouth exposed. It was wailing loudly, the source of its distress evident, as it was alone, its parent nowhere to be seen. At once, it noticed him, the great and angry dragon that loomed over it. Immediately, it quieted. Tobias could not help but be amused by this.

"Where did you come from, little one?"

Of course, the child did not reply. He did not yet know the art of speech. Hooking the boy in one claw, Tobias freed the boy's arms, and gazed down at him intently. The boy, hardly a year old, gazed back at him, Curiosity brimming over in its sapphire blue eyes. Suddenly, it reached out to him with both of its tiny little arms. Indignant, Tobias reared back on his hind legs, and gave a gentle push with his massive wings. Not enough to blow the babe away, but just enough to startle it. Far from being terrified, the boy squealed in delight at the gentle breeze. Tobias frowned at the sight of this.

"You're Zeref's boy, aren't you? That one didn't know any fear, either. Did that crazy kid send you to me, little one?"

The boy squealed once more and clapped his hands.

"I'll take that as a yes." Tobias snorted to himself, his scaly eyes briefly sliding shut as he exhaled. What was it with these humans? Igneel and Metallicana had their own student's, and rumor had it that Gridayane had one as well. Why they took interest in the human race had made no sense to him before, but now, looking down at this child before him, this boy, who knew neither right from wrong, who possessed no sense of fear, he felt a twinge of sympathy for it. Just a twinge. Perhaps he could teach him...just a bit. At least until he could fend for himself. Then he was so out the door.

'Ah, who am I kidding.'

The mighty dragon yawned, his eyelids drooping suddenly. It was too early in the morning to decide such consequential matter's. Curling himself around the boy, Tobias contented himself to sleep on the matter for now. He glanced once more at the boy, just to be sure, and was again amused, to find that the child had already fallen fast asleep, snuggled against the warm scales of his tail.

" owe me for this."

A/N: Well...there you have it. TWENTY FIVE STORIES HAVE NOW BEEN ADOPTED, so, as promised, I published a fairy tail story that someone asked me to write awhile back. Naruto's obviously going to end up with some girl in fairy tail, but the problem is I don't know WHO? Oh, and f.y.i yes, he was shot forward in time by zeref, and he'll be landing at the time point when Cana, Gray, Mirajanne, etc, were kids. As to whether this is the dragon of LIGHT or LIGHTNING, meh, I'll wait for your opinion on it. Hope I spelled everything right!