Alright, so I admit... This is mostly to be able to rave about the awesomeness of 8x05. More specifically the Ziva parts, with or without Tony.

She was totally talking about Gibbs when she said her father had taught her baseball.

I loved that! It's really endearing and I'm so happy for Ziva (even if she is a completely fictional character). So I wrote this little thing... To be clear, it's not a letter Ziva would actually send to her father... rather a kind of therapeutic aid. I've written such a letter to somebody recently, and it helped me.

Don't own NCIS!

Dear Father,

I have not seen you for a while. I had no intention of ever contacting you again if I did not need to. You are no parent to me anymore – not even a colleague. If I could choose, you would have no bearing on my life anymore at all.

But you do.

And so I have to tell you something – even if you will never read this.

I realize we have a connection in blood that is impossible to erase, but besides that, we are no longer related in any way.

I am who I am because of you, and maybe I would have not been as good without you for a father. Maybe you made me into who I am.

But I have realized something the past few days.

We have had a case that required me to go undercover. The last five years of my life, the years at NCIS, were required to be erased. I became an Israeli citizen again. Your daughter whose function was classified.

And I realized that it did not suit me. It felt like a piece of clothing that was too tight. It did not fit me.

As I pretended to be myself I found that I was somebody else.

I am a different person now. I no longer feel like your daughter, or like a child of Israel. I will not hesitate to be proud of my heritance, but it is no longer my identity.

I am American.

And my parents – my father– may as well be dead.

It's short, but I felt that if I made it any longer, it would lose its strength.

So, like/dislike? What did you think of the episode?