"can everyone please report to the bridge we have a situation that could evolve into a omega level threat, so we're going to stop it before it does."

J'onn's voice rang out over the announcement system in the watchtower.

Quickly heroes of all sizes and abilities arrived on the bridge facing the monitor balcony with massive windows and screens behind them showing earth and other parts of the citadel all at once.

"Circe has teamed up with Morgan le Fay and is wreaking havoc in down-town New York we'll split into teams to evacuate and take them from all angles" J'onn stated

"first team, Fire, Huntress, Nightwing..."

he was interrupted by the main comm, Diana's voice filtering through the speakers, or rather, Diana's laughter.

This prompted some chatter among the assembled leaguers until Diana spoke,

" as you know Circe is back, she is very skilled at turning people into animals,"

more laughter, this time louder "and she hit Superman and Batman" she managed to finish before breaking out in peals of laughter, accompanied by the rest of the league, even the previously stoic J'onn.

"I'll use your commlink to get a camera lock on you."

Mr Terrific replied with a large grin on his face. Everyone immediately to turned to face the large screen behind them and waited.

When the display changed it bought up a picture of Diana still laughing hard and a obviously very annoyed jet black winged horse with familiar cerulean blue eyes and a ebony panther with ice blue eyes that looked equally as irritated. Of course this set everyone laughing again.

"Where's your sense of humour gone!" Wally gasped out through peals of laughter,

"I think we'd better phone Selina Kyle"

the laughter continued

"This isn't funny at ALL" Stated Kal in an annoyed tone

"Shut up Pegasus!" came the reply.

Wally was in the infirmary for 2 weeks.