HAHAHA! Messing with both Smallville (yup, the TV series) continuity and many heads at the same time!

A/N: Michael Holt = Mr. Terrific / Michael Carter = Booster Gold


"Lois, what part of NO did you not understand!"

"Oh come on, the Watchtower's massive and the league would love him."

"I know they would but I'm up there for quite literally all of the next fortnight, and a space station, no matter how big, is no place for Shelby!"

The exasperation could be heard clearly in the friend's tones as they argued. Normally they had a good relationship but this was a large argument.

2 Days later

A full league meeting was taking place in the largest of the many Watchtower conference rooms, all the important announcements and decisions had been made and the meeting was drawing to a close.

"I think that's everything" announced Diana, Princess of the Amazons, sitting down and glancing at her colleagues, checking to see if the meeting was complete.

"One more thing," Kal sighed and stood up. Looking up at the rest of the league, he took a deep breath and began,

"A friend of mine, who some of you may know, has had to take a sudden trip to Mexico due to family problems and has asked the whole league to look after..."

"Not that stupid..." Bruce interrupted.

"Yes that stupid..." Kal confirmed until he was interrupted by Ollie,

"We're screwed! He's more trouble than the rest of the league put together!" the emerald archer practically yelled.

By now the rest of the league were exchanging confused glances, wondering just what were the three men talking about.

"It's Lois, do you think I had a choice?" the Kryptonian replied

"Brilliant" muttered Bruce

"Oh well, at least he'll lighten up the tower for a while," sighed Ollie in defeat.

Kal just sighed and started again

"Let's just get to the point, everyone I'd like you to meet Shelby."

A large golden retriever jumped onto the table, tongue hanging out of it's mouth an innocent and playful expression on it's face and tail wagging so fast it was just a blur.

There were murmurs of "he's so cute!" and "isn't he adorable!" from the assembled superheroes.

"Hey, Shelby, come here boy!" Ollie called.

The dog in question barked loudly and joyfully and raced towards the familiar face, managing to knock over the billionaire and started enthusiastically licking his face.

A good natured "euurghh, get off you silly animal!" was heard from beneath the pile of hyperactive golden dog, and he was eventually pushed off, but by then everyone wanted to meet this beautiful and charismatic creature so Shelby was soon surrounded by leaguers and he was happily sniffing, licking and barking, quite pleased at having made so many new friends.

"Well, now the introductions are complete, Shelby's staying in the spare room at the end of the main corridor, all the necessary arrangements have been made and he shouldn't be here for too long." Kal announced to wrap up the meeting.

1 Hour later: Main systems room at the heart of the Watchtower

The main systems room was essentially the heart of the Watchtower, it was the nuclear reactor and main computer base as well as where life support system, water and heating systems were based and controlled.

A leak in one of the emergency fire extinguishing system's hoses had called a group of technicians there. The founders thought it was a good time to show the rest of the league how to maintain and operate the Watchtower's primary workings

2 hours later: The Watchtower Training Room

"What's wrong with the zeta-bots?" Diana asked Michael Holt as the latter finished various checks on the training droids.

"I think the main computer controlling them has some messed up wires which means we don't know what will happen if we turn on the droids." Came the thoughtful reply.

"So, someone has damaged the computer and fixed it badly to cover up their mistake?" Diana wondered aloud.

"Exactly what happened Princess, Michael Carter has already owned up to it." Bruce announced as he walked in.

"How are the repairs going?" the billionaire asked the other genius in the room,

"Not well, the backup auto-attack programming seems to be coming forward and activating there's no telling what the zeta-bots might do next." The worry was clear in Michael's voice.

"So they could attack?" The Princess of the Amazons sounded alarmed.

"Yes, they were programmed as training bots but have secondary programming as a defence system for the Watchtower." Michael Holt replied whilst trimming some wires in an attempt to sort out the mess.

"But the Watchtower has a sunstone computer at it's heart and that is linked to everything on board it should be able to tell the bots what are threats and what are not." Bruce stated, with confidence in his tone.

"Sunstone?" by now most of the league were assembled in the traing room control centre seeing what all the fuss was about and many people didn't know what the Watchtower's main processor was.

"It's hyper-advanced technology, Kryptonian in origin, a combination of different data crystals combined together. One of the most efficient, artificially intelligent and hack-proof systems in the universe." explained the Dark Knight.

There was a murmur of understanding throughout the assemebled leaguers and a loud curse from Michael.

"The zeta-bots have rejected the crystal-computer, it is going to try and take them out but I don't know how."

"So the training bots and the main computer are at war?" this question came from an obviously very worried Wally West.


"The Crystal-computer is far more advanced so chances are it'll take them down with no effort and no damage right?"

"The zeta-bots have a built in detonator." everyone turned to look at Bruce, he continued.

"As the zeta-bots were originally designed for war they have built in explosives activated by an external detonator used by the main bot."

"But the main computer should be able to hack them and disable right, or is it able to contain the explosion in some way?" Ollie spoke up.

"The crystal-computer is capable of both those things, as long as the zeta-bots don't get a hostage or something that could prevent the computer from activating for moral reasons, there won't be a problem." Kal's voice rang out calming the worried team.

"Too late, they've got Mari!" Dinah yelled. Everyone turned to look, indeed the master zeta-bot had a detonator in one claw-like hand and a grip on Mari's throat with the other.

"Marxtra Gallowsuse!" Shayera cursed loudly, "we can't take down the bot or the detonator without hurting Mari."

Everyone had run into the training room during this statement and made a large semi-circle around the bot, which had it's back to the training room and was facing the entrance, afraid of getting too close. It was completely silent and the atmosphere was so full of tension you could cut it with a knife, Slowly Diana took a few steps forward.

"We are not the enemy just place the Detonator on the ground a release Mari." she spoke calmly to the bot. But the bot's grip on Mari only tightened and Diana froze were she was.

"Detonation in 5 seconds" came the emotionless voice.

The world seemed to slow down for the league, none of them could do anything.




Suddenly a large golden missile flew at the robot and took it down perfectly, releasing Mari and making it drop the detonator before it could push the button. The zeta-bot crashed to the ground and broke.

Everyone was silent for a minute, then started cheering as they realized what had happened.

"Come here Shelby!" Kal called the heroic dog over and everyone started fussing over the brilliant creature as it made it's way to it's temporary owner, tail wagging all the way.

Lunch was unusual that day, as Shelby was on patrol, taking tidbits and scraps as thanks from everyone, eating enough to rival the Flash.

It was in the evening, once all the fuss surrounding Shelby had finally died down. Bruce strolled into the founders' lounge and stopped dead at the sight before him. A small – very small, he was the Batman after all – smile was allowed to appear on his face. Kal was fast asleep on the sofa, with Shelby flopped across him. Even though he was the world's greatest detective, Bruce still couldn't figure out where that awful snoring was coming from.

2 Weeks later

"See I told you Shelby wouldn't be trouble." the smirk on Lois' face was triumphant and smug.
"Yeah," came the resigned reply, stupid Bruce, taking that picture...