Brad continued to look annoyed.

"Please, darling, let's not allow this to spoil the entire visit," Janet begged him.

"I think it's great!" Destiny exclaimed. "Trinity and I are going to be aunts!"

"Charity's going to be a single mother, Destiny," said Trinity. "That's a lot of responsibility."

"But she has us to help," Destiny pointed out.

"What can you do? You're only thirteen years old!" Trinity scoffed.

"I'm old enough to babysit," Destiny argued.

"What are you going to do about school?" Trinity asked her older sister.

"I'm not sure yet," Charity admitted. "Since the baby isn't due until the summer, I should be able to finish the spring term. I suppose I'll have to take some time off after that. Maybe I'll try to get a job or something."

"Someone's going to have to support this child," Brad pointed out.

"Honey, this is your grandchild we're talking about," said Janet.

"I know. I'm sorry," Brad said gruffly. "Of course I'll help out as much as I can. I'd just love to wring the neck of the fellow who did this to my little girl. That's all."

"I'm not your little girl anymore, Dad," Charity said.

When the spring term at college ended, Charity went back home for the summer. Janet was alarmed to see how huge her belly had grown.

"Are you sure there's really only one baby in there?" she asked.

"Yes, there's definitely only one." Charity laughed.

"Wow," said Trinity when she and Destiny saw their older sister.

"Would you like to feel the baby move?" Charity asked them.

Both girls placed their hands on Charity's swollen belly. After a few minutes, Destiny giggled.

"The baby's kicking me!" she exclaimed.

Brad's eyes grew wide at the sight of his very pregnant daughter, but he didn't say anything.

Charity had been home for a couple of weeks when she went into labor. Brad drove his wife and daughter to the hospital. He waited in the waiting room, just as he had when Charity herself had been born, while Janet accompanied Charity into the labor and delivery room.

After twelve hours of labor, a baby boy was born. He was beautiful, with silky blond hair, blue eyes, and tiny, undeveloped wings on his back.

"Oh, no!" Janet sobbed. "My grandson is deformed!"

"No he isn't, Mom. It's perfectly normal for him to have wings," Charity quickly assured her. "His father has wings, too. Remember Pygar? Pygar's his father."

"Charity! Why did you lie to us?" asked Janet.

"You know how Dad would have reacted if he'd known Pygar was the father. He would have had a cow!"

"That's true enough." Janet rolled her eyes.

"He's such a unique baby, Mom." Charity gazed adoringly at her new son. "I think he needs a unique name as well. Don't you?"

"Absolutely!" Janet exclaimed. "You know what? A long time ago, your father and I met a man who was very unique. His name was Rocky."

"That's it, Mom!" Charity practically shouted. "That's the perfect name for him!"

Just then Brad entered the room to meet his new grandson.

"Hi, Dad! This is Rocky!" Charity held the baby so that her father could see him. He was wrapped in a blanket so that his wings weren't visible.

"Well, aren't you a little cutie!" Brad smiled in spite of himself.

"Would you like to hold him?" asked Charity.

"Of course!" said Brad.

As Charity was handing the baby to her father, part of the blanket fell away, and Brad caught a glimpse of his grandson's back.

"What's this on his back?" Brad demanded. He examined the baby for a moment, and then his face suddenly turned red with fury.

"I knew it!" he exploded, so angry that veins bulged out in his forehead. "I knew that...thing...was the father!"