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Looking at Cas

When Dean looks at Cas, he sees rightness, and goodness, and strength. He sees a friend who'd give up everything to make another friend happy, and he sees a person who would do anything to save humanity.

He sees bright blue eyes, clouded with confusion and a doubt that the angel tries so hard to hide, but most of all he sees the strength in them, and the trust that can leave Dean breathless.

He also sees hair that's rumpled by a bed that Cas has never even slept in, and diarrayed by hands that have never gotten the chance to run through the thick locks (thank fucking god, or Dean might have to kill the damn bitch. )

Looking at Cas, he sees finely sculptured hands that seem too beautiful to be used as weapons, with their long, thin fingers and the big palms. They seem made for art, not war, and it makes Dean want to curse God, even if it is Jimmy's body he is looking at, and Cas is just… using it… borrowing it.

Dean sees a body that is lean and good-looking, but much too stiff, when he looks at Cas. But oddly, the slumped in, stiff shouldered slouch that Cas often stands in suits the angel, and it doesn't hide his power, it simple… adds to his awkwardness, which Dean will reluctantly refer to as adorable. And no matter how Cas stands, it doesn't hide the fact that he is hot, and that there is power there, in his lean, not-too-tall form, and looking at him, Dean is always left breathless.

And on those rare occasions, when Dean looks at Cas and sees the angel smiling, Dean sees true, unblemished beauty, something that no one can ever hope to copy or capture or even describe.

Looking at Cas now, with all of these thoughts swarming through his head, Dean can swear that he's turning into a god damn, fucking girl, but he can't seem to mind, because… well… it's Cas. The angel stopped being Castiel a long time ago, and is now just Cas, and he's Dean's.

So Dean will keep looking, and keep thinking like a girl.

At least in his head.

No way was he letting Sammy know about these thoughts.

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