More Cannons? Brainwiping?Pure Genocide!
All these thoughts raced before Specter's Mind as he sit on his floating throne brainstorming for his next shot at world domination.
Most of them had already been dismissed, such as Time-Traveling agian.
Neither White nor Specter Had any clue on how to replicate it once agian. Another Lethagy Lazer or 'Double Pardise Plan' had dismissed on the spot, shrink rays also went out the window. For once in his life Specter had been dumbfounded. Not wanting any of his minions to find out,he instructed White to pretend he was ay work with his next machine, surprisingly he did a good job at it.
Specter just needed one good idea,he needed something,that even if one of those brats, Kei,Yumi,Jimmy or some newby, Spike coudn't care less unless he did directly to him and Jake hasn't been seen since his first attempt, If one did come along he needed sometrhing that would ensure Monkeys would rule the Earth and had a foothold for him to rise agian afterwards. He had no idea what intill one little idea poped into his head,he sat fior a while but, all of a sudden he turned to white and whispered something into his ear. White looked surprised, Specter had a evil look on his face and the rest were simply confused and eager to actually hear what he said.

"Uh,are you sure of this, Herr Specter?" White said worried.

" Of coarse, I don't see why this would be a problem." Specter said to the larger White Monkey while staring a glare only he could achieve.

White fell back "Uh! No,Herr Specter,Not at all." White told his master with a hint of horror in his eyes due to the fact of the idea being a heavy load.

Miles away, the past heros and heroine were called in to the Professor's labrotory to discuss the reason of why Specter had not struch yet.

"Hm,maybe he admitted defeat and now wants to open his own coffee chain" Jake said to the other sarcasticly

"As much fun that would be, Specter would never do that."
Jimmy polietly told Jake

"Well, do duh, Captin Obvious" Retorted Jake

"I hate Jimmy,but he is my Cousin and I want a reason to hurt you."
Spike spoke for the first time in the entire meet

"Really,bring it on." Jake said eagerly with a smirk

"Why must you fight everytime?" said the professor with a very worried look on his face "This is serious,but its late,we'll talk about this is in the morning."