Title: City Under Siege
Chapter 11 – Happily Missing in Action

"I love you too Horatio," Calleigh whispers back as Walter rushes up to them.

"Damn H," Walter gently curses as he cringes upon his superior's battered condition. "Hold on let me get those off," Walter tells Horatio as he hurries to get a pair of cutters and then kneels down; Horatio still tenderly cradled in Calleigh's loving grasp.

"I've called for…"

"I don't need an…ambulance," Horatio groans when his wrists finally spring free.

"Don't worry Walter, he's going," Calleigh counters, prompting Horatio to look up at her with a frown. "You could have internal damage and I'm not about to let Memmo win, especially now."

Walter pushes himself back up and then heads over to where Memmo is lying, calling Natalia and letting her know that they have rescued Horatio and he's okay. He looks up and notices the loving gaze that Horatio is trying to offer to Calleigh, gives them a smirk, shakes his head and turns his attention back to Memmo.

"You I don't feel sorry for," Walter mumbles to himself.

"I need to see Joe."

"You can gloat when you are ready to face him as yourself again," Calleigh retorts. "Don't look so surprised," she whispers. "I know you."

"I'm glad you're okay," he utters softly, his eyes taking in her disheveled appearance and then trailing down to her slightly battered wrists. "Your wrists look as sore as mine."

"Good thing I have furry handcuffs to use," she winks, forcing his face to gently warm. "I know what this place is Horatio. Are you okay?"

"I will be," Horatio twists his head and rests his gaze upon his dead nemesis. "But we are all at peace now, especially Marisol."

"She'd be just as proud of you today as I was."

"Hardly. I got myself caught."

"Horatio you never gave up on me and I know you didn't give up here. You got free when it counted right? You would have fought him til the end."

"But I…" he starts only to have her gently place her thumb on his lips to stop his speech. Horatio closes his eyes; opening them when the medics arrive to take him to the hospital. He offers up a small gasp when he's lifted into the air and then laid on his uninjured side on the stretcher.

"Calleigh please come with me," he warmly entreats.

Leaving the Hummer in Walter's care, she wastes no time in getting into the ambulance and sitting down beside Horatio, allowing the other medic to tend to her wrists; Horatio being tended to also. The medic gently cleans and then wraps his wrists with soft bandages before resting them in front while he gently inspects Horatio's bruised back.

"Deep breath Lieutenant Caine," the medic instructs, wanting to gauge the level of damage by his quality of breathing. The other medic who had finished with Calleigh cleaned Horatio's head wound and then sat back to write his report allowing Calleigh to lean forward and take his hands in hers and hold them firmly; warmth instantly growing thanks to their connection.

Words weren't needed as their eyes remained locked with the other; sending back untold feelings of love, relief and unspoken joy that they could now just concentrate on what was really important – each other. They reach the hospital and Calleigh follows Horatio into the ER, making a side detour to give Natalia a brief hug before get is told about Frank; Eric of course now on the road to recovery; Ryan back with the team.

"How are you holding up?"

"I'll be better when I can take Horatio home and we can both just get some real rest tonight," Calleigh confesses to her friend. "Tell the team we'll see them tomorrow."

"Take care of Horatio."

"I will."

Calleigh slowly walks into the small treatment area that Horatio is waiting; his body with a blanket draped over it for added warmth sit slumps on the bed. He looks up with a small expression of torment as she slowly walks up to him. She gently pushes his legs apart and stands facing him leaning in closer, his head coming to rest on her forehead.

"I feared the worst," she confesses sadly.

"So did I," Horatio admits as his fingers softly rest on one of her bandaged wrists. "When he called me…god Calleigh I thought you were gone."

Her lips plant a warm kiss on his cheek before his eyes lift to lock with hers once more. "Let me take you home."

And as if on cue Horatio's doctor arrives telling him that he only sustained heavy bruising and some cracked ribs but nothing was thankfully broken and no organs punctured; he was free to go, provided he promised he would take the remainder of the day to just rest and the next day if possible.

Horatio drapes his arm around Calleigh's waist, pulling her close as they head for the exit doors and get into a waiting cab; the next stop – Horatio's home. Walter calls Horatio on the way and tells them that Memmo's remains have been dealt with, the scene cleaned up and Joe doesn't have the news just yet, that would be saved for Horatio's informing pleasure the following day.

"But you are just going to rest tonight right?" Calleigh confirms as they slowly head up his walkway.

"We'll both try."

Horatio's mind quickly flashes him images back to when this all started and he was walking up this very walk, by himself and then attacked. His hand immediately tenses in Calleigh's grasp, drawing her eyes to his nervous expression.

"Memories," he whispers and she knows not to press the issue further. She was sure that just like her, he too would have nightmares for the next few nights, images of not only his own cruel incarceration but also the reminders of Marisol's horrible death.


"I need a warm shower and so do you. As much as I would like to offer to share I know by each wince you are trying to hide that you just need one on your own, some dry clothes, a light meal and then a long nap."

"I need all that?" Horatio's lips curl upward softly as he holds Calleigh in his strong arms.

"You also need this," Calleigh's fingers curl around his head and guide his mouth to hers, her lips planting a tender but hungry kiss on his, before she pulls back with a warm smile. "I'll make us…"

"I'm not that hungry. I just want to shower and rest."

Calleigh notices the tension hiding behind his crystal blue orbs and offers him a sympathetic expression. "Talk to me Horatio. I know Memmo must have said things about Marisol's death. The things he said to me were cruel and ugly. I'm sure he didn't go easy on your feelings."

"He was sick and twisted and met a fitting end. We should…"

"Your love for her will always remain inside you," Calleigh softly acknowledges as her hand rests on his rapidly thumping heart.

"And does that bother you?"

"I'm not competing with her Horatio; and I know you'd never compare us. I love you," she confesses, her hand other hand resting on his rough cheek. "And I know you love me. I am your future and she was your past. Besides," she whispers as she leans in closer, her lips resting by his ear. "I know you have room for both of us inside."

"I love you Calleigh I do, but…"

"But you never have to justify your feelings for her Horatio, I know she made you happy and I know the special bond that you and Eric will always because of her. But I just don't want you to feel guilty over anything you have no control over and miss out on what happiness awaits us together."

Horatio looks at her, his heart warmly by the second, his hands gently gripping her shoulders as his lips crush hers once more with heated passion.

"I love you Calleigh, I do," he echoes firmly; this time with no hesitation or uncertainty. Calleigh's body presses further into Horatio's until she hears him utter a soft groan and then pulls back.

"Shower time."

"Please go first?"

"How about we go at the same time? I'll just shower down here?"

"Yes ma'am," he readily agrees. Horatio slowly heads for the stairs and trudges up, his body starting to feel the ill-effects of his beating and the lack of adrenaline. He casts one more glance down at Calleigh, who offers a smile in return before he heads for the bathroom, quickly stripping and then slowly stepping under the hot water; Calleigh having hers downstairs.

Horatio closes his eyes, but then quickly reopens them, his mind wanting to fill his subconscious with tormented images he'd rather not see. He tries to picture Calleigh's perfect body, naked under the hot water but he hears her cries to him from her watery grave and he's quick to curse Memmo's name once more. He slightly twists his frame to get the soap and utters a soft cry when his ribs knit and he quickly moves back to place. He rests his palms against the warm tiles, his head hanging slightly as the water pelts his throbbing back.

Horatio finally finishes his shower, towel dries and then pulls on his rob, discarding his torn dress and undershirt, tossing his dress pants into the laundry hamper and then heading toward his bedroom. But upon entering he see's Calleigh already waiting for him with the covers pulled back.

"Come and join me," she entreats warmly.

Horatio quickly complies, easing his weary frame into her grasp and then allowing her to cover them both with the covers. His arms fold around hers tightly as his body releases a heavy sigh.

"Just close your eyes and relax," Calleigh soothes as her fingers start to massage his temple through his damp auburn locks.

"When I close my eyes I see…you in the water. I see Eric dying. I see myself in his grasp."

"Those nightmares will pass."

"When I found that woman under that pier and…"

"What woman?" Calleigh asks in haste, forcing Horatio to lift his head and look at her in remorse. "He used a decoy right?"


"Bastard," she curses, forcing an amused smirk to grace his face. She looks down and offers her own weak smile. "I'm glad I got to you before I got a call."

"Me too," Horatio huffs as he hugs her once more.

Calleigh notices his eyes struggling to stay open and softly talks about what she'll make for dinner until she notices them finally close and smiles; closing her eyes and taking advantage of the time to get some rest as well. But it's a short lived rest as it's her turn first to watch herself being submersed in the cold water, taking her last breath only to have Horatio arrive to late and watch her die, Memmo laughing from the shore before he shoots Horatio and kills him as well.

Next it was Horatio's turn to watch Memmo kill Calleigh in the same place that he killed Marisol before he was slowly sliced to death and Memmo walked away laughing.

"Didn't mean to wake you," Horatio groans as he slowly rolls onto his stomach and offers a heavy sigh. Calleigh props herself up on her elbow and tenderly starts to stroke his back. She does that for several minutes before Horatio's body twists back to her, his robe pulling open and revealing his smooth chest, the lower half marred by purplish bruises.

Calleigh leans in closer, her soft lips leaving a trail of warm kisses, his body arching and his lips rewarding her efforts with a moan of pleasure.

"Calleigh…we can't," he groans as her fingers come to rest on the belt of his robe, the tips teasing the tender area atop his belly button.

"Just relax and let me…"

Horatio's slightly adjusts his position, prompting her to stop and look up. "I want you."

"But your ribs and back?" She asks and he frowns. "We can still…"

"I'll feel it but..."

"You need self control," she counters.

"I have none when it comes to you," he admits huskily; his body already well on it's way to a firm state of arousal. "Please…" he begs as his hands cup her face, his mouth leaning into hers and devour her soft flesh with hungry kisses. His body shifts a bit more until he's almost on top of her, his lungs offering a small gasp and forcing her to wiggle back out and let him come to rest on his side.


Horatio looks up at her with a defeated expression. "I don't mind."

"When I hear you moan I want it to be from pleasure only," Calleigh whispers warmly. "And I am sorry for getting carried away. Just hard to have you here like this and not want to take advantage of it."

"Well I did promise you we'd get those other lost moments back."

"Yes you did," Calleigh answers firmly. "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow," Horatio finally resigns.

In truth both of them were just feeding off heightened sexual tension but as the evening wore on and they continued to unwind and relax, have their simple meal and just rest as much as possible. Their sleep time wasn't solid by any means and both would wake in a mild sweat, being consoled by the other before they would return to the safety of the others arms and try to get back asleep again.

However, the next time Calleigh awoke, it was already the middle of the night and Horatio wasn't around. She quickly turns on the light and strains her ears to hear where he's gotten to. When she hears soft sounds that sound like whimpers she very carefully gets out of bed and heads for the bedroom door. She pauses in the hallway, her ears picking up Horatio's soft words; but what she hears next breaks her heart.

"I love her Marisol, I love Calleigh. Please forgive me."

Calleigh remains fixed in place; her mind telling her one thing and her heart – the opposite. In the end, a few minutes later, she decides to head back to bed, turn off the light and wait for him to return. Marisol was his wife and his previous future; but Memmo altered that future and he had to be the one to fully recognize it. Maybe that turning point was tonight. She just hopes that he's able to let go of any mis-guided guilt and let love dictate his actions; even Marisol wouldn't want to be the reason he wasn't moving forward and seeking happiness.

"Horatio?" She asks softly; a mock tone hoping to fool him into thinking she just got up.

"Did I wake you?" He asks in haste as he cradles up to her again.

"No Memmo did, are you okay?"

"I am now," he whispers as his lips nuzzle her ear, his tone a bit my spry. "I love you," he whispers as his kisses her cheek and tightens his grasp around her, forcing a small smile to form on her lips in the darkness. Calleigh settles in her heart that Horatio did what he needed to do; it was only the future they had to contend with now.

Calleigh was right, Marisol would always remain inside a part of his heart; forever safe where she belonged. But in the middle of the night, he had to get up, had to talk to her and ask her forgiveness even if it wasn't needed. An odd feeling of peace had then come to settle upon him and he was able to get back to Calleigh with a clear mind and heart. The rest of the night wasn't as bad as the first part; although neither of them got anything in the way of solid rest.

The next time Horatio opens his eyes, Calleigh is still asleep, a calm expression now adorning her beautiful face. He slowly extends his hand and reaches out a finger, gently tracing her jaw and forcing her lips to curl upward.

"Morning handsome," she stays softly as her eyes slowly open and emerald collides with sky blue.

"Good morning beautiful," he greets warmly, his fingers turning her mouth to his so his lips can greet them with an early morning kiss.

"Really wish you'd just rest today Horatio," Calleigh states as her fingers play with his face.

"Someone needs to run the lab."

"Only Eric is out and…"

"You were suggesting I take the day off alone?" Horatio arches his brows and Calleigh just giggles.

"Well it is Friday and you could always ask Jenkins, he does owe you a few."

"And how do you know that Detective Duquesne?"

"I have my ways Lieutenant Caine," she winks.

"I'm sure you do," he smiles as he leans in closer once more. "Will you take the day off with me?"

"I wasn't going to go in. You know Joe can wait until Monday but I know that if you don't go and see him you'll sit and stew about it all weekend and then we might as well work," she explains, forcing a small chuckle to escape his lips.

"You would be correct."

"So when you are at Joe's I'm going to head home, do a few things and then come back here and have a surprise waiting."

"What kind?"

"You'll just have to wait and see."

"Mmm I like the sound of that," Horatio mutters huskily as he kisses her firmly on the lips once more. "I do want to stop by and see Frank and Eric as well. You can come with me to see them."

"I think Eric wants to hear it from you."

"He knows about us Calleigh."

"And he'll be happy for us," she assures him. "Sounds like you have a full day ahead of you already. You better hurry."

"I think I have time for one more of these," he states as he possessively captures her mouth with his once more, delivering a searing kiss that held the promise of more passion when they would be reunited later. Both of them finally get up, Calleigh heading downstairs to get some coffee made, Horatio wandering into the bathroom to get ready. He glances at his semi haggard appearance in the mirror and frowns before he reaches for his razor.

"Why Lieutenant Caine you almost look respectable," Calleigh teases, forcing Horatio's mouth to twitch into a soft smirk as he nears her.

"I'll see you soon," he whispers as he holds her close.


He takes his coffee in the travel mug that is offered, whispers to Calleigh 'I love you' once more and then takes his leave, heading first for Miami-Dade lockup and then the hospital for a brief visit with Eric and Frank. His mind wasn't as agitated on the drive to the lockup as it was the last time he was going to confront Joe. This time Memmo was dead and Calleigh was safe; his love confirmed and his friends and team members going to all pull through. This time he had the complete upper hand.

"Gentlemen," Horatio gestures to the guards to let him pass. The doors slowly open and Horatio steps inside, drawing a surprised glare from Joe Le Brock. "Surprise Joe."

"And not a good one. You look a little rough Lieutenant Caine," Joe tries to taunt.

Horatio pulls out the brass knuckles that have Joe's personal autograph on them and waves them in front of him.

"Memmo failed."

"Yeah figured. Good help is hard to find," Joe huffs as he leans back on the small bed, eyeing Horatio with a slight sneer. "Guess you want something done you just gotta do it yourself."

"Put that notion to rest Joe - for good. You are never getting out of here."

"You think Memmo is the only one out there that has your name on his target block?" Joe asks with a slight snicker. "You are one arrogant bastard."

"Maybe. But Memmo is dead," Horatio states pointedly. "And you know we never close. So as I said to you before Joe. Bring…it…on."

With that Horatio turns and heads for the door, his brain trying to drown out Joe's last snicker as the doors slam shut, sealing Joe Le Brock inside his small prison.

"Oh I will Horatio," Joe smiles as he lays back down, gazing up at the ceiling, a small drawing forcing his twisted grin to widen. "I am going to bring it like you never saw before; and in the end it will be you and me."


Horatio slowly heads toward Frank's room and pausing as he reaches the entrance. He gazes upon Frank's still form and then turns to leave, Frank's voice calling him back.

"I ain't dead," Frank mentions in a soft tone. Horatio turns back to him with a smile and heads for his side of the bed. "Just tell me you got the damn bastard," Frank manages.

"Four shots in total."

"Deserving," Frank slightly coughs, his face wheezing from a painful movement. "You look like hell."

"I feel it which is why I am going to go home and rest and you will also. It's all over now."

"There are still more of them out there Horatio, you know that."

"We'll deal with them when you're back. Rest now and I'll talk to you next week."

Horatio gives Frank's hand a squeeze before he takes his leave and then heads for Eric's room; wanting to make one last call before he would head for home and Calleigh's surprise.

"H," Eric looks up in haste. "Where's Calleigh?"

"At home resting," answers in truth. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine. You look a little worse for wear," Eric frowns.

"I'll be fine. Eric I uh…"

"H, what I said before you left to go and…look whatever happens with you and Calleigh…she's my friend and I just worry but I am happy for you and her."

"You don't have to worry."

"She said that also."

"Eric, I'll always have Marisol in my heart and Memmo's death was also vengeance in her name. But I think that…"

"Hey, I know she'd want you to be happy and that's all I want as well," Eric gives his hand a squeeze. "Still brothers?"


Horatio spends a few more minutes with Eric before he finally leaves, calling Natalia and telling her that it'll be up to her and Walter and the freshly revived Ryan to keep the lab afloat until Monday when he and Calleigh would be back in. She told him to rest and not to worry; everything was under control. Rick's call he didn't even return.

Horatio stops by the florist on the way home; picking up a dozen roses for the woman he loves. He knows its sentimental predictability but he doesn't care; he's in love and not afraid to show it anymore.

"Calleigh?" Horatio calls out as he slowly pushes his front door open, immediately hit with the tempting aroma of warm vanilla and spices. "Something smells…" he heads into the kitchen to find her. But when he finds it empty he stops and looks around before he gets busy; putting the flowers in a vase for safe keeping.

"Welcome home," Calleigh purrs, forcing Horatio to turn around, his jaw slackening instantly.

She was dressed in only one of his white dress shirts, but very obviously wearing nothing underneath.

"I uh…" he stammers, his core inflaming in seconds and his body well on its way to sexual arousal. "Sorry I'm late."

"I'll punish you later," she teases as he nears her, finally noticing all the blinds drawn for added privacy.

"I'll be waiting."

"I missed…" she starts, only to be cut off by the first of many hungrily kisses to come on his part. His hands gently grip her shoulders, pulling her closer as he slowly backs them up against a wall, careful not to do too much damage to her perfect skin, not wanting to further bruise what Memmo's actions had already done.

"Horatio…need you…" Calleigh manages as her fingers feverishly work to get him free of his dress shirt, his suit jacket already on the floor.

"Need you…too," he manages, his hands reaching the edges of the dress shirt and causing her to slightly gasp as their union finally starts. He knew it wasn't the most romantic or even the most comfortable place but with his ribs unable to take the pressure just yet but his body craving hers this spot would have to do.

"Horatio…yes now…" she huffs, his body pressing further into hers and her body arching forward into his.

"Calleigh…" Horatio pants as they pick up momentum. Their union wouldn't be the most carefully timed, or even the most romantic this time, but after facing death a few times, they just needed to prove their complete love and devotion to the other as soon as possible. The night ahead would hold another opportunity as would their few days off together.

A few more enthusiastic expressions of love and passion and their union was finally complete, both of them resting against the wall for a few seconds before dressing and heading into the kitchen where Calleigh personally thanked Horatio with a dozen passionate kisses for the amazing flowers now on his table.

"Can I help with supper?" Horatio asks, although they were standing in his kitchen.

"By all means."

"And dessert? Something with a little southern flair I hope," he teases as he kisses her cheek once more. "I love you Calleigh," he offers in truth, prompting her to turn to him and offer the same sentiment, "I love you too Horatio," in return.

Horatio wraps his arms around her waist and just delights in the feel of holding her close as she finishes their meal. They would have the entire weekend to themselves and would use that precious time alone to get to know each other a little better on a more personal level, further cementing their intimate bond and working toward a secure future together. They had overcome terrible odds to get to where they were and now they were ready to face whatever else was needed, knowing their future would be waiting for them to enjoy - together.


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