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"I'm going out to hunt with Jasper, I'll see you later." Edward grinned as he opened the front door to our cabin.

"I'll be right here waiting for you." I said, winking at him, playfully.

He stalked back across the room towards me, his eyes dark and full of intent. I let him back me up against the wall, his hips pinning me in place as his hands came up to cup my face. "You' better be, Bella." he whispered, lips ghosting over my mine as he spoke. "I have something for you." He rolled his hips and I moaned as his hard length pressed into my belly.

Before I could respond he was out the door and gone, leaving me leaning against the wall, more than a little dazed. We'd been here for a year to the day, and he still had that effect on me.

To say the last year had been interesting would be an understatement. Our arrival at the vast Denali' estate had been extremely welcome; well everyone else's had, mine not so much. It seemed Tanya had a soft spot for Edward and she seemed to have thought he reciprocated her feelings. After I'd politely explained that Edward and I were together, I'd assumed -wrongly it turns out- that she'd stop, but it only served to encourage her advances.

After I told her he was mine and that she needed to back-the-fuck off or I'd separate her head from her body, she appeared to get the message. I may have hit her a little; well a lot; before Edward and a very amused Emmett, managed to pull me off.

Carlisle had explained that I was a newborn and my emotions were all still very over-powering. After I'd calmed down, I grudgingly apologized through gritted teeth. Rose and Esme hauled me off to my cabin with disapproving looks, but high-fived me as soon as we got out of earshot. When I questioned Alice later about why she hadn't seen this coming and stopped it, she'd grinned and said. "Oh I saw it, Bella." Then just winked at me and nothing else was mentioned.

Tanya never went near Edward, or me, after that.

But that was months ago, and I liked to think we'd come a long way since then. I still caught her looking at him now and again, and judging by the way Edward rolled his eyes in her presence, I guessed she still had inappropriate thoughts about him. But I trusted him completely and just ignored her. Edward loved me and that was all that mattered.

Rose and Emmett had enrolled in the local high school, much to Edward and Jasper's delight. Since both Carlisle and Esme were busy with work at the local hospital, they'd all agreed that Alice and I would need supervision for the first year or two and Edward and Jasper were the obvious choices for that particular task.

For the most part our days revolved around running, hunting and learning to control my vampire urges. Edward also taught me how to hunt without getting messy; it took us many, many attempts to get that right. He could never resist me when I was all torn clothes and blood spattered, so I had been more than a little reluctant to learn.


After a year I was able to withstand the temptation of human blood without much effort, so Edward and Jasper often went off hunting and doing whatever else boys do together. With today being a school/work day, everyone else was out, so I after I'd read for a little while I went off in search of Alice; who would undoubtedly know I was coming by now.

"Hi, Bella." Alice greeted me, opening the door to hers and Jasper's cabin before I even had chance to knock. "I've been expecting you."

"Of course you have." I said, rolling my eyes. Just once I'd like to surprise her.

"Don't be like that, Bella," she laughed, stepping aside and ushering me in. "Besides, you'll be thanking me in a minute."

"For what, exactly," I asked, warily. Alice had a mischievous look about her. She looked... naughty.

I followed her through the living room to the large deck at the back of her property. The view was amazing, and since the cold didn't bother us anymore, we happily settled into the two huge Adirondack chairs she'd bought recently. We didn't need to sit, but Alice had insisted on getting them, saying it was entirely necessary for our 'girlie chats'. I wholeheartedly agreed and had a matching pair back at mine and Edward's cabin.

"Well?" I prompted when she didn't answer me.

"Oh, sorry." She grinned again and I was beginning to get a little worried. She looked up to no good and with Alice that could only mean trouble for me. "Well, they tried hard to hide it, and I only got a flash...only a few seconds worth really, but it was enough to see-

"For God's sake, Alice!" I hissed, wanting her to just spit it out already. I was impatient to know what she'd seen and I was sure knew it which was why she was dragging it out so much.

"You know what today is, don't you?" she asked, raising one of her delicately shaped eyebrows.

"Tuesday?" I offered, knowing full well what she was referring to. I was being a little petulant, but I couldn't help myself.

"Funny." she deadpanned. "I was referring to the fact that it's been exactly one year since we arrived in this warm and welcoming place."

I laughed out loud at that; Alice and I often joked that our reception had been colder than the weather. It hadn't just been me who'd had a bit of trouble with Tanya. Alice nudged me none-to-gently in the ribs.

"Can you remember when she tried to get Jasper to go hunting with her?" Alice asked, still laughing as she no undoubtedly pictured Tanya's face.

"Like I would ever forget." It had been one of the highlights of our first few months. Once Tanya realized Edward was off limits, she turned her attentions to Jasper. Maybe she thought that Alice wouldn't be as volatile as me, since she seemed to have more control over her emotions. Besides, anyone could see that Jasper was in love with her.

Either Tanya didn't see it or she didn't care. While Alice and I had been doing a few renovations to my cabin, Tanya was up at the main house, -where she lived with her sisters Irina and Kate- trying to persuade Jasper to take her hunting. Apparently she had no-one to go with and didn't want to go on her own, and Jasper being the southern gentleman he was, eventually agreed to go with her.

Alice and I had been happily putting up my new curtains, when she suddenly screamed, "That bitch!" and flew out of the room. I later found out that Tanya had planned to rip her own clothes, spill a little blood and try to seduce Jasper as he hunted. She knew damn well his instincts would be heightened and he wouldn't be thinking as clearly as he otherwise would. I imagined she thought it was her only chance, she may have been a little desperate by then.

I had no doubt that Jasper would have easily resisted Tanya's attempts, but Alice didn't want him anywhere near her. She caught him just as he split off from Tanya to chase down a large dear, and the pair weren't seen again for the rest of the day.

According to Rose, a very pissed off Tanya appeared about two hours after going hunting, looking a bit of a mess. She'd blamed it on a couple of large mountain lions and disappeared up to her bedroom. Rose and I laughed for a good long while when she'd come to tell me about it afterward. Thankfully Tanya never made a move on Emmett, even she had the good sense not to cross Rose.

As our laughter died down, I remembered that Alice still hadn't told me what she'd seen earlier.

"Stop distracting me, Al, and tell me what Edward is up to."

"Well, from what I could see, Edward plans to celebrate today with you when he gets back."

"Oh. That's nice," I replied. A little disappointed that it wasn't something more exciting.

But...since we didn't eat and didn't drink, and he had already hunted; that only left...


"It has something to do with the day you arrived here," she added, watching my face carefully.

Following on from my previous train of thought I quickly recalled our first day in the cabin; I would be blushing profusely if I was still human, as it was I squirmed a little in my seat.

"Oh, Bella." Alice giggled, leaning towards me and whispering conspiratorially . "Edward's going to be a very dirty boy."

"Alice!" I yelled, smacking her on the arm, and she laughed even more at my shocked expression. I really hated to think just what she had seen.

"Relax, I'm kidding."

My face fell at her admission. I may not have wanted Alice to know what Edward had planned, but I was already looking forward to him being a 'very dirty boy'. She took one look at my face and rushed to clarify. "What I meant is that yes, Edward does plan on being...well...you know. But I didn't see details. He just wants a repeat of your first day here."

My grin was huge as I remembered how we'd rushed in, dumped our belongings in the middle of the living room, and proceeded to christen every room in the place. Edward had been a little excited at having a place of our own; no-one listening, and more importantly, no thoughts for him to hear.

"Are you going to tell me what you two did exactly?" she asked, smirking.

"Like you don't know." I replied, looking at her pointedly. I had no doubt she'd seen it, the minute we'd decided to 'explore' the whole cabin. When we'd eventually met up with her and Jasper later that night, she'd just asked if I'd had a nice afternoon and had given me a knowing look.

"Hmm...I may have an idea." she said, before staring off into the distance for a few seconds. "Anyway, the boys have decided to cut their hunting trip short and will be heading back in about fifteen minutes."

"Fuck!" I shrieked jumping up suddenly. "I need to go...um...you know...get ready..." I stumbled over my words as I tried for a graceful exit. I didn't want Alice to think I was running off to get ready for sex with Edward; which I totally was of course. I gave her a small wave and walked quickly back through the living room to the front door. I wanted to run, but that would be rude, and Alice would never let me live it down.

"You might want to change, Bella," Alice shouted as I let myself out. "Maybe it's time to finally try on what I bought you for Christmas last year!" I stumbled down the steps at the thought of the skimpy, black, lace thing that Alice was referring to, and I heard her peal of laughter following me all the way home.


I raced through the forest that separated all the cabins, smiling widely as I thought about what Edward's reaction would be he when he saw me in Alice's present; if I could summon up the nerve to wear it. As I threw open the front door and raced upstairs, Alice's words echoed in my head.

"Edward's going to be a very dirty boy."

Fuck it! I was wearing the damn thing. If he was going to be a very dirty boy, the least I could do was dress like a very dirty girl. It was only fair.

I flung open the closet door, dragging over a stool so that I could reach the back of the shelf there. I'd quickly stuffed the offending item up there shortly after opening it, too embarrassed to actually put it on. To be honest, I'd forgotten it was there until Alice mentioned it. I ran my hands along the top until I located the box and pulled it towards me, dusted off the top a little as I pulled it down.

"There you are." I whispered as I grabbed it, before jumping down and walking out to my bedroom. I placed the unopened box on my bed and slowly got undressed, folding up my clothes and putting them carefully on the chair.

I lifted the lid and folded back the layers of tissue paper, before reaching inside and lifting out the scraps of material that constituted the underwear set that Alice had thoughtfully bought me last Christmas. Thank God she'd told me to open it on my own. I slipped on the panties, sighing in surprise as they felt soft and snug against my body.

The bra was next, fitting me perfectly and when I did a few twirls in front of the mirror, I couldn't help but grin. I looked hot. Damn hot. Even though the material was barely there, I looked classy and sexy as opposed to cheap and trashy. I ran my hands over the swell of my breasts, loving the smooth feel of the lace under my finger tips.

I heard the unmistakeable sounds of footfalls outside, followed by the opening and closing of the front door. I turned to look in the mirror again, and when I raised my eyes, there he stood.


Looking slightly disheveled from hunting and no doubt racing Jasper through the forest. Snowflakes melted in his hair and I watched, mesmerized as tiny drips of water ran down the side of his face.

He stopped in the doorway, mouth open slightly as his eyes traveled the length of my body, taking in every inch of exposed skin. Even from here I could see his eyes darken and my stomach fluttered at the look of want on his face. When he licked his lips, the feeling spread up my spine making my skin tingle with anticipation. He stalked towards me, eyes never leaving mine in the mirror. I stayed perfectly still, watching intently as he got closer and closer until his hands were on me at last.

Soft fingers traced the length of my spine, feeling their way over the lace and skin. He dipped his head running his tongue across the tops of my shoulders, pausing to lick and nibble at the back of my neck.

"I like this," he whispered, his breath tickling the hairs on my skin. "Very much."

"I thought you might." I laughed softy.

His hands continued their exploration, smoothing their way down and over the curve of my ass, following the edge of my panties and allowing the barest touch of his fingertips on the inside of my thigh. I shivered, my breath catching as he brushed them over the soft material between my legs.

I hummed softly as he stroked them back and forth, pressing a little harder, but still not hard enough. My head dropped back onto his shoulder and I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands on me.

I grumbled when his fingers stopped their ministrations, and I felt him smile against my skin. He slid his hands up, round and under the material at the front, and my grumbling turned to moans as he dipped inside and touched my slick entrance, spreading the wetness around before slipping a finger inside.

"Oh..." I sighed softly, as he moved it in and out.

His other hand ghosted up my side to cup my breast, running his thumb over my nipple through the lace of my bra. I pushed into his touch needing more.

"As much as I like these, Bella." he said, kissing the side of my throat. "And believe me, I like them a lot." I tilted my head to the side, exposing the scar from where he'd bitten me, -just over a year ago-, and he gently ran his tongue over the mark, before placing a soft kiss there. "They need to come off."

Before I could answer, he scooped me up in his arms and carried me over to our bed, depositing me right in the middle. I giggled as he crawled toward me, nipping at my skin as he made his way up my body.

With a quick flick of his wrist, my panties became no more than torn scraps of lace and were tossed unceremoniously onto the floor, my bra joining them immediately after.

"Hey," I said in mock indignation. "Alice bought me those."

"She can buy you some more," he breathed, kissing along my hip bone. "I'm sure she already knew what was going to happen."

I tried not to think about Alice knowing such things, and as Edward's tongue traced lower and lower, I soon forgot about everything else except the feel of him between my legs.

He spread me open wide, arms hooked under my thighs as he held me in place.

"Oh God..." I cried as he circled his tongue around my clit before sliding just the tip inside me. He licked and sucked, thrusting his tongue all the way in, making me scream and writhe with need. I strained against him as he held me securely in place, the force of my fast-approaching orgasm urging my hips to buck in his hands. He hummed against me and I was gone, my body a shuddering mess as wave after wave of intense pleasure flowed through me, curling my toes and arching my back. My eyes squeezed shut and my fingers dug into the bed covers as I rode out the last of it, collapsing back on the bed with a smile.

I felt Edward shift on the bed and when I opened my eyes, he was there, hovering over me. He winked and I grinned, then he leaned down to kiss me and my body ignited all over again. His tongue met mine and I tasted myself in his mouth, moaning into the kiss as he lowered himself down until I could feel him, there.

He rolled his hips, pressing his cock against me so close to where I wanted him, but not close enough. I pushed up and spread my legs further, enticing him.

"I love you, Bella," he said, breaking the kiss and pulling back to look into my eyes. My breath caught at the depth of feeling there and I struggled to find my voice as I got lost in their depths.

"I love you too," I managed finally, reaching up to cup his cheek. "So much."

He kept his eyes on mine, as he slowly pushed all the way inside me. He paused, giving me a soft kiss on the lips before drawing back and slamming into me. Hard.

"Fuck!" I cried, throwing my head back onto the pillows and arching to meet him thrust for thrust. He grabbed hold of my thigh, anchoring me to him as he slammed into me again and again. My body was on fire everywhere we touched, the feel of him inside me, around me, driving me crazy and pushing me towards the edge all over again. His lips found my neck and I knew what he wanted without him having to ask. It was always the same, and I hoped it always would be. I turned me head to the side, smiling as his mouth closed around the bite mark again.

Three more hard thrusts and his teeth sank into my skin, marking me as his and sending us both over the edge. I screamed as he gripped me tightly against him, his body stilling as he pulsed inside me.

"Fuck, Bella." he cried, not letting me go. He licked over the wound, sealing it lovingly and I sighed as he lapped at it for far longer than strictly necessary. With one final swipe of his tongue, he propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at me, grinning. "Happy Anniversary."

"Thank you." I said, smiling happily up at him. "And thanks for my present." I wriggled my hips a little to show him what I meant, just in case he had any doubts. He laughed and leaned a little closer to whisper in my ear. "I'm not finished giving you your presents yet. There's still the living room, the kitchen, the stairs..."

I laughed out loud at that, grinning from ear to ear. It had been a year full of changes and learning experiences, some more pleasant than others, but I'd had Edward by my side throughout all of it and as I looked up him, I finally accepted that he would be by my side for ever more. He was mine and I was his. Today was our first anniversary and I intended spending it, and every single one after it, showing him just how much I loved him.

"So," he said, wiggling his eyebrows. "Which present do you want next?"

The End