Fight For Trust - How can she learn to let people in when everyone in her life seems to leave her behind? What makes him any different?

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3 Months ago

A cool spring breeze dawned over Satan City on this day. It was going to be a great day, no a special day. The Son residence were briefly staying at Capsule Corp as precautions for this Special day. It started out as any normal day. Before the sun rose, Vegeta was already out and about in his beloved Gravity Chamber. Besides Vegeta, baby Trunks woke first, then Bulma, Gohan then Chi Chi. A usual routine since the two Son relatives were welcomed in. The screaming and crying of Trunks is what woke Bulma up. The bastard alarm clock woke Gohan, and it was just one of those kicks that woke Chi Chi. A kick from within. A miracle, the feeling of another life growing inside and wanting out. Ever since the kicking escalated Bulma asked her best friend's wife to stay over for watch. It was the least she could do for the late Hero.

Chi Chi woke up screaming in agony and pain. A mix of anger and relief. The baby was kicking hard, but she knew that it would soon be over. Today was the day. Today was the day she would become the mother of two. Finally, after 9 long months of hardship, morning sickness and wild mod swings, today would be the end, and also a new start.

Gohan was in the kitchen making herself something to eat when she heard the vile screams coming from the 2nd floor. She immediately recognized the scream. It was the same scream she woke up to many nights before this one in the past couple months. "Mom? MOM! Mom are you alright! I'm coming, hold on! I'll be right there!" She dropped the deli meat she took out of the fridge and ran as fast as she possibly could to her mother's side. She was in obvious pain as she held her large belly, sweating bullets doing so. Her bed was soaking wet with some odd looking substance. The young Demi looked confused as she stared at the substance. That was when Bulma rushed in with the proper equipment to help the situation.

"Oh my God, Chi Chi your water broke! We have to get you to the Medical Wing ASAP! Here Gohan, help me lift your mother on to the Gurdie, she's in no condition to walk on her own." The little girl dressed in purple nodded and reached under her mother's back while the Blue Haired Doctor lifted at the legs. "One. Two. And, three. Good job Gohan, now come on, we have to get their quickly so we can settle your mom into a more comfortable bed." Bulma pushed one of the buttons on the intercom near the door to the room. She attempted to reach her father, wherever he may be on this morning. "DAD! We need you ASAP in the Medical Wing. Quickly, Chi Chi is going into Labor right now! I hope you hear this dad!" The two rushed Chi Chi down to the Lab, which for the time being would be used as a Delivery Room so they had everything they needed just in case.

Hours over hours of kicking and screaming was Son Chi Chi while she lay in her bed trying hard to push out the devil child that was sapping every last bit of energy from her just to push itself out and into the world. Gohan was there for every second of every minute of every hour by her mother's side, going through the pain with her all the way through. Every now and then she had to slip her hand out of her mother's grip out of the sheer agony she was feeling as an effect of the wretched pain her mother was going through. Her hand was red as a tomato but she had to bare through it, she knew it was nothing compared to what her mom was going through. "Come on mom. Just keep pushing, it'll be over soon. Just come on! You can do it."


"AHHHHHH! Get this thing out of me already Bulma!"

"Alright alright, just a couple more pushes and that should do it. Come on Chi Chi, you can do it!"


"Alright...I'll Try. Huh...AGH!" She squeezed her hands hard, one on the bar to her right, the other in the hand of her oldest child to her left. She shut her eyes as tightly as she could as she made one last push to the finish line.

"Waaaaaa. Waaaaaaa."

Bulma looked down at the newborn in her hands with a smile. "He looks just like you." She looked up towards the sky remembering her old friend. The wild untamed hair of the newborn was swaying left and right as he tried to shake free of the woman's grasp. "Chi Chi, it's a boy." She looked down at the baby once more and almost burst into tears herself just by how much he looked like HIM.

Chi Chi was beginning to relax, her screaming had died down and her breathing slowing down. Once she was ok Bulma handed the newborn to the mother. "Oh Goku." She buried her face into the child's hair as she began to cry tears of joy. She looked up from beyond the wild black hair and looks down at her baby as she cradled him in her arms. "Goten" She said in a soft voice. "You're a big sister Gohan. Can you believe it? You have a baby brother." The waterfall was just starting to fall into the boy's wild hair when Chi Chi with what little energy was left in her lifted Goten and handed him to her daughter.

Gohan took her baby brother in her arms and tugged him closely to her chest. She stared down at the now calm Half Breed baby boy and couldn't help but get emotional. It was like looking at her dad as a baby. They looked exactly the same. Even asleep he looked exactly like him. "Daddy" She whispered. Like Bulma she too looked up to the sky, hoping that he was looking down at this moment from somewhere in Otherworld to witness the miracle. She walked around the room a bit getting a feel for her baby brother, just looking down at him. 'I'll never let you go. Nothing is ever going to hurt you like they've hurt me. I promise. I'll always be there for you. Nothing will ever separate us. I swear it. Nothing can and ever will get between us. I love you little brother.' The oldest Demi dug her head into the sleeping boy's wild hair as she cried in her own soft tone. She never wanted the moment to end. But fate had other plans.

Quicker than the eye could see a sea of Gold entered the room at a blinding speed with no warning forcing Gohan to find her way to the nearest wall. She took a quick look around and saw Vegeta standing at his mother's side. From the looks of it he was checking her vitals, but he was just using his hands and ears, placing them on her chest and her neck simultaneously. Gohan was confused, from what the machine was showing everything seemed fine. But Vegeta was worried, he was rushing in his actions grunting as he did so. "BRAT! Leave the room NOW!" The long haired half breed couldn't make out his intentions. She didn't want to leave her mother's side. This was a reason to be with her, not leave her alone.

"No! Why would I leave! That's my m-"

"I SAID LEAVE!" With the just a quick burst of energy he pushed her out the door and slammed the door shut, his golden aura died down when the door shut. From the other side of the door Gohan was pounding away trying to let herself back in, but the door was sealed shut, probably burned at it's creases from the heat Vegeta exerted it's direction. "WOMAN! How long has she been like this!" The Prince screamed towards his other half with his right hand still placed on Chi Chi.


"I ASKED YOU A QUESTION WOMAN! I SAID HOW LONG HAS SHE BEEN LIKE THIS! Can you not tell she's losing this fight? Are you blind woman! Take a look at her for a second would you?" Vegeta barked towards Bulma signaling her to take a closer look at the dying woman on the bed. "You're looking at her heart rate, that's not what you should be looking at. Her heart may be fine but her energy has been decreasing rapidly since that devil child was spawned." He had to explain it to her or else she wouldn't have understood.

"Is, is there anything we can do to help? Can't we do anything to save her Vegeta! There must be something." Begging and pleading was beyond Bulma, but here she was, forgetting her pride, throwing it to the side and letting everything she had bottled up inside for so long, out in the open. "VEGETA! PLEASE! Do something." She was pounding her fists into his back trying to make him do the impossible. She knew if he couldn't do it, then it was over. She was about to lose the wife of her best friend. Someone she had grown close to as the years passed.

"Stop being weak. There is nothing any of can do! It is up to her now. I've already given her some of my energy, but her body's denying it. There's nothing to hold it all in anymore. It's like she's broken from the inside. The only thing that was keeping her going was that brat inside of her. Without him, it seems she doesn't have neither the will nor a reason to live."

Bulma was about to yell at him and try and force him to do something when Chi Chi started whimpering. Her body was withering away along with her spirit and mind. "Te-tell G-Go-Gohan. I-I-I lo-" Vegeta dropped his arm from her body and sank his head down in shame. Bulma let out a loud cry and started pounding away once again at Vegeta's back. "CHI CHI! NOOOOOOO!' From the other side of the door it was just getting to Gohan who had her ear against the door listening in on everything. She couldn't make out any of the whispering but the screams. The screams of terror, the screams of agony were heard throughout the entire building.

"Mom" A cold whisper. "No no no no no no no NO NOOOOOOO! MOM!" Her dark teary eyes burst into a fiery Teal. Her long dark hair grew jagged spikes and flashed a bright golden aura. Holding tightly onto her little brother who was wrapped up in warm blankets, Gohan made a break for the first exit she could find. Her head was jerking back and forth as a river of tears went flying left and right painting the walls beside her as she ran through the corridors of Capsule Corp. She pushed her way through the front door and made her way to the skies leaving a golden trail behind. "Mom, why'd you have to go! Why'd you have to leave us?" Behind all the tears flying through bright eyes she looked down at the toddler cuddled up in her arms. "Us." She whispered. "It's just you and me now. But don't worry. I'll always be there for you. Nothing will ever happen to you. I won't let it." Shutting her eyes she felt her way home the rest of the way there. She couldn't help the overflow of emotions that were hitting her, everything was just too much for the young half breed. Forced to become a parent figure at the age of 10.

Once home, instead of running inside Gohan walked slowly into the shack that used to be her Great Grandfather's and her father's home. Inside was a bed which sheets haven't been changed in what seems like generations. Dust was huddled up everywhere you looked. There was a single window in the back of the room. When the sun was just in the right position in the sky it shone directly through the window, the object the light was intended to hit would create a mystical glow that always brought a smile to young Gohan's face. She placed Goten down on a blanket beside her and clasped her hands together and started whispering her own little prayer while letting out tiny sniffles in between. After a couple minutes of prayer she opened her right eye and saw that familiar glow as it shone in her eye. A small smile crept up on her face. She broke her hands apart to wipe the tears away and stole a glace down at her new little brother. She sat there for what seemed like hours admiring how peaceful he was. he slept through everything, her crying, the flying, her prayers, everything. She found it amazing how something could be so carefree. Staring at him made her realize she wasn't alone. She wouldn't have to go through life thinking there was nothing left to live for, it would be hard but she would get through it as long as she had Goten. After hours of laying with her little brother she fell dead asleep with him in her arms huddled as close to her heart as she could hold him.

Present Day

Today was again one of those days which won't be forgotten anytime soon by our favorite Demi. The morning started as it had been for the past couple months. Instead of being woken up by her alarm clock, Goten did the honors crying himself and Gohan awake. Slowly but surely she got dressed into some long sleeved clothing and picked Goten up out of his crib cradling him over her shoulders. She began to pat his back a few times hoping for something.


"There we go. That's a good boy. At least now I ca-AHH!" She quickly pulled him away from her chest and looked at straight in the eye. "Goten, how many times have I said you can't pull on that? It hurts ok. Nod if you understand Goten." Gohan bobbed her head up and down trying to make him follow in course. "Ah, who am I kidding, you're just a baby you don't understand what am I'm saying do you." He sat there in her arm staring back at her for a minute not knowing what to do, until he cracked a smile that made her feel whole on the inside. She smiled back and hugged him closer to her once again as she began to walk out of the room.

It was already 8am at Capsule Corp and that meant Breakfast time. She pushed the door to their room open and almost instantly the aroma of sweet smelling food hit her like brick wall. It made her feel woozy on the inside, it smelled so familiar, nothing like what Bulma had ever made before. "It almost smells like, but it can't be can it?" She followed her nose to the origin of the godly smell. Something she hadn't smelled in over 4 months. It was like something out of a fairy tail, but it couldn't be possible, could it? Walking towards the kitchen she passed by Vegeta who was wiping his half naked body down with a rag. He vaguely smelled like Dinosaur meat and Fish. Gohan took note of this as she continued walking downstairs. She heard him mutter something to himself, all she could make out from him was "Filthy human food." Still walking, the smell was taunting her to walk faster and eat everything that was waiting for her. Her big, dark charcoal eyes glistened as she imagined the what was waiting for her. It was hard to swallow, but it had to be it, only one person knew how to cook like that. Her legs connected with her heart and she began to sprint, tears of joy falling from her face. "Mom! Mom! You came back! It's a dream come true." She burst through into the kitchen where the smell of the authentic Son Chi Chi cooking hit her at full force. Where there was a stove top, there was Chi Chi. Gohan ran towards the stove with with fat watery eyes. She reached out to touch what looked like her mother. But soon enough realization kicked in as the woman whose hair was usually tied up in a bun disappeared. In her place stood a woman with bright blue shoulder length hair. Her run slowed to a jog which became a slow walk and finally a complete stop as she approached Bulma with dismay. "She's not here is she?"

"I'm sorry hun. It must have been the cooking. I took a page out of your mother's book and decided that today was a great day to show some appreciation. And I'm sure all your friends wouldn't mind it either. You're mother truly was the best cook in the world. 5 Star restaurants would do anything to get their hands on these recipes." The cook replied with a smile. Gohan was a bit confused about the situation though.

"Wait what? What makes today such a great day? And friends?" Gohan turned around and looked around the room for a brief moment noticing what she ignored her first time around running in the room. Her eyes set first on someone with long black hair who was wearing a similar Gi to her father's. "Yamcha!" She squealed Looking around some more she found a set of 3 eyes staring back at her. "Oh my God, Tien!" Examining further she saw that Chaozu, Krillin, 18, Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Korin, Dende and even. "Mr Piccolo!" She jumped and hugged him with a free arm. "I can't believe it, everyone's here! But why? Not that I don't mind, it's just."

"Gohan." Bulma interjected. "They're all here for you. Have you forgotten what today is?" Looking up to think, Gohan couldn't come up with a clear answer. It was all a mystery. Everyday of her life was dedicated to Goten, there was no off time to think of what today might be.

"Umm...Sorry, I have no idea what today might be. Is it a holiday?"

"Gohan. I can't believe you forgot. Have you even wondered why I've cooked everything I have today? Why everyone is here? You've really been working too hard for your own good." She pushed a button on the stove top that released tens of balloons and bunches of confetti from the ceiling. A Banner dropped from the ceiling. Everyone's smirks quickly turned to jeering.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They all cheered in unison, barring Piccolo, though he did shoot a smile towards the young girl.

"What? It's my birthday! Oh my God I completely forgot. Thank you everybody. This means so much to me, you have no idea. Thank you so much." She placed Goten down on the nearest table wrapped up in his blanket and walked towards walked towards Bulma. "And thank you, for everything." She buried her head into Bulma's arms and cried every last tear that was left in her body."

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