A Fight For Trust: The Game

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"You! Me! After school, where I last fought the Namek. Got it? Filthy Monkey." The killing machine hissed.

The lavender haired warrior spat back his own smirk and turned to face a very pissed off looking angel. His face turned into fright as he stared down his crush. What had he done to become the victim of this look?

"You! Come with me! NOW!" Gem grabbed him by his shirt and started dragging him out of the class.

"Hey! Where do you two think you're go-" 17 choked on his words when the female Saiyan glared back at him. He hadn't ever been so scared for his life than in that moment.

The two Saiyan-Human hybrids left the class with a loud bang of the door closing behind them. The class looked over to their teacher who was wearing an expression unfitting for the proud and unruly gym teacher. There was just something so disturbing about that look the girl had given him. He'd only get so scared when his sister sent a similar look his way before they were captured by Gero.

"Wh-what are you all staring at! Just because I let them out doesn't mean that class is over. On the line, all of ya! You'll be begging for air when your through. I want 50 suicides from each and every one of you. And I want them done before the day is over! I don't care if you have to miss your next class to complete them either. If your teachers have a problem with that then they can take it up with me."

No one dared to step out of line with the dictator like gym teacher, each and every student still present in the secluded gymnasium ran to the back-end of the basketball court and began their suicide sprints.

'Grr. Damn Saiyans! I swear I'll get them!'

With a blow of his whistle he grabbed everyone's attention and caused them to stop for a brief moment. "Hey! Did I say to stop? What are you slackers waiting for!" 17 barked, obviously angry at something as he fuming out of his ears.

"What are we doing up here? Please, answer me Gohan."

She couldn't dare face him. She was furious, she couldn't believe what he was doing. How could he be so careless? He was doing the exact opposite of what she had been trying to avoid doing for the entire life. He was breaking out in public and showing off with no regard for anyone else around him.

"And why should I? What have you done to deserve my attention?" It hurt her on the inside to speak in such a way towards him, but she needed to do this. She knew he wouldn't last very long in this time, and it would only lead to more hurt if she let him back in so easily.

"What? Gohan? Is something wrong? Did I miss something here? I don't deserve your attention? What did I do?" He was so confused by the wild emotions that filled his dream girl. Ever since he came back to her time all she had done was avoid him even though he knew that she liked him, or at least, a part of him still hoped she did.

"You know what you did. Or better put, what you couldn't do. You couldn't even recognize me!" She turned and spat at him. Tears flowing down from her eyes, it was like a venom that spread through his body, weakening him with every passing second. She just hit him harder than any punch or or kick could ever hurt. But only because she knew it was true. But with that brought up a question he'd been wanting to ask.

"I-I'm sorry Gohan. I couldn't say it enough times even if we were immortal and lived forever. I can't tell you how sorry I am for being so stupid. But I have to know, why were you hiding from me in the first place? Did I do something before hand? please Gohan you have to tell me! What's wrong?" He gently placed his hand under her chin brought them both down to their knees, God knows he could only stand for so long after taking that shot just moments ago.

She knew she couldn't dare answer him truthfully. Truth be told, she didn't want to believe herself. It was true, she did hide from him for two days, not even wanting to acknowledge his presence, but she could justify her reasoning, or so she thought she could. Just like his previous jumps back in time, he's here for no more than a week, and then he'll be gone, again. And she just couldn't let herself get attached again.

She couldn't think of anything that would ease the pain she was causing him. She turned her head in disgust of herself. Now she was the one feeling at fault. She needed to change things up before she went overboard with emotions.

"So, what are you doing back here anyways? Just another vacation? Just a break from your high life in the future? Or am I assuming too much for the Earth you rebuilt?"

'What has her so distraught? What's happened here since I've been gone? Have things really been this bad? Or is it really because of me that she's like this? Is it possible it's my fault? Did I even do anything?' He shook the negative thoughts away, he had better things to think about right now. Gohan was angry with him for some reason, and he needed to know why.

"Gohan. I-there's, uh." He took a large breathe of air and huffed up his chest before staring at the back of his one and only crush. "Gohan, there's something I need to tell you, it's about the future."

She acknowledged his attempt to open up with a grumble of her own. What could be so important about the future this time? A new threat? Is that what he came here for?

"Oh let me guess, you came back to warn us again? That's why you're back in this time? 6 years later and the world is back in distress? Has your utopia fallen from grace?" She questioned with much force in her force, it was so unlike her.

'Oh God, what am I saying? Why am I being so mean to him? Trunks of all people is the last person to deserve the abuse I've been handing him. This is the same person I didn't think I could live without and now here he is trying to tell me something important and I'm just pushing him away. I don't deserve him.'

That last comment hurt him deeply. It was true, there was a great evil that was still plaguing the citizens of the future and incidentally it was still killing the everyday people of the present. His perfect world had indeed fallen from grace. He did lose everything. He lost the only thing that in his entire life stood by him, the one person who always believed in him and always helped him up when he had fallen.

It felt like she had just punched him in the gut and taken his last breathe away. He was choking on his own words as he attempted to tell her what had happened and why he was back in the present. A pang of his heart left him on his knees on the cold concrete roof top.

Not hearing a response she assumed that she was right and he didn't know how to respond. But he was taking a bit too much time to stay silent for everything to seem fine. "Tr-Trunks?" She whimpered as she turned her head to see what was going on. She immediately when wide eyed and ran to his side.

"Trunks? Trunks are you ok!" She dropped down to his side and on a knee and began inspecting him. There were no physical bruises that she could see. That only left her words as the attacks that left him in such a position.

She attempted to console him in his current state but whenever she tried to say something nice he began mumbling something about smoke and cancer. A couple times she could make out him saying something about his mom. There had to be something wrong with Bulma of the future.

'So he's here for a cure? Maybe that's what's going on? They don't have the technology to make her better in the future because of all the destruction so he's come back for a cure for his mom's sickness. Now I really regret what I said. I wish I could take it all back.'

"It's going to be alright Trunks. I promise ok. We'll find a cure for your mom. She's going to be ok. Alright? And I'm sorry for about what I said earlier. I was just angry for reasons I don't really know why. Can you forgive me?"

Hearing her apology he swiped his arm across his face to dry the tears from his cheeks. "No. You can't help. It's impossible." He stated in a dark tone that didn't suit his personality very well.

"What do you mean? Of course we can. There has to be something we can do. I'm sure we-"

"NO! You can't help! Just stop! Please, just stop Gohan, just stop! There's nothing you or anyone else can do! It's hopeless, it's over and done with." He didn't want to have to yell at her, but he needed to let loose, all this pent up aggression and anger needed a release. He let out his sadness and sorrow the day of the tragedy, but until this point just built up his anger.

"I-I'm sorry Trunks. I didn't mean to-"

"No! You didn't! But you said it anyways! You don't even know what you're talking about, that's where the problem lies. You have no idea what you've been saying." Trunks informed her.

'So it's not cancer? What exactly did I say then that upset him so much? Is there something really wrong with the future again? I hope it's not too bad, I couldn't forgive myself if I hurt him.'

"Well, then can you please fill me in? Why can't we help out? What about the Dragon Balls? Isn't there any-"

"NO! YOU CAN'T! PLEASE STOP! GOHAN! PLEASE! Just, just forget it." Taking steps towards the edge he looked out to the blue sky. 'Again, why is it such a beautiful day? Why do the Gods enjoy torturing me? It's not fair!' He screamed in his head before looking back towards the concerned looking teenager. "I-I need some time to myself." Gathering his energy, Trunks took to the skies in a trail of Gold.

Gohan fell to her knees as she looked out to his trail as it faded into the sky. 'What have I done? I hope he's ok.'

'No, it's not possible. It can't be fixed. I've already accepted that. It's over and done with, I have to move on. I have to escape from this nightmare, open the book and write a new chapter. I have to, I have to move on. I couldn't, I can't live running away again. I just can't.'

Trunks had been flying through the skies aimlessly for the past hour or so when he finally decided to stop near a grassy area with but one tree that stuck out through the scenery. He walked under the tree and looked up to view it's many branches and leaves.

So many different ways a tree can grow, so many different paths it doesn't get to choose. It grows and grows, never having the choice to ever stop until it's time was up. It would be able to create so much life over and over again in it's time. This tree was able to give the gift of life many times over and only once would death be apart of it's destiny. How luck it was. How amazing it was to be able to share with the world the wonders of life.

Trunks envied this tree for all that it was worth. It's life was simple. Grow and keep growing until it couldn't grow anymore. It had a set path, it's destiny was etched in stone just like so many others like it. It didn't have to make any decisions, it didn't have to choose between right and wrong, all it knew was to grow.

Trunks continued staring up at the tree until deciding to take a seat under it's shadow and leaning up against it's bark. He sat that for only God knows how long just staring out into the wide range with a blank stare, not even a single thought entering his mind. For the first time in a long time, he was too caught up in the moment to do or think or even clearly see anything, he was just, there. A part of the picture being painted on this wondrous day.

Seconds passed by minutes passed by hours as the sun died down and the moon arose, still not having moved from his spot under the single tree. Looking up at the moon he finally realized just how long he had been there. He didn't care though, he didn't think anyone else would care either. They were all heartless and didn't understand him. Not even the one person he thought would be able to understand him the most, he couldn't even count on her.

The one person he thought he would be able to spend an eternity with without having a single gray moment pushed all of his feelings to the side and let loose her own anger. Sure, she probably had some sort of reason behind it, but that didn't make it right. She didn't even realize how much she was right. His utopia, his perfect world, the world he helped rebuild. In his mind it all did die, it all came crashing down when someone in the heavens above decided they were going to take the last person he could fall onto, away from him. He knew life wasn't always fair, but in his life, there was no even mix of fair and unfair, it was just one big screw up after another, one step forward, and two steps back. Even during those times of peace and rebuilding he couldn't find true happiness. Luck was just never on his side.

It was getting late and he was starting grow hungry. He could just pluck one of the many apples hanging from the countless branches above him, but he chose against it, he was going to leave this marvelous giver of life as it was and leave it be. Standing up, he took one last look up at the tree before making his way back home.

The game was running smoothly as usual when Yamcha decided to play. The score as it currently stood, is 4-3. As the Bandit came to the plate in the previous inning the bases were loaded and there were two outs. The situation didn't call for any heroics, but with the Bandit taking a hack, a scene was to be made no matter what the score or situation.

He had watched 2 balls go by and then the next two he just stared at as the umpire called him for two strikes. Yamcha played the pitcher for a fool as he batted pitches foul purposely just so he could make the situation even more heart wrenching. The opposing battery eventually threw another ball and the count was full at 3 balls and two strikes.

The situation was perfect for the King of Swing. He playfully had taken his time to stare out into the crowd as he decided where he was going to slap the next pitch to be thrown. But he wasn't going to keep this a secret, oh no, with Yamcha, everything was a big game, and any moment he spent on the ballfield was meant to be seen by all.

The seasoned veteran smacked his bat to his cleats and clunked off the dirt that clogged up his spikes and stared out into the outield seats. With a devious smile smack dab on his scarred face he pointed his bat outwards towards the middle of the ball field. No words were spoken as he bent his knees and stared down the pitcher who stood but 60 feet and 6 inches away from the super human.

Needless to say who won that face off. The ball has yet to land and there are no signs of it ever making head way back towards the stadium. That's one Home Run ball that won't ever be signed or seen as a baseball again for that matter. But none of that mattered, the hit counted and Yamcha jogged around the bases taking his sweet old time to milk his display of raw power.

After his well 'deserved' curtain call, the crowd settled down and he took his place on the bench next to his favorite fan. She was usually all smiles, especially after Yamcha did his work and put on a display, but just from her body language and lack of emotion he could tell there was something bothering her. He didn't want to push the subject so he waited until his team took the field so he could talk with her without anyone crowding around.

He knew he couldn't just start throwing questions left and right, so he used what little sense he had and grabbed a hot dog from one of the many vendors and offered it to the teenager. When she was chewing her food so very slowly, he couldn't help but wonder.

"Something on your mind?" Her chewing stopped as she looked up to her long time friend, she attempted to mask the guilt she was feeling, but it wasn't going to work on a person like Yamcha whose seen that disgruntled face one too many times to be fooled by it. She wasn't even going to try this time, she had to tell someone or it was going to eat at her until she crumbled.

"It's, huh. Have you? Uh, I think I really upset someone." She couldn't place her words correctly and set down her food and pat her hands on her lap in frustration.

"You? Upset someone? I didn't think that was possible. Who was it? Was it Bulma? Maybe Goten? Or was it Tru-"


"Trunks? Aw, poor little guy. I'm sure you didn't do anything too bad. He's a strong kid, I'm sure he'll get over it soon enough. He is Vegeta's son after all."

"He's. He's not little." Gem murmured between sniffles.

"Hm? Not little? Um, ok? I'm guessing he's grown since the last time I've see-"

"It's not him." She interrupted once more, only to leave the baseball player even more confused.

"Not him? So, it's not Trunks? Then who?"


"Hmm? Go-err Gem, you're confusing me a bit here. Who is it you think you might have upset? Was it Trunks or was it someone else?" This whole guessing game was bothering the Designated Hitter. It always bothered him when people spoke cryptically around him, he never could keep up.

"It's, was Trunks." She admitted.

"Ok, so, what happened? Is he ok? You didn't do or say anything too bad to the little guy did ya?"

"He's not little!" He still didn't know that Trunks from the future was back in the present time line and she didn't bother to tell him either, leaving him in the unknown.

"Ok ok, he's not little. Alright, so, what happened?" Yamcha asked in a calming tone. He couldn't let this frustration escalate any further.

She took a heavy breathing and sighed before standing up. "You wouldn't understand." She began towards the inside of the dugout.

"Hey where are you-"

"I'm just going to get some air." She waved him off and left the dugout and made her way to the top of the stadium standing area.

She leaned herself against the concrete railing and stared out into the cloudless night sky. "Hmm." 'I wonder where he is right now. I wish I could take back what I said earlier. That was just so unlike me. I don't know where all of this sudden raw emotion has come from, it's too much to handle right now. This is just what I need. To clear my head and just not have to think about anything. But I can't even do that.'

Walking away from the ledge she found herself just wandering around the top floor, walking unconsciously around and around, heading no where in particular, just moving in a sense. She couldn't help but wonder and worry about what happened to Trunks after he flew off.

"Huh, it's all my fault isn't it? I should have just let him beat 17 to holy hell and be done with it. What would the problem with that have even been? Huh, I should head back down to the dug out, Yamcha's probably getting worried." She dipped her head and started walking towards the rail.

She was almost halfway down to the bottom floor when she was hit by something. It wasn't in her gut, or anywhere on her body. Her eyes flashed open. She looked wildly for the sudden burst of energy that jumped out at her sense. She could never misplace that signal, all that was left was to pinpoint it's location.

She focused and found that it was closing in at quite the pace. It was getting closer and closer quicker and quicker. Checking both ways, there was thankfully no one around. She took the opportunity to jump from the 3rd floor and out in the night sky. Her dark clothes did well to hide her presence. 'Time to set things right.'

Flying threw the skies back home his mind was empty, there was nothing to be said, nothing to be done except go to bed and hope for the best in the morning. He thought of going back to his real home, back in his time, but he was determined to set things right before thinking of doing something like that. "Huh." He sighed as he sped through the darkness, illuminating the lifeless night sky.

"A nights rest should me some good." Peaking down below, he could make out a small city, South City. He shut his eyes at the sight. It only brought terrible memories back to the front by just flying over the island. He quickened up his pace zooming past the destruction ridden city.

It wasn't much longer until a bright set of lights came into view. He stopped in mid air to admire the illumination. It stood out in the darkness and brightened up his night. He was just admiring the view from a far. The silence did well to keep him in a cool manner. The light breeze accompanied by the moonlight shine made this moment truly remarkable.

"Tr-Trunks?" The night just got better.

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