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At first sight the parking lot of the closed-down supermarket in Roxbury looked completely deserted. A closer look, however, revealed two men hanging out in the shadow cast by the vacant building. Well, "hanging out" might not be the most appropriate term of description since "hanging out" implies some sort of relaxation while at least one of the men that afternoon epitomized everything but: Laverne Winston was practically simmering with anger. He looked like a volcano - massive, ominous and ready to erupt.

Christopher Chance, his long-time business partner and friend, on the other hand, was the happiest of campers: "Did you see the large building on the right that we passed by on our way from the airport? I think that was the Sam Adams brewery! Did you know that they're importing their hops from Europe? They use a special kind of hops called Hallertau Mittelfrueh that's a little tricky to grow, which is why farmers tried to get Sam Adams to use a different sort, but no way, the brewery insisted and the farmers caved in. Hallertau Mittelfrueh would be extinct by now, had Sam Adams not put their foot down. Imagine that, a world without Hallertau Mittelfrueh!"

"Are you getting on my nerves on purpose?" Winston stomped around the square shade cast by the building like a bull waiting to be let into an arena. "Are you making fun of me?"

Chance made a mock-serious face: "I never would."

The retired policeman stared daggers at him. "You really don't get the gravity of the situation, do you? Damn, Chance, that sleazebag friend of yours really crossed the line this time and you behave as if this was our annual staff outing!"

The former assassin heaved a sigh. This was a tough decision to make – should he point out to Winston that his assumption of what Guerrero was about to do had several obvious flaws? To begin with, Guerrero would have covered his tracks much more thoroughly, was he really planning what Winston thought he was planning. Besides that, he would have avoided all the places in Boston that Chance knew he had a connection with. He surely would not show up at his old hideout here in Roxbury where they had once concealed themselves during an unplanned overnight stay thanks to an uncooperative target. Thirdly, and most importantly, people who Guerrero wanted dead, died. Period. He didn't let them live on for ten years and then went after them again. Should he tell Winston any of this? His business partner's blood pressure had surely reached dangerous levels by now and he sounded like he was on the verge of hyperventilating. On the other hand it would be such a pity to stop the fun right now. Choices, choices….

Guerrero took the decision out of his hands by finally coming round the corner of the former supermarket and stopping dead in his tracks. "Dudes… What are you doing here?"